How to Fix Milky Oil in Engine (Complete Guide)

Have you ever noticed a milky white froth on your engine oil cap? This is called “milky oil”; do you know how to fix it?  If your answer is no, keep reading because we will talk all about this milky residue.

So how do you fix milky oil in your engine? You need to identify first what the cause of this milky oil is. After that, you have to flush the milky oil by flushing the engine with flushing oil.

Some people are surprised if they see a milky forth in the cap of their oil. This is called “milky oil.” When you open your engine oil cap, and you see a milky residue, you have to fix and clean this right away. 

This can cause harm to your car’s engine and will affect the performance of your car. There are plenty of people who have no idea about this substance.

Furthermore, these people do not have any idea on how to fix the issue. You need to rectify the issue at hand immediately because this milky oil is not suitable for your engine. 

If you wish your car and its engine to last a very long time, you need to check your oil all the time and make sure that it is in good condition. Otherwise, you will encounter problems in the long run. 

But with all these questions and problems, do not fret. Below is everything you need to know about milky oil, its cause, and how to fix it. Let us get started.

How to Fix Milky Oil in Engine

How to Flush Milky Oil From Engine?

Having milky oil is not suitable for your engine and could even cause a lot of possible risks. Other people call this emulsion. Once your engine oil and some water get mixed up, the oil gets milky when it is heated. 

It would be best if you fixed this as soon as you can. It is essential to check your engine now and then. Before fixing this issue, you need to know what the cause is for the milky oil. So whenever you get the milky oil in your engine, you need to flush that milky oil as soon as possible. 

So here is what you have to do. You need to flush that creamy froth in your engine. Flush the milky oil in your engine by flushing the engine with flushing oil. 

When doing this, you need to ensure that your breathers are clean. After draining the milky oil by flushing your engine with flushing you, you need to make sure that you will use new and premium oil. You also need to use a new oil filter after you have drained out the flushing oil. 

It is also recommended that you use premium and high-quality oil. The brand of the oil is a significant contribution to the performance of your car’s engine. 

You also need to check if the cause of the milky oil is because of the motor oil you are using. So it would be better to replace your oil with a new brand.

What Causes Milky Engine Oil?

Though some people know about this milky oil and know how to fix it, many people do not know what exactly the cause of having milky engine oil is. 

There are two possible reasons for this, and it must need immediate fixing to avoid any problems in the future. Let us one by one discuss the two possible reasons for having milky oil in your engine. Here they are.

  1. Condensation In The Engine

This milky oil is seen most of the time as a form of condensation. This is mainly present in mostly stationary cars. If the car is not driven a lot by its owner, this condensation will become more frequent. 

This will also happen frequently if the weather changes. If a car is stationary or driven a lot, the water vapor may have enough time to be burned off in the engine. As a result, this milky substance will build up and accumulate. 

So it would be best not to let your car be idle for too long. Drive it often so that there will be no milky substance. If you will see a drop of water on the oil cap, that is likely caused by condensation.

2. Engine Oil And Coolant Mixed

Another possible reason is that the coolant is mixed in with the engine oil. This is a more severe cause than the first one. This coolant and engine oil mixing can be due to a leak in the head gasket or, a more serious one, engine damage. 

You always have to ensure that your engine oil is clean and free of any other substances decontamination. Your motor oil might lose its ability to lubricate your engine if it is mixed with something. In the long run, this will then cause you an engine failure. 

If you are required to top up your coolant frequently, smoke coming out of your exhaust or brownish color in your coolant reservoir can cause an engine oil and coolant to mix up. With this, immediately have your car fixed by a mechanic or consult a service center.

These are the two possible reasons for having milky oil. When you see milky oil in your engine oil cap, assess the situation and visit an auto repair shop as soon as you possibly can.

milky oil

Is Milky Oil in Engine Bad For Car?

The two possible reasons for having milky oil are condensation or a mixed-up of coolant and engine oil. If the cause is condensation, you can try to drive your car longer. If the reason is because of a coolant mixed up, that is bad for your car because it might mean a head gasket leak or engine damage. 

This cause is terrible for your car. If you have milky oil, it will cause problems to your car. If your motor oil is contaminated, it will not work the way it is supposed to work. Your engine needs lubrication. 

If your motor oil is dirty and contaminated with other foreign substances, you must fix it right away. Your motor oil will not be able to lubricate your engine well enough. And that will lead to bad performance or engine failure.

Does Milky Oil Always Mean Head Gasket?

No. The other possible reason for milky oil is condensation. This will happen if there is a change in the weather or if the car is stationary. 

If the car is driven less, there will not be enough time to burn off the engine’s water vapor. As a result, the water will accumulate and build up. It will then turn to this milky oil. 

If you have milky oil, you need to check first if your head gasket is not leaking or broken. There might even be some reasons for milky oil that we still do not about. But right now, these are the existing reasons you will have milky oil in your engine oil cap.

Can You Drive With Milky Oil?

Yes, you still can drive your car even with milky oil. However, it is not meant to offer good results. Your motor oil must remain clean and free of any contamination of any foreign substances. 

If your motor oil is dirty and contaminated, it will lead to problems in your car and your car’s engine. Your motor oil will not be able to do its job of lubricating your car’s moving parts. 

This will lead to an engine failure soon. To avoid this, it is vital to keep your motor oil free of any milky oil.


In summary, milky oil happens because of condensation or a coolant mixed up. These causes must be fixed as soon as possible. You need to have your oil free of any contamination.

This will lead to an engine failure soon. To avoid this, it is essential to keep your motor oil free of any milky oil.



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