What Is G12 Coolant Equivalent? (Substitutes Explained!)

Your vehicle’s engine needs antifreeze. Today, the coolants are then classified into four (4) types. Each of these coolant types is different in terms of additives and some other properties. 

So what is G12 coolant equivalent? The equivalent to G12 coolant is Pentosin SF and Prestone’s Extended Life 5/150. Instead of using G12 coolant, you can use these two. 

The antifreeze that you see in the market is made up of water and ethylene glycol. This is the only similarity. The G13 even has the same performance in terms of cooling and antifreeze as the G12++. 

Many car drivers still do not know anything about G12 coolant equivalent and they are still not familiar enough. Some car drivers might be already familiar with it and they are so familiar with it that they want to know what the G12 coolant equivalent is. 

Knowing about G12 coolant is good and necessary. Knowing about the G12 coolant equivalent is even more necessary. So for those people who still do not know much about G12 coolant and its equivalent, this article is definitely for you. 

In this article, let us focus on one type of coolant. Let us talk about the G12 and the equivalent of the G12 coolant. Let us get started. 

What Is G12 Coolant Equivalent

What Is Equivalent To G12 Coolant?

A lot of car drivers are asking what the equivalent is for their G12 coolant. So far, there are about two (2) equivalents for G12 coolant. The first is the Pentosin SF, and the second is the Prestone Extended Life 5/150.

Pentosin SF

The Pentosin SF is an environmentally friendly antifreeze. It is made for multipurpose applications in water-cooled engines. It does not have any amines, nitrites, or phosphorus-containing additives. 

In addition, it doesn’t contain any silicates. The Pentosin SF protects all material that is used in the cooling system. It is also recommended for nonferrous metals and year-round use. 

Prestone’s Extended Life 5/150

This antifreeze is recommended to use in all GM vehicles. It protects all the engine’s vital parts for up to 5 years and 150 miles with an extended life formula. It has Prestone protection, and it meets the corrosion protection standards for the cooling system. 

It is a concentrated formula, and it must be mixed with water. It has a concentrated blend of premium and long-lasting inhibitors with an aluminum radiator. 

What Is G12 Coolant?

The G 12 coolant has a color red or a color pink. It does not have any silicates. It is based on a carboxylate compound and ethylene glycol. 

The average lifespan of this coolant is four to five years. This is because it has an adequately selected additive. It also has anti-corrosion properties that are working selectively. 

This film is made only in places that have been damaged by rust. The antifreeze G12 is used in high-speed engines, and it has an operating temperature of 90 to 110 degrees; the G12 coolant has only one problem. Its anti-corrosion properties will appear only in the presence of rust. 

The G12 can be bought at a concentrate of -78 or -80 mark. You must calculate the amount of coolant in the system. 

You also need to dilute it with distilled water, and you also need to calculate the amount of the coolant in the system. The ratio of the water of the antifreeze is an indication of the label. 

What Type Of Coolant Is G12?

The G12 is red or pink. It has carboxylate and ethylene glycol. It can be used in high-performance engines with 90 to 110 operating temperatures. 

It has a lifespan of four to five years. There are three different types of G12 coolants. It has a G12, G12+ (color red), and G12++ (color purple). 

Is G40 Coolant The Same As G12?

The Glysantine or G40 are pink or purple. It is a suitable replacement for the G12 Plus and the G13. 

They are compatible with the Glysantin G30. so the G40 coolant is also the same as the G12.

Can You Use G40 Coolant Instead Of G12?

BASF makes the G40. It is the same with theG12 ++. The flushing out the system before you change it over. 

Can You Mix G12 With Regular Antifreeze?

Many companies like VW and Audi recommend using G12 or G13 coolant in the system. This is because the G1 has better lubricating capacities. 

However, the regular coolant does not have phosphates. So if G12 and a regular antifreeze are mixed, the metallic ions from Prestone and the phosphate-rich produce jelly-like depositions, promoting corrosion. 

What Happens When You Mix G12 With Regular Coolant?

The metallic ions from the regular coolant and the G12 rich in phosphate will produce a jelly-like deposition, promoting corrosion. There are moments where the entire radiator hoses have been blown off, and this is because of the mixing. 

Often Asked Questions

Here are some of the often asked questions about the G12 coolant. 

Can I Mix G12 With G13 Coolant?

Yes, you can mix G12 and G12 coolants. They are finely mixed. But if you top up, you can use distilled water. 

Can You Mix G12 And G12+ Coolant?

Yes, you can mix G12 and G12+ coolant. The G12+ is the latest formula. It is made to mix with both the G12 and G11 safely.


In summary, the coolant is essential to the engine. The coolant also has different types. The G12 is the focus of this article. 

You can mix it with a specific type of coolant. However, it would help if you will remember not to mix it with anything. It might damage your vehicle.



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