315 Vs. 325 Tires (Difference And Are They Interchangeable?)

Many car drivers still do not know its correct pressure, when worn out, what their formats are, their rotation schedule, and many more. As a result, a vehicle’s tires are one of the most misunderstood parts of an automobile. So in this article, we’ll be talking about the numbers on the tires, but our primary focus is on the 315 tires and the 325 tires. 

After that, we will discuss if the 315 and 325 tires can be interchanged. We will also discuss the differences between 315 tires and 325 tires. Tires in the vehicle can be confusing to others. So let us start discussing; stay and keep reading.

315 Vs. 325 Tires

What Is The Difference Between 315 And 325 Tires?

The 315 tire has a diameter of 29.9 and a section width of 12.4. It also has a diameter of 15, and its circumference is 93.8. It has a revolution of 675 revolutions per mile. 

How Much Bigger Is A 315 Tire Than A 325?

The 315 is a wider tire, and it has a tread width of 35 millimeters. The 315 tire is the accepted metric equivalent size for standard/imperial. 

Are 315 And 325 Tires Interchangeable?

It is not stated if you can interchange 315 and 325. The diameter of the car can slightly vary for each tire model. The listed diameter is based on the calculations on the tire size. 

If you change the size of your tire, you must stay within three percent height or diameter of the original tire. You might have a brake failure if you do not follow this. 

Can I Replace 325 Tires With 315?

For the replacement of 325 with 315, it is uncertain if you can change them. But you can do the interchange if you want to. To be safe, you have to consult a mechanic.

Can I Replace 315 Tires With 325?

For replacing 315 with 325, it is not sure if you can change them. But you can do the replacement if you want to. To be safe, you have to consult a mechanic. They will tell you what to do.

What Does The Number On A Tire Mean?

This means the width of the tire. They are measured in millimeters starting from the sidewall to the sidewall. After that, the first three-digit number in the tire’s size refers to the tire’s width. 

There’s also the ratio of the cross-section of the tire into the width. And the two-digit number after the size of the tire is called the aspect ratio. And so, the more significant the aspect ratio is, the bigger the sidewall of the tire will be.


In summary, a tire has a lot of different sizes and weights. They also have different dimensions. Therefore, it’s essential to know at least the basics of the tires to know what is compatible with your vehicle. 

You can interchange 315 tires with 325 tires, but there are things that you should know. Just read this guide so that you will know about their differences.



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