DTC Button On BMW (All You Need to Know)

If you’re someone who takes an interest in BMW cars, you must have heard about some pretty unfamiliar terms. Thus, you probably ask what they are and what they do. One of the most common features you may wonder about is the DTC button and feature as a beginner. But what is it exactly, you may ask.

In general, DTC is an acronym for Dynamic Traction Control, and it’s a button in BMW cars that allow traction control. It means that if your car senses that it’s in a slip or skid, then it will apply breaks to the appropriate will. In such a way, it will correct the skid and straighten the car out.

BMWs have many excellent features that make their followers awe almost all the time. In this article, we’ll have an in-depth take on the DTC feature and see how it will affect your use of the car.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

DTC Button On BMW

What does the DTC button do?

As I said earlier, the DTC button allows traction control. It enables sports-style driving dynamics as it controls stability when wheel traction is higher.

This button and feature is something the driver can turn on and off. Further, it has two primary uses. The first is to regulate traction, and the second is to enable sports-style driving while giving active stability control.

As the drive wheels lose traction, the DSC begins the stabilizing measures. It curbs the engine output and stops slip on the wheels. In certain situations, a small amount of wheel slip can be an advantage.

Another benefit of DTC is that it makes driving on snow and ice more dynamic. Once activated, it gives sporty drivers more room to maneuver around curves.

In a way, it’s a much better function since it even permits controlled drifts. Of course, the driver keeps complete control over the vehicle in all situations. 

How does BMW DTC work?

The DTC feature brought by BMW works by making stabilization measures when the wheels start losing traction.

Such a feature starts working by curbing the engine output. As it does so, it also stops the slip on the wheels.

This function is also possible to turn on and off, depending on the driver’s preference.

It helps keep traction and stabilizes the car in different circumstances, such as slippery roads. As a result, it allows sports-style driving dynamics. It’s all because it controls stability when wheel traction is higher.

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When should I use DTC on BMW?

As a beginner, you probably wonder when the DTC button of BMWs comes in handy.

The first thing to note is that you can turn this feature on or off with just a push of a button. In short, you can activate it or turn it off whenever you want.

Still, it’s not necessarily something you need all the time.

The best time to use the DTC on BMW is when you’re driving on a slippery road.

It goes for every track that you want to allow better control. Now, if you don’t want to have that traction control system, you can simply turn it off.

How do you turn off DTC on a BMW?

The DTC on a BMW comes through a button activation. Thus, you need to turn it off when you don’t want it activated.

Such a feature is something like an electronic limited-slip differential. In short, it becomes valid on icy or slippery roads.

The first thing to note is that this feature is usually off. Thus, when you start your engine, it’s always off.

If you want to use the DTC, you can press the button, and it will activate. Now, there are two stages to do if you want to turn it off.

It allows your wheels to spin a bit in the first stage, but it won’t let you oversteer. To achieve such, you need to push the DSC (not the DTC) button. It’s the second stage, and once it’s done, it’s automatically turned off.

Why is my DTC light on?

If the DTC light is on, it means the button got engaged and the function enabled.

In short, since the DTC function got activated, it allows a more forwarded wheel slip. As a result, it makes driving more accessible, especially if you ever get stuck in the snow.

One thing to note is that it should be off when you start your engine. Thus, if it’s on and you didn’t push the button, it might mean your car needs service.

Should DTC BMW Be On or Off?

As I said, DTC in MBWs should be off every time you start your engine. Thus, if you want to use the feature, you need to turn it on by pushing the DTC button.

If the DTC is on by default, it means something is wrong with your car’s system.

In general, the default would mean you won’t see any lights on the button, which means you didn’t press it. It also means you get complete control of your car.

Now, if it gets slippery, you may turn it on and use DTC. It will turn the computer on, and it would try to keep you going where you want.

In short, you use function if you want to allow some wheel to spin without the traction control system pulling the power off.


The DTC or Dynamic Traction Control is a valuable feature for BMW users. The reason is that it assists, especially to challenging tracks.

Such a function allows your car to sense that it’s in a slip or skid. As a result, it will apply breaks to the appropriate wheel. In such a way, it will correct the skid and straighten the car out.

As always, such a feature would assist you, but it’s essential to always proceed with caution, especially in such challenging tracks. In the end, no feature would ever beat being careful.


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