How To Rotate Tires At Home? (Explained For Beginners)

If you care so much about your vehicle, you should be getting and doing tire rotation. This is to even out the distribution of the tear and wear in all four tires, but some people are hesitant to do it and ask if they can do the tire rotation at home. So let us talk further about this matter. 

So how do you rotate tires at home? Tire rotation has its instructions. All you have to do when you are at home is prepare all the things you need and then start with the actual tasks.

The tire rotation process is also called a wheel rotation, and it includes ther removal of the entire tire and then the assembly of the rums or the wheels from their axles and then moving them into a different spot on your vehicle. The wear and tear that all the tires can get through driving will not even out if you will not rotate them. The front tires are the ones that wore faster than the others in the rear part. 

So with tire rotation, the wear and the tear will spread out evenly. An expert can do tire rotation, but some people want to do it independently. 

That is still possible, and you can rotate your tire at home. This article will learn how to do tire rotation at home. So let us start.

How To Rotate Tires At Home

How To Rotate Tires At Home?

If you want your tires in good condition and if you want to take good care of your vehicle, you must rotate your tires. You can do the tire rotation at home by yourself. 

First, however, you have to prepare what you need to do the tire rotation. You have to prepare a lug wrench, a permanent marker, a portable air compressor, and two 6- or 8 inches thick blocks of wood. 

Step 1. Knowing The Tire Direction

The first thing is to find out if your tires are unidirectional or bi-directional. The unidirectional tires are meant to be spinning in just one direction for maximum traction. On the other hand, the bi-directional tires will be spinning in either direction. 

So you also need to inspect the sidewall of any of your tires for the symbol that is referring to the direction, and you need to check if your tires are bidirectional or unidirectional. If your tire is bi-directional, it might not have a symbol, and if it is a unidirectional tire, it usually has an arrow stamped on the rubber, which means it is the correct direction of travel.

Step 2. Preparing The Removal Of The Front Left Wheel

You need to put your car jack under your vehicle near the front left wheel. Some of the vehicles have a c impact jack stored in the truck. If you do not have one, you have to provide it yourself. 

You need to ensure that the jack is put in a solid on the vehicle’s frame before raising it. If you’re unsure where to put it, you can check your owner’s manual or look for it online. 

You then have to slide a solid wood block beneath the axle of your car. Put it very close to the wheel that you remove. 

Step 3. Removing The Front Left Wheel

You have to find the lug nuts and then loosen them slightly on your wheel. You can use a lug wrench. The lug wrench will make the nuts easier to remove if the wheel is suspended in the air. 

You then have to crank the jack-up very slowly until it lifts the vehicle. Ensure that the tire is not touching the ground. Then, loosen the lug nuts entirely from the bolts. 

Place them somewhere safe. Lift the wheel of the bolts and place it on just one side. Lower the jack. And then give the car time to rest on the wooden block.

Step 4. Removal Of The Second Wheel

You then have to determine if you will have a full-sized spare tire. If you have it, remove it from its spot. If you do not have it, you can repeat the procedure just above with a jack and a second wooden block. 

Step 5. Attach The Wheels In Opposite Positions Again

You can then lift the wheels one at a time into the bolt’s opposite locations from where you removed them. Do a replacement of the lug nuts on the bolts and then tighten them down consistently. You might not be able to tighten it very much. 

This is because the wheel will spin while the tension builds. Slide the block of the wood near the jack and then lower them. Remove the jack until all is in contact with the ground. 

Snip the lug nuts and make sure that they are tight. Take the jack back into its spot and then jack up your car. Jack it up enough that you can slide the wooden block out of the way. 

After that, tighten the lug nuts on the second wheel. You can lower the vehicle. And then remove the jack and then the wooden block. 

Step 6. Swap The Second Pair Of Wheels And Check The Pressure Of The Tire

Take your jack or wooden blocks and the lug wrench, and then repeat the same process that you did. Do a double-check with all of the lug nuts in all four wheels if they are correctly tightened. You can then check the air pressure in each tire after rotation and then top them with air if necessary.

Can I Rotate My Tires Myself?

Yes, you can rotate your tires by yourself. A lot of car drivers are doing their tire rotation. 

Tire rotation is the changing of all your tires mounted in your vehicle. You can consult an expert, or you can do them by yourself.

What Is The Correct Way To Rotate Tires?

The correct way to rotate your tires is the standard way. You can refer to your owner’s manual for the guide and the recommendations. You can also ask experts and follow the steps and the guide. 

Is Rotating Your Own Tires Worth It?

This depends. If you are good with tire rotation and very hands-on, then rotating your tires will be worth it. But if you are unsure what you have to do and are hesitant that you are good with tire rotation, it might be better to consult an expert than do it by yourself. 

How Many Jacks Do You Need To Rotate Tires?

It is recommended that you use at least three jack stands while rotating. However, if you want to rotate it with just two jack stands, you have to follow the guide. 

Do it carefully and correctly. Do not rotate tires randomly. 

How Do You Rotate Tires At Home Without A Jack?

You can still do tire rotation if you do not have jack stands. If you do not have it, you can use large wooden blocks.

Can You Rotate Tires Without Jack Stands?

Yes, you can rotate your tires without jack stands. However, there are other alternatives; you have to be creative. For example, you can use large wooden blocks instead. 


In summary, many people want to have their tires rotated, but they do not know. Some people have someone do the tire rotation for them, but some also want to do it themselves. 

You cna rotate your tires at home. Use the guide above to rotate your tire correctly and correctly.

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