Michelin Tire Dry Rot (All You Need To Know)

Many car drivers are worried and conscious about the replacement of the tire. You might have leaks that cannot be fixed or tread that is wearing down; then you can tell it is time to replace the tires. But this is not always the situation. 

There are times where the tire would degrade and would dry rot. So in this article, we will be focusing on Michelin tire dry rot. Dry rotted tires are very troublesome and are hard to fix. 

They can be fixed, but almost no mechanics will try to save the tire. Almost all the mechanics would tell you to replace them. To some car drivers, the mechanic’s advice is what they heed. And that is why these car drivers would replace their tires. 

Having a tire that is dry rot hurts the health and condition of the lifespan of your tires. But you can still fix this dry rot issue. And that is why we have made this article for you. 

In this article, we will talk about Michelin tire dry rot. So you will be able to know more about this issue. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Michelin Tire Dry Rot

Do Michelin Tires Get Dry Rot?

Experts would always recommend Michelin tires for highway-style tires. But they seem to dry out a little bit faster than the other brands. Michelin tire users would say that they have to change their tire after four to five years because the oil in the tires is starting to dry out. 

The heat will build up in the tire cycles if the tires are used often. If they are not used enough, the tread will be worn out and replaced. If it is not replaced, it will dry rot and need to be replaced. 

A Michelin tire will dry rot because of natural degradation. You might be driving too much, and you will expose these tires to adverse weather conditions. Extreme climate can increase dry rot.

 Tire dry rot is not because of organic growth, and it will not spread from one tire to another. A tire dry rot is a specific type of decay in the tires. They can happen if the tire is aging or if the tire is regularly exposed to harmful substances or extreme weather. 

If dry rot appears in your tire, you will only have a short period to repair the damage before the tires are very unsafe for driving. A minor dry rot in your tire can be fixed by a professional with just a tire sealant. A tire with advanced dry rot will be replaced. 

A tire with dry rot will allow the air to escape the tire. This will then make it challenging to keep the tire inflated adequately. Dry rot can also cause unnatural rubber expansion while driving, which can break the tire apart. 

A tire with dry rot can cause leaks, holes, and blowouts. And in rare cases, the tread can also separate from the rest of the tire completely. 

Is A Little Dry Rot On Michelin Tires Ok?

No, if you want to be really on the safe side, it is important to now have any rot at all. A tire sidewall deterioration is caused by the tire’s exposure to the pollutants in the air. 

As the process will continue over time, the tire’s age will be influenced by just how severe the deterioration will be. Therefore, the only time you should drive your car with a dry-rotted tire is to drive to a mechanic. 

Michelin Tire Warranty Dry Rot

Michelin wanted their customers to be satisfied one hundred percent with their tires. The Michelin tire warranty has a sixty-day satisfaction guarantee, roadside assistance, and a manufacturer’s limited warranty and treadwear warranty. In the sixty-day satisfaction guarantee, Michelin will back your purchase with a sixty-day satisfaction guarantee. 

So if you’re not one hundred percent satisfied with your new tires, you have to bring the tires and the original sales receipt back to the place where you bought them within sixty days from the day of purchase, and you can get them exchanged to a new set of tires or equal or a lesser value. There’s also roadside assistance for three years. This roadside assistance will be giving emergency help to get you back on the road quickly. 

These include flat tire change, battery jump start, lockout service, and fluid delivery. The roadside assistance is available for about twenty-four hours a day. 

There is also the standard limited warranty and a limited mileage warranty. The Michelin passenger and light truck replacement tires and original equipment tires for 2011 to 2017 model years will be covered by a limited mileage warranty for treadwear. 

How Do You Fix Dry Rot On Michelin Tires?

If you have dry rot on your Michelin tire, here is what you can do.

1. Check The Damage On Your Tires

You have to check and inspect the dry rotted tires before fixing any of the dry rot. First, you’ll have to find out the most affected areas to direct your attention to them. During the inspection, you will tell if the tire will be worth trying to save or not. 

2. Have The Correct Types Of Equipment

If your inspection exposed the telltale signs of dry rot in your tire, you must have the right equipment. It would help if you had a water hose, a water-based tire degreaser, a clean rag and sponge, and a water-based tire degreaser. Some of these are already available at your home. 

Some products might be tough to find, but you can find them online. It is recommended to buy a water-based product for repairing your tires. 

3. Isolate Your Tires

Use a jack and a tire wrench, and then remove the tire from your vehicle before you repair the dry rot. Dry rot tires can affect both sides of the tire wall. If you do not remove the wheel from the vehicle, it will be hard to tell if the dry rot is on the other side. 

4. Degrease

You have to prepare the tire’s surface for the protector product that you purchased. First, start to get your tires with water, put the degreaser in the process, and then wash off the dirt and the grime. Most of the degreasing products will come with instructions on the container. 

5. Rinse Your Tires

You have to rinse the degreaser off with clean water and use a sponge to make sure that you will thoroughly rub the degreaser with a tire surface. If you are done with this step, you have to let the tire air dry for just a couple of minutes.

6. Apply For A Tire Protection

If your tire is water-free, you can now apply the water-based tire protection product on the clean wheel. Ensure that you will apply the product to all parts of the tire. 

How Long Can I Drive On Dry Rotted Tires?

Well, you should not drive with dry rotted tires. Cracks of any type must be fixed or replaced as soon as possible. You can only drive your vehicle with a dry-rotted tire if you head to a mechanic. 

How Long Does It Take For Michelin Tires To Dry Rot?

Dry rotting is more prevalent in tires that are idle for three months or more. After that, the time may vary, though with various factors.


In summary, many car drivers have noticed that their Michelin tires are drying out. They are asking about the possible reasons for this and how they can fix it. 

Dry rotting is not good, and it must be repaired as soon as possible. It might also need to be replaced.

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