How Much Does A Semi-Truck Tire Weigh? (Explained)

A lot of car drivers have been asking how much does their semi-truck tires weigh. Of course, all the vehicles have different weights. So now, let us talk about this matter more thoroughly.

So how much does a semi-truck tire weigh? An average semi-truck tire can weigh around one hundred ten pounds (110 pounds). 

Many people have always wanted to know about the weight of their semi-truck tires. So we have created this article to talk about it. All the vehicles have different weights. So let us dig more into it!

How Much Does A Semi-Truck Tire Weigh

How Heavy Is A Semi-Truck Tire?

A semi-truck was built to handle a very tough road condition and a hefty cargo. The durability is reflected in the heavy semi-tire weight. Your average passenger car has a tire weighing around twenty pounds. 

On the other hand, the average semi-truck tire will weigh approximately one hundred ten pounds (110 pounds). Tires are essential to an auto’s performance and safety components, but not all vehicles have the exact needs. 

For example, an average passenger vehicle will need a lighter set so that it can promote optimal fuel economy. On the other hand, a light-duty truck will be needing more robust road work. 

A passenger car weighs twenty pounds. A light truck weighs thirty-five pounds, and a semi-truck weighs one hundred ten pounds. 

In addition, a semi tire’s weight will vary and will depend on the task at hand. To accommodate the workloads, agriculture or mining to a large equipment tire will need to be heavier and more robust. 

How Heavy Is A Semi-Truck Tire With A Rim?

Car drivers are always curious how heavy is a semi-truck tire with a rim. Each tire will weigh about two hundred pounds to two hundred fifty pounds. The rim itself will be about forty pounds to fifty pounds. 

A fifty pounds to eighty pounds will depend on the tread, a load range, and other design criteria. Rims are heavy to add up to the load of the semi-truck tire. Without the rim, it will be lighter. 

How Many People Do You Need To Replace Semi-Truck Tire?

People have always wanted to know how many they need if they’re going to replace their semi-truck tire. Tires are named consistently as one of the top costs for car maintenance. You can replace the semi-truck tire alone if you know how to do it. 

If you do not know how to do it, you might need some other people or an expert for that matter. If you want to do it fast, you have to ask for help.

What Is The Weight Compared To Truck And Normal Car Tires?

The tires of light-duty trucks, SUVs, or pick-ups are usually over thirty-five pounds, and they can be around eighty pounds. These tires are heavier than the passenger car tires. This is because of a high cargo carrying capacity. 

Their big rigs have heavier tires than those lighter for commercial truck tires. The weight can range from between one hundred and over three hundred pounds. The entire weight is the mixture of the wheel and the tire. 

Commercial trucks will need super strong tires, which can help them get around. However, you might also be wondering how much does a tire wight. You are also wondering which is the best for your vehicle. 

There are many factors that you need to consider, including local climate conditions. This also includes the driving style like the conservative and the aggressive. It also includes the budget. 

If you look into these factors, they will help you figure out the tires that will work best for your vehicle. You can expect an average of a car tire weight to be around twenty-seven pounds or twelve kilograms and thirty pounds or fourteen kilograms for the rim and about fifty pounds to sixty pounds in total.


In summary, a lot of people are asking about the weight of a semi-truck tire. All the vehicles have different weights. This is because of their components and sizes. 

The tire’s weight is different, and it is also different from the rim. You just have to know the exact weight of your tire, and this guide is for you.

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