Valve Stem Replacement Without Removing Tire (Step-By-Step)

If you have a leaking or a cracked tire valve stem, it can harm your vehicle and you and the passengers. If you have a new set of tires, the repair center will replace the valve stems with a new one. This is so that they will be protected on the tires and avoid having to unmount the tires to replace them. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about the entire process of changing a lousy tire valve stem. It can take some time, but you can replace it in less than thirty minutes if you follow the steps carefully. 

It is easy if you know the steps. So with that, this article will be giving you a step-by-step valve stem replacement. So let us get started.

Valve Stem Replacement Without Removing Tire

How Do You Replace A Valve Stem Without Removing The Tire?

It is possible that you can replace the valve stem of a tire without removing it. But accessing the tire from the inside while it is mounted can be trouble. Therefore, it would be better to take the tire off first to make the job easier. 

So if you want to replace a valve stem without removing the tire, it can be possible, but you need to have a specific type of valve stem. Many new vehicles have a TPMS system that is attached to their valve stem. It is impossible to remove and then replace a TPMS valve stem without taking off the tire. 

So if you want the step-by-step process of replacing the valve stem without removing the tire, you need to consult an expert. Before you start to replace your tire’s valve stem, you have to make sure that you have all the necessary tools. You must have a tire iron, needle nose pliers, air compressor with those, lug nut wrench, jack and jack stands, and valve stem removal tool.

1. Loosen The Nuts

This is the first step. Next, you have to loosen the wheel’s nuts. Use the lug nut wrench so that you will loosen each nut separately. 

You can do this by turning it in a counterclockwise direction. You should loosen the nuts before you lift the vehicle because the wheel will rotate in the direction. It will make it hard for the nuts to be loosened. 

2. Lift The Vehicle Off The Ground

You can use a jack to lift the side of the vehicle that has the tire that is affected. Put the jack stands under the car to hold in position. 

3. Unmount The Wheel

Please take off the wheel and then place it on the ground.

4. Deflate Your Tires

Take off the cap of the stem and then use the valve stem removal tool to uninstall the valve core, and then you can empty the tire from the air. 

5. Separate The Bead From The Rim

If you have deflated your tire, you can use a sledgehammer so that you can separate the bead from the rim. First, Grabe the tire through the bead and then use the tire iron so that you can detach it from the rim. 

6. Uninstall The Valve Stem

Grab the needle hose pliers and then use them so that you can remove the old valve stem.

7. Install The New Valve Stem

Grab the needle hose pliers and then use them in removing the old valve stem. 

8. Attach The Tire Into The Wheel And Then Inflate It

If the new valve stem is in place, remove the tire into the rim. Press it down tightly until the bead is engaged fully. Then, inflate the tire using an air compressor until it reaches the air pressure. 

9. Run A Leak Test

If you inflate the tire, you can test it out for any leaks before mounting the wheel on your vehicle. You can rub soapy water over the stem and check the base for any bubbles. If there are no bubbles, the valve is intact, and there are no leaks. 

10. Month The Wheel Back

If you are sure that your tire is leak-free, you can reinstall the wheel back and then put the vehicle back on the ground. 

Can A Valve Stem Be Replaced Without Removing The Tire?

Yes, you can replace a valve stem without removing the tire, but you need a specific valve stem type. There are a lot of new vehicles that have TPMS that is attached to the valve stem. 

It is not possible that you will remove and then replace the TPMS valve stem without removing the tire. So you have to deflate the tire and then push the tire off the rim. 

Are Valve Stems Separate From Tires?

The valve stem is a small tube, and it is protruding from the tire. It is also made of metal and rubber. The top common type of valve stem is for passenger vehicles. 

This rubber valve stems with a metal tip are threaded like a screw for the valve cap. A valve stem for tubeless tires will be considered a separate component from the tire itself. They will also become worn independently and may need to be replaced by themselves.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Valve Stem On A Tire?

If you replace your valve stem, it might be an easy task if you are not a mechanic or if you are. A new valve stem will cost about ten dollars to repair if you do it yourself. However, it will cost thirty dollars if you bring it to a shop. 


In summary, car drivers ask if they can do a valve stem replacement without removing the tire. It can be possible, but experts must do it. 

You will not see a step-by-step process about it anywhere. A trained mechanic can only do it.

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