How To Stop Spark Plug Wires From Arcing? (Explained!)

Many drivers have been asking why their spark plugs are arcing. Spark plugs arcing happen to many vehicles. If you want to know more about it, stay for a very informative read.

So how to stop spark plugs from arcing? You can stop the spark plugs from arcing by checking them regularly, replacing the wires, replacing the ignition coils, and looking for shift linkage disconnection.

For those who still do not know what arcing of the spark plugs is, it happens if the wires of the spark plugs are loose or they are already rusted. Sometimes, the spark plugs are in a crack condition. And with these scenarios, it will then lead to sparking electrically and also firing. 

The electrical sparking and the firing is between points of the metal parts. This means that the engine of your vehicle is at potential risk and danger. You can also experience engine failure at just any time. 

As a driver, you must know how vital your spark plug is and the wires of your spark plug to your vehicle. They are two of the most critical components in your vehicle, and with that, it is a must that you always check them and ensure that they are in their best condition. So for today’s article, we’ll be talking about the arcing of the spark plug wires. 

As mentioned, the spark plug and the wires of your spark plug are essential, so you must know how to step these spark plug wires from arcing. Knowing about this issue and how to stop it will save you in the future if you find yourself dealing with this situation. So without further ado, we will be talking all about the spark plug wiring and how to stop it from arcing, so keep reading!

How To Stop Spark Plug Wires From Arcing

How Do I Know If My Spark Plug Wires Are Arcing?

If you still have not found yourself in this situation and you are curious how to know if your spark plug is arcing, then it is pretty easy because it is visible. The arcing is visible. So if you notice that your spark plug is arcing, then it can be that your wires are defective or are already rusting. 

Then, you can check for misfires. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is idle or running; you will notice that electrical arcing in your spark plug wires.

Why Is My Spark Plug Wire Sparking?

The main reason for this is because the spark plug wires do not have a good ground connection. The connection is between the coil and the conductive spark plug wires that are surrounding the area. If you notice the electrical arcing, the voltage coming from the ignition coil is connected with the engine block ground. 

The voltage must go back to the ignition coil and go through the spark plugs. However, it will not have its way back if there is a bad connection in the coil ground. And because there is no path for it to go through, it will create those arcing in the wires of the spark plugs. 

It is because they are creating their conductive path. In addition, if your vehicle has a weak ignition coil. It is possible that it can also be one of the reasons why there are arcs in the spark plug wires. 

The spark plug gap must have enough voltage to jump, but the weak coil struggles to provide it. As a result, the gap is under the cylinder compression. 

Shortly after that, the coil will then decide to provide a lower voltage spark to be an easier and accessible path to the ground and into the spark plug wires boots. And what happens is that the spark cannot make the jump, so that it will produce arching.

arcing spark plug

Steps To Stop Spark Plug Wires From Arcing

Below are some steps on how to stop your spark plug wiring from arcing. But you should know that before we can stop the spark plug wires from arcing, we must first identify the reason or the reasons why the spark plug wires are arcing. 

It was discussed to you the possible reasons why the wires of the spark plugs are arcing. So now, let us discuss with you what are the steps to stop your spark plug wires from arcing.

1. Look For Any Shift Linkage That Has Disconnected And Have Them Repaired

There will be an electrical current’s unsteady flow on the engine if the wires of the spark plug arc. There is also a disconnection on the shift linkage on the spark plug. 

So you must know where the disconnection is in the shift linkage. Have the disconnection repaired as soon as you can.

2. Regular Checking And Regular Replacement Of The Old Spark Plug Wires Into New Spark Plug Wires

Your components in your vehicles are exposed and not immune to any damages. So the first step is to check your engine and your vehicle’s components. If you have noticed some damage to the wires, this second step is the way to go. 

You have to remove and replace your spark plug wires with a new one. The time to change depends. First, you have to check your spark plug wires and assess if the wires need to be replaced with a new one. 

One of the reasons why there is arcing in the spark plug wires is because there is already corrosion in the wires, and they are already damaged. The defective wires will then lead to the misfire and sparking.

3. You Have To Remove And Replace The Arcing Ignition Coils

The one that is providing and sending high voltage sparks to the spark plugs is the ignition coils. So the one that will assist in the running of your vehicle is the high voltage sparks. 

This high voltage spark is assisting in running your car smoothly and adequately. But one thing that can cause arcing is if the ignition coils are weak. However, there are also some possible reasons why there is arcing. 

It can also be the condensation in the ignition coils, overheating, leaks on the case, and others. The reason for this is because the high voltage cannot go back. So it will escape and make a journey into a stranger outside source.

4. Do A Regular Check-Up On Your Wires And Your Engine

This is the first thing that you can do. If you wish for your engine to keep on running smoothly and in good condition, you must always do the prevention routine. The prevention routine is always to check the wires and your engine. 

You should always do engine maintenance, engine checking, and wire checking to ensure that your spark plug and the wires on our spark plug are in good working condition. So with that, you must always do regular checking on your engine and your spark plug wires. 

For the checking, you have to check if everything is in good condition and there are no damages or anything serious that must be fixed already. For example, you have to check if the wires on your spark plugs are okay and not defective. This is because the components on your engine are exposed to corrosion, breakage, and many other damages. 

It is your responsibility to check on them constantly. First, you have to look for any cracks, loose wires, and other essential checks. Then, if you have noticed that there are many damages, you have to replace it or repair it as soon as possible so that things like spark plug wires arcing can be stopped. 

If these damages are left unchecked and unfixed, then it will lead to more severe damage. This is why it’s crucial to regularly check your engine and your vehicle’s components so that you will spot some damages and have them fixed before it further damages your vehicle and its engine.


In summary, there are times when your spark plugs will not work correctly, and it will cause a spark plug wire arcing. The arcing is an electrical leakage. 

This electrical leakage will cause an arcing. Therefore, knowing how to fix the arcing in the spark plug wires is very important. The steps above can be able to help you with that.

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