245 Vs. 235 Tires (Difference And Are They Interchangeable?)

In this article, we’ll be talking about the numbers on the tires, but our primary focus is on the 245 tires and the 235 tires. First, we will discuss if the 245 and 235 can be interchanged. Tires in every car can be a mystery to others. 

There are numbers on the sidewall, and they are listed in millimeters, but some are listed as inches. The size and the type of the vehicle, like a car trailer or truck, will also depend on where you will drive or how you will drive it. The original equipment tire size for your vehicle can be found in your owner’s manual. 

It can also be on the placard located in the door jam on the driver’s side. It is even more confusing to a lot of car drivers are the numbers that are on the sidewall of your tires. So in this article, we’ll be talking about the numbers on the tires. 

However, our primary focus is on the 245 tires and the 235 tires. We will discuss if the 245 and 235 tires can be interchanged. We will discuss the differences between 245 tires and 235 tires. 

We will also be discussing the differences between 245 tires and 235 tires. Let us get started.

245 Vs. 235 Tires

What Is The Difference Between 245 And 235 Tires?

No, there will be no significant difference between the 245 and 235 tires. The difference is that the 235 and 245 tires are only about ⅜ inches. 

So it is not significant. You will not even notice much difference between them all. 

How Much Bigger Is A 245 Tire Than A 235?

The 245 tires are a little bit more significant than the 235 tires. The bigger your tire is, the better your performance will be. 

With that, you will have a lot of advantages if you will replace your tire with 245. The 245 tire is not much bigger than the 235 tire. You can see that it is more comprehensive than the 235 tires. 

Are 245 And 235 Tires Interchangeable?

The size of the 235 tires and the 245 tires is very close. So you will see a minimal difference between the rims. So you can just put 245 tires with 235 tires. 

Can I Replace 235 Tires With 245?

You can replace 235 tires with 245 tires. The 235 tire is wide by 9.3 inches and is 27 inches tall. The 245 tires are 9.6 inches wide and 27.65 inches tall. 

You will see that the 245 is a little bigger than the 235 tires, and it can easily be replaced or modified. You can consult a mechanic or tire shop. 

If there are any issues, the tire manufacturers can answer all your questions. The 235 tire and the 245 tire sizes do not have significant differences. 

Can I Replace 245 Tires With 235?

The 245 tire is more significant than the 235 tire. However, both tires are common, and they can be interchanged at times. 

What Does The Number On A Tire Mean?

A vehicle’s tires are one of the most misunderstood parts of an automobile. Many car drivers still do not know its correct pressure, when worn out, what their formats are, their rotation schedule, and many more. 

There’s a lot of things to be considered with tires. First, all the numbers will change with the size of the tire. 

Each group of the number represents one dimension—the 245 groups indicating the tire’s width from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters. The 235 grouping is the aspect ratio and is one misunderstood dimension. It is the height of the sidewall from the wheel tread relative to the width. 

It is the height of the sidewall to wheel to tread relative to the width. The manufacturer will represent this measurement in a percentage. If you look at the sidewall of the tire, you will notice two main things. 

This is the brand name and the size. The size has some formats, but you can easily find them. 

For example, it’ll read something to the effect of 235 P235/55R18, 235/55R18. You can find there the recommended size for your vehicle from the manufacturer. 


In summary, tires have many different sizes, weights, and more aspects. Therefore, it is critical that you know at least a basic of the tires to know what is compatible with your vehicle. 

You can interchange 245 tires with 235 tires, but there are things that you should know. Just read this guide and you will be able to learn a lot about these two tires.



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