Signs Of A Blown Engine And What To Do (Explained!)

An engine is a complicated but vital machine. The engine is made to convert heat into a force that will turn the wheels from burning fuel. The engine of a vehicle is made of two essential parts. 

The first is the engine block, and the engine block is known as the lower section and is also the heaviest. The detachable cylinder head has a valve-controlled passage into which the air to fuel mixture will come through the cylinder. The component of the vehicle can blow up and deliver signs of a blown engine. 

Your vehicle cannot operate without this machinery; your engine is considered the heartbeat of the movement of your vehicle. This will offer your vehicle life and why your vehicle will function. So if your engine is blown and your engine is not working correctly, it can be destructive and alarming. 

If your engine is blown, it can be badly damaged and needs to be replaced or rebuilt. A blown engine is not easy to fix, and it can mean that there are many problems, but it means that there is a significant failure in your engine. A blown engine will happen if a broken valve hits a hole in the top of the piston. 

If this happens, the pressurized oil will go away through the top of the piston. It will also happen if a connecting rod connects and a piston punches a hole and leaves significant damage to your vehicle’s engine. It’s considered one of the most expensive repairs you can deal with as an owner. 

In recent events, the whole engine must be replaced if blown. It can be costly. So with that, we will be talking about the signs of a blown engine and what you can do about it. So let us get started.

Signs Of A Blown Engine

How Do You Know If You Blew Your Engine?

You must know the symptoms of your vehicle. Many issues can cause the same problems, and your vehicle will exhibit symptoms. If you are driving your car, you should look for problems and symptoms. 

If you think that there is something wrong with your vehicle if you are driving, you can stop by a safe place and then figure out what is wrong. You must consult a professional mechanic if you notice early signs and symptoms of a blown engine. 

You might experience symptoms like low oil pressure, excessive smoke, uncommon noises on your engine, or your engine might be failing. If you have any symptoms, you need to check your vehicle.

1. There Will Be An Excessive Smoke

There can be clear smoke that will come out of the vehicle of your tailpipe. It might not be a big deal, but if there is white, black, and blue smoke, it is a sign that your engine is blown. You have to repair it as soon as you can. 

2. There Is A Blue Smoke

There might be blue smoke, which signifies that natural engine oil is being released into the combustion chamber. If a blue smoke comes out of the vehicle’s tailpipe, this can signify that your engine is blown up. 

3. There Is White Exhaust Smoke

If a white smoke comes out of the vehicle’s exhaust pipe, then this is a sign that the water or engine coolant is entering the combustion chamber. The white exhaust looks dense and will linger in the air. This is a sign of a blown gasket.

4. There Is A Black Smoke

If you see that there is black smoke lingering in the air of your vehicle’s tailpipe, if the engine is warming up, then the air filter can be clogged up. The air filter must be replaced if it gets worse.

5. Your Engine Will Not Start

If the engine of your vehicle will not start, it can be anything from overheating to physical deficiency in the engine, which can lead to the blowing of your engine. Mechanical defects and overheating can be the reason for this, and if you start your vehicle without addressing the problem, it can lead to many damages.

6. The Coolant Is In The Engine

The engine oil and the coolant are separated and sealed inside the engine. So if you find out that the engine oil is in the coolant and the two mixes, they are not supposed to, and this is a sign that there is a severe problem that can cause an engine blow. 

7. There Are Suspicious Noises

You will surely notice if there is suspicious noise in your vehicle. The noises will alarm you if your engine is blown. It is a sign of a blown engine. 

8. There Is A Rattling Or Knocking Noise

There are inward engine noises if your vehicle is running, and it can be a good sign that your engine is damaged. For example, a rattling noise can be broken, loose, torn, or worn bearings. 

9. There Is A Squealing Noise

If your engine has been letting out squealing and squeaking sounds, then you might have a loose and worn down. If you find out that your fan belt has stopped moving, you must check your car’s manual and get it repaired.

10. There Are Grinding Noise

If there’s a grinding noise from your vehicle, it can be a sign of a blown engine.

11. You Will Have A Check Engine Light

A check engine light is a warning light that can be turned on by your vehicle’s electronic control if there is a portable with your engine. 

12. There Is A Loss Of Engine Power

You might feel that your vehicle is different from driving, which can mean that there is a problem with your engine, and you must check the engine of your vehicle immediately. 

Will An Engine Start If It Is Blown?

A blown engine can start, but it will run erratically, and there can be a lot of strange metallic or knocking sounds. Revving a blown engine can make increased noise, vibration, or smoke. 

A blown engine means that your engine is damaged, but it can still run. Many vehicles are still running even if they have a blown engine. 

What Happens When Your Engine Blows?

If the significant parts of your engine are affected by the damage, the damaged pistons, cracked blocks, and damaged intake and exhaust valves can also be damaged. In addition, the cylinders will be scratched and broken by connecting rods. 

Can A Car Drive With A Blown Engine?

If you’re one hundred percent sure that it will not blow up, then do not drive your vehicle with a blown engine. The engine is most likely the one that is damaged. There is the cracked blocks, damaged pistons, damaged intake, and exhaust valves are expected that is damaged,

What A Blown Engine Sounds Like?

You will know that your motor or engine has blown because of loud noise. The sound is like a band, and it can also be a deafening knocking noise. If the engines seized utterly, there might be smoke billowing out.


In summary, vehicles can have many problems, and you need to be aware of these problems to maintain your safety. A blown engine can be very dangerous. 

You must not drive your vehicle with a blown engine to be safe. There are signs of a damaged vehicle that will alert you.

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