Cars With Fiberglass Bodies: All You Need To Know

Many of you do not know that vehicles are made with fiberglass bodies. Many years ago, many car manufacturers made their vehicles using fiberglass. But as the years went by, they became not as famous anymore. 

As the world of automobiles started to boom, the manufacturer of the vehicles started in a not so good and modern style and tools. They have created vehicles years ago using fibreglass bodies. As the years went by, vehicles who have fiberglass bodies have minimized. 

A lot of car manufacturers before have created their own vehicle with a body that is made out of fiberglass. It might not seem very famous right now because the industry is evolving and they are innovating. And as the industry of automobiles evolves, they have been adapting and changing to new styles and ideas for their vehicles.

There is also the issue about safety. As years go by, car manufacturers have put an emphasis on the safety of the drivers and the passengers as well. This is also why they have removed cars with fibreglass bodies because it is not very safe. 

So for those people who know so little about this matter. This article will talk about those vehicles that have fiberglass bodies. Let us get started.

Cars With Fiberglass Bodies

Are Some Cars Made Of Fiberglass?

Yes, some vehicles are made using fiberglass. Fiberglass is used in the automotive industry. Almost all kit cars that were sold had a fiberglass body. 

Way back in 1944, Owens Corning made their first fiberglass reinforced plastic boat hull. And in the year 1964, they made fiberglass reinforced plastic fishing rods, pleasure boats, and serving trays. And in 1953, the company had a partnership with General Motors on their first vehicle manufacturer with fiberglass. 

What Cars Have Fiberglass Bodies?

The Chevrolet Corvette C1 from 1953 to 1962 has a fiberglass body. This corvette was produced with conventional fiberglass construction ethos until the third generation. 

The BMW M1 in 1978 to 1981 also has a fiberglass body. Vehicles also like Ford RS200 – 1985-86, Autobianchi Stellina – 1963-65, Mazda Autozam AZ-1 – 1992-94, Citroën Bijou – 1959-64, Ferrari 308 GTB ‘Vetroresina’ – 1975-77, Daimler SP250 ‘Dart’ – 1959-64 all have fiberglass bodies. They are not manufactured nowadays anymore, but they were famous years ago. 

What Are The Pros Of Fiberglass Bodies?

A fiberglass body is one of the go-to body kit materials. This is because it is a cost-effective way of making a vehicle look sportier. Here are the pros of having a fiberglass body. 

1. Very Lightweight

Fiberglass is lighter than some other famous body kit materials. Even if there are extra accessories in the toll, your vehicle will not lose much speed and fuel efficiency. 

In a race, the fiberglass components will often be used to replace some of the metal components of the vehicle or the body so that you can make it a bit faster. 

2. Easier To Produce And Very Cheap

Fiberglass won over its competitors because it is very cheap. It is produced from cheap materials. 

The molds and the machinery that will be used to produce it is cheap too. Therefore, it is very affordable. The fiberglass is available, and you will not have a hard time finding it. 

3. It Holds Its Shape, And It Is Rigid

Fiberglass is sturdy. It can hold its original form, unlike polyurethane. 

This is an advantage for car owners in areas with extreme temperatures. Since it is rigid, the fiberglass will hold its shape even in the warmest and coldest of all places 

4. It Is Repairable

Broken fiberglass is easy to fix. You just repair it by clamping the two broken pieces together. Then, you can patch it, and it will apply a new epoxy. 

5. It Is Highly Customizable

Fiberglass can also be customized. However, it is rigid, making an edgy and more aggressive style. 

What Are The Cons Of Fiberglass Bodies?

Fiberglass also has its disadvantages. Here are some of them. 

1. It Is Prone To Breaking And Cracking

Fiberglass can crack or break in impact if there is too much force. Therefore, you need to be very careful around it. 

You should mind your driving, especially if you are parking. Your fiberglass can hit something, and it can break. 

2. It Is A Less Precise Fit Finish

A fiberglass kit is handmade. Unfortunately, it does not have the same precision as its machine-made counterparts. 

As a result, you might not get the precise fit finish between your vehicle’s exterior and your kit.

If you wish to avoid this, you have to buy branded fiberglass kits. These brands can be Gracer, Cwestin, GReddy, Wings, Bones, and many more. 

3. It Can Be Hard To Install

The fiberglass is rigid, as mentioned and itt is also a bane. The frame is not flexible, and it can be tough to adjust it during installation. So you might have to spend some time or a bit of time and effort installing it smoothly. 

Is Fiberglass Better Than Steel On Cars?

Fiberglass winds are lightweight. No matter how you spin it, the fiberglass will weigh less than the metal. 

The fiberglass-bodied cars will have much better capacity than an equal-sized but metal-framed vehicle. In terms of corrosion resistance, fiberglass still wins. The metal will rust. The fiberglass will not rust. 

Is Fiberglass Good For Car Parts?

The fiberglass is suitable for car parts. It’s also relatively easy to make and cheap to buy. 

Fiberglas also have a lot of benefits. It is lightweight, and there is no warping in temperature changes. 

Are Car Body Panels Fiberglass?

Fiberglass can also be used to copy a current automotive body part. It can also repair damaged parts or be used as a foundation for custom body panels. 

So if you have this question, then yes, car body panels can be fiberglass. But as mentioned, they are not famous today. 

Are Fiberglass Car Bodies Safe?

Fiberglass nowadays is rare in the automotive industry. Though some corvette body parts are still made from fiberglass and lotus still makes them, they are not as famous anymore as they once were. There are plenty of reasons for this, but the first reason is that of currency safety standards. 

Fiberglass is not enough to suffice the material needed for structural parts anymore. This will mean that the fiberglass panel will only be mounted in a more robust frame, and it is reduced in the ratio of fiberglass. 


In summary, many people do not know that there are vehicles that are made with fiberglass bodies. The reason is that vehicles with fiberglass bodies are not as famous today as they were once before. 

But there are still vehicles that make fiberglass bodies. There are also advantages and disadvantages.

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