BG 44K Instructions (All You Need to Know)

If you’ve heard of BG 44K and you want to try it out, you may find it surprising to see only a short instruction written on it. It says: “Just one can of BG 44K® in your fuel tank boost your car’s performance.” It doesn’t give any more instructions other than that one. Thus, if you’re wondering how to use this product, you may ask:

What are the BG 44K instructions? You can use the BG 44K by simply pouring an entire can into the gas pump. However, you’ll want to put it before filling up your gas tank. This way, you can make sure the two will incorporate together. Another thing to mind is the proper ratio which is one can of BG 44K to a full tank of gas.

The BG 44K is an excellent fuel system cleaner that’s perfectly safe for every gas tank. The only thing to make sure of is that you pour the correct amount according to the ratio so you can get the best results out of it.

In this article, you’ll read our in-depth take on BG 44K, and you’ll have all the things you need to know about it. This way, you can understand the use of this product and use it to get the best out of it.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

BG 44K Instructions

How Do You Use BG 44K?

The BG 44K works just like any other fuel system cleaner and fuel additive around. You pour it on your gas tank, and it mixes with your fuel, providing a cleaning agent to help clear out the system and improve performance.

However, since this product has quite a short instruction on it, it doesn’t help the users, especially those who can’t understand the effects of fuel additives.

For instance, it’s important to pour in the right amount of fuel cleaner suitable to the amount of fuel you have in your tank. 

To utilize BG44K, put the entire can in your fuel tank just before fill-up at the gas pump. This method will ensure the product is thoroughly mixed with your fuel. 

If you’re filling up a passenger car or a truck, pour a can for every total tank ratio. Of course, you’ll need to reduce the amount used if you’re using it on a motorbike or other tiny engine, but it should be around one can per 15-18 gallons.

In general, BG44K is a fuel system cleaner or additive. Thus, it would be best if you only poured it into the gas tank. Other BG items are to treat the oil include when using BG44K for oil alone. There is no need to change the oil or filter. However, it may be necessary if you get other procedures.

What Does BG 44K Do For an Engine?

BG 44K® is an 11-ounce mixture of high-quality cleansers and compounds that you put directly into your gas tank to improve engine performance and efficiency. 

This product cleanses the fuel system by taking out the carbon build-ups in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports, and valves. 

As a result, it improves fuel injector flow and restores the system’s best performance. It’s also a great product that cleans oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

If you’re wondering about the product, it’s probably because the manufacturer doesn’t give precise instructions for its use. In fact, if you take a look at their website, you’ll see even lesser instructions.

The best assumption to this incomplete instruction is that the company only sells the product through licensed dealers. Such dealers usually come with maintenance services, so they would know how to use them.

Another reason is that this product is not available at local stores such as Target or Walmart, which means the company doesn’t want anyone to use this product without any knowledge about fuel system cleaners.

How Often Should You Use BG 44K?

Like all other fuel additives and cleaners, there’s a limit to how often you should use BG 44K. While fuel cleaners are safe for every gas tank, it’s not something you’ll want to pour all the time.

In general, you won’t find any clear instructions as to how often you should use this product. However, it would be best to use it only when you think your fuel system decreases its performance and efficiency.

Now, if you want regular maintenance of your fuel system to keep it clean and well, take it as a rule of thumb to use the BG 44K for every 5000 miles you drive. 

Since it’s a safe additive, you won’t have to worry as long as you put in the right amount according to the proper ratio.

Does BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner Work?

Many users have already approved and recommended the BG 44K, so it’s a proven product that’s effective for cleaning your fuel system. 

BG 44K® is an 11-ounce blend of high-quality purifiers and agents that you pour into your fuel tank to boost fuel efficiency and economy.

The carbon products that get stuck in fuel lines, intake manifolds, valves, and cylinders are removed by this product, which cleans the fuel system.

Can BG 44K Cause Any Problems?

The BG 44K is a fuel injector cleaner, and so it won’t likely cause any problem as long as you use it properly. 

In general, it will not harm an engine if you utilize the BG 44K, according to the recommendations. In summary, placing this product in your gas tank poses no risk because it is designed to clean and improve engine efficiency.

Of course, if you use this product excessively, it may cause damage to your engine. However, it is unlikely to cause substantial harm because it increases the gasoline economy and promotes better combustion.


In a nutshell, the BG 44K proves to be a great product if you’re looking for a fuel system cleaner or fuel additive. A simple pour of this product can improve your engine performance and fuel efficiency with a correct ratio.

The only downside is that you can’t find this product in local stores. However, despite the little instruction on the label, the BG 44K remains a good cleaner you can use for your fuel system’s maintenance.

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