Adding Oil vs. Changing Oil in Car’s Engine (Must-Read)

An oil change is a must for all vehicles. But some people question if you can add oil instead of changing your oil. This is a good question because some people are doing it. 

You should consider a lot of things if you will just add oil and not change your oil. Today, we will know everything about adding oil instead of changing it. Let us get started.

Adding Oil vs. Changing Oil

Can I Add Oil Instead of Changing It?

Adding oil to your existing oil is possible and doable. Some people are adding oil to their current oil and not changing it. This activity can be done, but there are risks. 

There is a reason why you have to check your oil before doing an oil change. An oil change is not just done if the oil is decreasing or is low. You also need to check if your oil is dirty and is turning black. 

You have to do an oil change if your oil is low and is dirty. Keeping your motor oil clean is a significant factor in lubricating your car’s engine. If you add oil instead of changing, you need to check first if the existing oil is still okay and is not black or dirty. 

If the oil is still good as new and clear, you can add oil. But if the existing oil is dirty and black, it would be best to do an oil change instead of just adding oil.

What Happens If You Put New Oil on Top Of Old Oil?

If you put new oil to old and used oil, the new oil will do its job effectively because of the used oil. So it is vital to check the existing oil before adding new oil. If the old oil is old and black, the new oil that will be added to it will not do the job it is meant to do. 

The new oil will be weaker if it will be mixed with old and used oil. The motor oil is the one responsible for lubricating your car’s moving parts. If your car is running, the moving parts will create heat and friction. 

The motor oil is needed to lubricate these moving parts so that the moving parts will not cause problems and wear out. The motor oil will also decrease the heat of the car’s engine. The motor oil will take away the heat and will prevent the car’s engine from overheating.

Should You Add Oil Between Oil Changes?

Many people asked if you should oil after your oil change or wait for the following oil change? There are a lot of factors you should consider in this question. The answer will depend on some situations that you and your car are in. 

The first situation is if you are leaking gas. One of the repairs of many cars is that there are leaks in the engine. Therefore, the oil is leaking. 

If your oil is leaking, you might have to fix the problem and add motor oil to cover the leaked oil. Adding oil to your engine even after an oil change is okay. There is a required average amount of oil in an engine. 

If the oil is lower than required, then you can add oil. Of course, you need to consider if the existing oil is still good and clean.

adding oil

Do You Need to Change Oil at All?

Yes, absolutely! An oil change is an essential maintenance that you should do with your car. Motor oil is considered the blood of every car. 

The job of the motor oil is to keep the engine well lubricated. Good lubrication is needed for the excellent condition of every car. When your car is running, the moving parts of your car will cause friction and heat. 

When this happens, your car’s engine can be worn out. This is where the motor oil pops in. The motor oil will get your car’s engine lubricated so that you will avoid any tear or break in your car’s engine. 

Another function of an oil change is to take away the heat that the engine creates. The motor oil will decrease any heat so that your vehicle will keep from overheating. For the oil to work its magic, they need to remain thick (viscosity). 

Motor oil does not last for so long. After a high mileage, your oil will lose its thickness. As a result, the motor oil will not be able to do their job successfully. 

They cannot lubricate the car’s engine because it is not in its best condition. This is why it is vital to do an oil change. A good driver must know the importance of having an oil change.

Why Do You Still Need to Change the Oil?

If you still do not know it, it is a critical activity to change your oil. Some people do not know the reasons why they should do an oil change. Other people are changing their oil without even knowing the reasons. 

So these are some fundamental reasons why you should need to change your oil. The first is about performance. If you feel like the performance of your car is slowing down, you need an oil change. 

Your car’s performance will improve once you change your oil. Your new oil will lubricate your engine much better. Your battery life will also get extended if you change your oil regularly. 

Your engine will stay in good condition also if you change your oil regularly. When your car is running, the motor oil will also take away some heat to avoid your car overheating.


In summary, adding oil is okay as long as the existing oil is still new and clean. Make sure to always check the existing oil before adding new oil. 

The new oil will lose its effect if you mix it with used oil. It is advised to change the oil if the old oil is dirty and loses its weakness.



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