Honda Type 2 Coolant Vs. Prestone Coolant: Which One To Use?

People are asking which is better, the Honda type 2 coolant or the prestone coolant. Drivers are confused about what is better and what is more compatible with their vehicles. 

Hence, below are some guides that you can use in choosing which among the two is more compatible with your vehicle. You can continue reading below!

Honda Type 2 Coolant Vs. Prestone Coolant

Can I Use Prestone Coolant In My Honda?

Yes, you can use Prestone Coolant for your Honda auto. Prestone Coolant is known to be compatible with all different car models. So if you are wondering whether you could use Prestone Coolant in your Honda, then you definitely can.

If you are a newbie car owner and have no idea that prestone coolant is compatible with your Honda car, you can ask for help from the expert. 

By doing this, you ensure your car’s health and avoid future problems that will cause you a lot of money.

How Good Is Prestone Coolant?

Prestone Coolant is well-known for producing quality products for all different types of cars. One of their salable products is the coolant and antifreeze for car engines. 

Prestone produces one of the best quality engine coolants that ensures every customer to have the best quality coolant and to prevent the engine from overheating.  

Also, Prestone guarantees that their coolant can stay fresh for up to 5 years of use. The quality of the compounds inside the coolant stays intact for up to 5 years before you can replace it.

If you keep on asking how good a prestone coolant is, then this is your answer. 

What Is The Difference Between Type 2 And Prestone Coolant?

Honda Type 2 coolant is a product by Honda motors. Honda Motors claims that Honda Type 2 coolant is the Original Equipment Manufacturer coolant for every Honda vehicle. 

The company assures that the products come directly from the factory, which means the quality is as respectable as its name in the auto industry.

Honda Type 2 coolant contains some ethylene glycol which protects and covers the entire car’s radiator, especially the aluminum parts. Honda’s coolant is considered high quality. However, it is said that it has quite a low life compared to other similar products available in the market. 

According to the company, coolant can be considered suitable for use for a total of 3-4 years until it needs to be replaced. 

In terms of mileage, the liquid compound inside the coolant will stay fresh for 50 to 60 thousand miles driven. Also, Honda Type 2 coolant comes pre-mixed with 50 percent water and 50 percent glycol, which are handy for your vehicle. 

However, Honda Type 2 does not seem to be as affordable as other coolant products. It is known to come with a price the same as Audi’s coolant. So if you have an older model of a car and are on a tight budget, it is wiser to go with the cheaper alternatives available.

On the other hand, Prestone’s engine coolant is the universal coolant for every engine. It is compatible with every vehicle driven on the road. So when you are using this product, you won’t be worried about the mixing or dilution proportion. 

Prestone’s coolant comes pre-mixed with 50 percent water and 50 percent coolant. Its fluid can stay intact for up to -34 degrees which is suitable even in the coldest areas worldwide, a plus for this product. 

The component liquid inside the coolant also helps fight particles in your car’s radiator and prevents corrosion inside it.

Prestone’s coolant also helps to keep the seals safe and other parts made of rubber where it circulates. So it can assure you that your car is on top while keeping your budget in check.

Does It Matter What Kind Of Antifreeze I Use?

Yes, it is better to check and research what products to use for your car. However, it is highly recommended to always try to buy high-quality vehicle coolant. 

It will help you keep your car in good condition as well as comfortable in driving. Here is some advice in choosing the best antifreeze for your vehicle.

Price Of The Product

Antifreeze is not always an expensive product in the market, and it isn’t always worth it to try to save some money, and you’ll get the worst product. 

Keep in mind that the cost alone for this restoring cheap product would be exceeding the value of the car in some cases. But it will not hurt if you can find good antifreeze at a reasonable price.

Quality And Suitability Of The Antifreeze

The best thing you should do is find that antifreeze or the brand that features all your needs. 

Next, you need to find those things that your car’s owner manual requires or has a similar quality.

In that way, you will be on the safe side assured that your product is compliant and fits with your particular car.

Use the purchase guides given by companies producing antifreeze products to consider the quality of the product they are offering. 

For example, it may also contain tips on caring for your vehicle and avoiding mistakes in using the wrong fluid.

Which Coolant Should You Use For Honda – Type 2 Or Prestone?

You can use both of them. Prestone can also be used for Honda; if you have a problem figuring out which among the two, you can choose type 2 or the prestone. It is dependent on the choice of the driver. 

You can use either of them so that you can pick which among them. You will also have to consider the effect it has on your vehicle. 


In summary, both type 2 and prestone can be used for your Honda. You have to know the differences between each. You also have to know which is better. 

If you already know it, you won’t need to worry about choosing the wrong one. Consider the opinions of experts. Know the advantages and disadvantages.

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