BMW Warning Lights Triangle Exclamation – What Does It Mean?

A BMW is considered as very reliable care. But even the best cars in the world have problems, and you will know these problems through a warning light. These lights will let you know if there is something wrong with your car.

So what do the BMW warning lights mean? This BMW warning light with a triangle exclamation is referred to as the BMW Check Control. This will warn you if certain things are going on with your car.

BMW is known for its label as one of the most reliable. However, even a good car can encounter occasional problems. If your car is experiencing some troubles, it will automatically be alerted to the BMW driver. 

These signals can be in the form of warning lights accompanied by specific sounds. If you are experiencing many warning lights, it is your car telling you that there is something wrong going on. 

When this happens, you must take action. Warning lights can tell you it is time to check for something wrong or go to the service center. But it is essential to know the meaning of the warning lights yourself. 

When these warning lights notify you, you must know what these lights indicate that there is something wrong. You may not even have to go to the service center because you can fix the issue on your end. 

It is best to know what these warning lights mean. If you want to know what these warning lights mean and what to do with them, keep reading. We will talk all about the warning lights of your BMW.

BMW Warning Lights Triangle Exclamation

What Does Warning Lights Triangle Exclamation on Your BMW Dashboard Mean?

These warning lights are meant to tell you that something is going on in your car. The triangle exclamation that you see on your BMW dashboard is a general alert. When we say general alert, it means that there can be one or more warnings that you should know and take action to. 

You have to remember, though, that it can mean many things, hence, the general alert. There are plenty of warning lights on your BMW dashboard. There are even colors assigned to every warning light. 

These colors will tell you which warning needs urgent attention and resolution. This warning light can mean that your car is experiencing low washer fluid. This can also mean that your car is experiencing a dynamic suspension malfunction. 

This warning light can also mean that the person in that rear passenger seat is not wearing their safety belt. You can check your passengers and ensure that all of them are wearing their safety seatbelt.

Another reason could be that the driver or the passenger in the front seat is not wearing the safety seatbelt. Always ensure to put on the seatbelt. Remember, seatbelts save lives. 

It can also mean that something is going on with your airbags or your seatbelts. When this happens, you have to seek professional help immediately. Seat belts and airbags are two of the most critical safety features of your car. 

It can also mean that there is something wrong with your braking system. If this issue persists, it is crucial to consult the service center as soon as possible.

Another thing is that your parking brake is on. If you turn off your parking brake and the light is still on, you should visit the service center and check it. 

There are a lot of reasons when a warning light goes on your BMW dashboard. It is essential to know these things so that you will know what to do.

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Reasons Why You Might See Warning Lights Triangle Exclamation

Modern cars are equipped with dashboards that would produce a warning light that tells you if something is wrong with your car. This is a general warning, and it can indicate a lot of things. That is why you should know all the possible reasons why these warning lights go on. Here are the possible reasons.

1. Airbag Warning Light

This warning light means that there is a malfunction in your airbags. This is a dangerous matter. 

Airbags save lives, and it is one of the most critical safety features of a car. If this warning happens, consult a service center as soon as you possibly can.

2. Brake System Light

This warning light means that your hand brake is on. After checking and it was not on, there is a malfunction in your braking system. 

Have this looked at as soon as possible. You cannot run the vehicle without fixing its brake system. This can be dangerous.

3. Engine Cooling System

This warning light means that there is a malfunction in your engine cooling system. A cooling system is essential. 

It prevents the vehicle from overheating. This must be looked at immediately because it might cause your vehicle to overheat.

4. Engine Oil Pressure

This warning light means that your oil is now at a low level. This can cause serious problems. So have this situation rectified as soon as possible. 

So fill your vehicle with oil to rectify the situation. If you have refueled and the warning light is still on, it is strongly recommended that you seek the service center’s help.

5. Rear Safety Belt Off

This warning light means that the specific rear seat is not wearing their safety seat belt on. As a driver, it is a must to ensure that all your passengers are wearing seat belts. So check which specific rear seat and the person have there worn their safety seat belt on.

6. Airbag or Seat Belt Tensioner

This warning light means that there is something wrong with your airbags or seat belt tensioner. This should be fixed as soon as possible because this can cause harm to you and your passengers. These two are the essential part of a car because these two work together to save lives.

7. Vehicle Charging System

This warning light means that your battery is no longer charging. It could also mean that something is draining your battery. Your car needs further examination if this happens.

These are some of the possible things that a warning light could go off. If you have experienced these warning lights, it will be easier for you because you will know what to do.

How Do I Reset the Exclamation Mark on My BMW?

Some people reported that the exclamation mark is still there even after taking care of the issue. If you consult the service center about the issue, they will reset the warning light, and it will go back to normal. 

However, those who manually fixed the problem do not know what to do to reset the warning light. If you have performed the maintenance by yourself, here are some steps to reset the light.

1. Step One

The first thing to do is to open the hood of your BMW. It will stand on its own if the hood is hydraulic. In some cases that it is not, you can use your vehicle’s hood stand so that you can prop it upright in the time being.

2. Step Two

Using pliers, you have to loosen the nut that holds the negative terminal to the battery. The negative terminal is black and has a minus sign on it. The positive terminal will be color red. 

You can touch the negative terminal or the positive terminal. It will not cause an electric shock. But remember not to touch both of them; that can cause an electric shock.

3. Step Three

When you have removed the nut that holds it into place, you can now start disconnecting. From the negative battery terminal, remove the cable altogether. Doing this will disconnect the power from your BMW’s computer.

4. Step Four

After disconnecting and removing the cable from the negative battery terminal, you need to ensure that the computer will be fully reset. You have to leave it disconnected for at least ten minutes to ensure that the computer will be fully reset.

5. Step Five

After leaving it for ten minutes, you can now reconnect the negative battery cable to the terminal. After reconnecting it, you need to tighten the nut that holds it in the first place.

6. Step Six

After tightening the nut, you can now close the hood. After closing, you can check if the computer has not been reset and that the warning lights have disappeared.


In summary, modern cars are perfect and reliable cars. However, there are still problems with it occasionally. These problems will come to your attention through warning lights. 

It is essential as a driver to know the possible reasons for these warning lights. In that way, you will know what to do, and you can quickly fix the problem on your own. 

These warning lights can mean a lot of things. Familiarize yourself with the possible reasons, and soon, you will know how to fix the problem without going to the service center manually.


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