How to Tell if Your Tire Was Slashed? (Explained)

A damaged tire can result from several causes, and the driver may not be aware of the problem right away. You may have a slashed tire and it would be too late for you to know about it. 

So how to tell if your tire was slashed? You can check on the appearance of the wound, you can check if there is a visible deflation in your tire, you can find and look for any witnesses, and you can also check for the CCTV cameras.

The most common types of damage include cutting, bulging, cracking, impacting, and uneven wear. But how can you tell if your tire was slashed? Well, you can first tell if you can see it physically. 

However, there are times when you will not see the physical damages by yourself and it might be too late for you to find out the damages too. So you can just follow the guide on this article to know more about it. 

In this post, we will discuss the indications, symptoms, and a few valuable tips to help you determine the problem. You will be able to know what to do and you will be able to tell if your tire was slashed. 

How to Tell if Your Tire Was Slashed

How to Tell If Your Tire Was Slashed?

Here are ways for you to tell if your car tires were slashed. 

1. Wound Appearance

Your tire will likely have a smooth cut if someone slashes it with a knife. The cut will be clean and straight, depending on how big the knife is.

Numerous cuts may be visible on the tire, depending on the type of knife used or who did it. Although the tire may have been slashed numerous times, the cuts will still be relatively smooth.

Additionally, if the tire has wounds on both its side and top, it is likely slashed. 

2. Tire Deflation Is Visible

A tire’s air will quickly deplete if slashed with a sharp object. The deflating of a tire can take seconds, depending on what exactly was used to slash it. 

It is possible in some instances for the tire to go completely flat right away if the object used causes the tire to blow up. 

For example, when a tire is slashed with a small sharp object, it may take several days for the tire to go flat. 

3. Look For A Witness

You should ask around the area for witnesses if you get a flat tire and suspect the tire was slashed. Once you have found witnesses, you can finally call the police to file your first police report.

Identify if you have personally experienced any issues with anyone who may have done this. It may most likely just be a random act of vandalism if you don’t know any.

4. Check the CCTV Footages

There are CCTV cameras everywhere these days. 

Look for CCTV cameras in the area where you parked your car if you suspect that your flat tire was caused by slashing. You can ask the owner of the camera to show you the footage if you find one.

Since CCTV owners keep their recordings, they usually do not disclose them to just anyone. However, if you approach the CCTV owner in the right way, you might have the chance to see the recordings. You may find it advantageous to explain that this is for your protection as the person who did this could do another terrible thing to you.

What Does a Slashed Tire Look Like?

The appearance of a slashed tire can be in different forms. Therefore, it can be a challenge to determine the difference between accident damage and vandalism. 

It is sometimes tricky to distinguish between a pressure crack and a deliberate tire slash. For example, knives easily distinguish themselves from other objects used to slash tires since they leave clean cuts that are straight and smooth. While on the other hand, debris from roads rarely leads to linear scratches.

There could be multiple attempts in some cases, especially if the person slashing the tire is not professional. Vandalism is likely if you see numerous scratches on the tire or if someone punches through it.

Slashed Tire or Blowout: What is the Difference?

There’s a difference between a slashed tire and a blowout. 

In general, a flat tire causes a slower pressure loss, while a blowout occurs quickly and with a great noise. 

The pressure erupting from the tire will cause an explosive, popping sound when the tire blows out. However, flat tires may sometimes be able to be repaired.

How Can I Prove Someone Slashed My Tires?

There are ways you can do to prove that someone slashed your tires. Here, check this out!

1. Find a witness. Look for people who may have seen the slashing incident.

2. Look for CCTV footage or install a camera. Camera recording is solid proof to prove that someone did the slashing. 

3. Fill your tires with Nova gas. This tip is if you have a recurring incident of slashing tires. Even if you don’t catch the criminal right away, you could get a good idea of who the criminal is, especially if they stay close to where the gas is produced. Make sure to prevent any accidents.

Will a Slashed Tire Go Flat Immediately?

A slashed tire deflates quickly. It only takes a few seconds to deflate a tire with a knife. The tire can even go flat immediately if it blows up due to slashing in severe cases.

It may take several days or overnight to slash a tire with a nail or prick, depending on the size of the hole. The hole will cause only a slow leak, so the tire will take longer to flatten if it is relatively small.

Does Slashing Set Off a Car Alarm?

Yes, that’s right. Slashing can set off a car alarm.

Motion sensors are used to trigger alarms. In other words, it will activate if the vehicle is locked and a bump occurs or if the door or window opens.


In summary, slashing tires are pretty common nowadays. The reasons may be different. It may be accidental, instigated, or just an act of vandalism. 

But there are ways for you to know if your tires have been slashed, ways on how you can prove it, and ways on how you can avoid it. You simply have to be aware of these things for you to be able to protect your car tires and yourself.



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