Snickers in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Many of us enjoy a snicker bar here and there. However, while we do like these chocolate bars, our gas tanks won’t. Whether you have a curious mind or someone already did this thing to you, you may ask:

If you put snickers in a gas tank, what really happens? In general, a single snicker bar wouldn’t reach your engine. It is because the filler necks on modern units have a bent style and a check valve. In short, the snicker could not get into the actual fuel tank. Now, if you put several bars, they can clog the fuel filter, so you need to have it removed.

Most people think that the sugar in a snicker bar or any other form of sugar would damage the engine. While it may be true, a snicker bar won’t likely get to the engine. Thus, you won’t have to worry about it. Still, it would save you many worries if you have it checked or if you prevent it from happening in the first place.

In this article, you’ll read a walk-through of all the possible effects of snickers on your gas tank. This way, you can understand how it affects your engine and what you can do about it if it ever happens to you.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Snickers in a Gas Tank

What will happen if you put a Snicker in a gas tank?

As mentioned earlier, it’s not likely that a snicker would damage an engine significantly if you put one in a gas tank.

The thing about gas tanks is that they have filters built into the system to ensure that only liquid passes and enters the fuel system until the engine.

For this reason, a snicker bar would likely go down and clog the system, especially if you put several bars in it.

One thing to note is that the sugar, which makes the entire snickers, doesn’t dissolve in the fuel. So, of course, you may wonder about the gooey parts. Still, like the rest, these parts would likely end up clogging if you put too much.

It may or may not cause issues. However, one crucial thing to do is have it removed not to cause any damage.

In general, anything that’s not fuel should get flushed out of the gas tank. If you continue running your engine knowing there’s something inside that shouldn’t be there, it can be the start of further problems for your car.

Short term effects

As mentioned earlier, you won’t likely see any short-term effects if you or someone puts snickers on your car.

If it’s a single bar, it will only get stuck in the bottom and won’t reach your engine. However, if you put several bars, it can cause clogging in the fuel system. 

As a result, you may experience issues such as stalling, hiccups, and even disabling your engine. 

Long term effects

The only long-term effects this snicker bar can inflict on your engine is if you left it sitting inside the gas tank without even trying to take it out.

If the chocolate gets exposed to the fuel for a long time, it can contaminate your fuel system and lead to poor performance and a quicker degradation of your engine.

As always, take it as a rule of thumb to deal with such an issue as soon as possible. Further, avoid running your engine if you know there’s anything in the gas tank besides the fuel.

Can Snickers in a gas tank damage an engine?

Yes, snickers in a gas tank can damage an engine. In addition, a couple of snickers can cause clogging in the fuel filter. Thus, you’ll need to have it removed from the fuel system as soon as you find out about it.

Aside from the potential clogging, snickers won’t reach the engine enough to cause significant damage to it.

Still, if you left it unchecked and the bar kept sitting inside the tank, it can contaminate the fuel, resulting in damage to the entire engine system.

How many Snickers in a gas tank will ruin it?

A single snicker bar wouldn’t likely be enough to ruin an engine. However, if someone puts several bars in the gas tank, it can be enough to cause clogging that will ruin the entire system.

If someone puts several bars of sneakers, it may cause clogging in the fuel filter. Thus, you will need to remove, clean, or replace your gas tank if it happens to you. 

Now, if you worry about the sugar getting into your engine, it’s not likely to happen. The sugar in snicker bars isn’t likely to reach the engine as it won’t get mixed with the fuel.

The possible thing that may happen is that the snicker bar will remain on the bottom of the gas tank. In short, the sugar of the snickers would not reach your engine. Thus, you won’t have to worry about fixing the injectors and the likes.

Snickers in Gas Tank

Can you tell if someone put Snickers in your gas tank?

If someone puts snickers in your gas tank, you can’t tell if your engine doesn’t cause any issue. 

Now, if the snickers started clogging the fuel system, it can cause noticeable issues. When you experience such problems, you need to shut the engine immediately.

Some of the issues caused by clogging can be stalling, hiccups, smoking, and even refusal to start.

Once you realize there’s a snicker in your gas tank. Call someone and take it to an automobile professional to have it fixed. This way, you avoid getting further damage to your engine.

How do you get Snickers out of a gas tank?

Use an injector or carb cleaning for a few tanks if you’re concerned about it. The snickers should melt slowly in ethanol fuel and burn like the rest of the carbon chains in the fuel. Sugar doesn’t get dissolved by ethanol-free gasoline.

The best way to get the snickers out of a gas tank is by draining all the fuel and thoroughly cleaning the gas chamber. 

In most cases, it wouldn’t suffice to have the fuel filter cleaned. If the tank has several bars of snickers, you may have to take it out and have the chambers cleaned thoroughly.


In a nutshell, it’s not good to put snickers in a gas tank. A single snicker bar would less likely reach your engine. Because newer units’ filler necks are bent and include a check valve, this is the case. In other words, the snicker was unable to enter the real gasoline tank. Now, if you use many bars, the gasoline filter will become clogged, so you’ll need to have it removed.

The sugar in a snicker bar, or any other kind of sugar, is thought by most people as harmful to the engine. Although it’s true, a snicker bar is unlikely to reach the engine. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned. Even so, having it examined or simply preventing it from developing in the first place would save you a lot of stress.

As a general rule of thumb, always check and secure your gas tank so you can make sure no one puts such things on your engine.



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