What To Put In Gas Tank To Ruin Engine? (The Best Ways)

You do not need to be a car expert in ruining a car engine, and you can do this easily. So now, we will let you know what you have to put in a gas tank so that the engine will be ruined. Let us get started.

So what to put in a gas tank to ruin the engine? If you put anything other than gasoline in a gas tank, it can ruin the car’s engine. These are water, coke,  bleach, sugar, salt, urine, and many more.

The truth is that it’s very easy to ruin a car’s engine through its gas tank. You can put anything in a gas tank beside gasoline, and it will ruin the car’s engine. So if you want to ruin a car’s engine, ruining it through a gas tank is very easy. 

You do not even have to be a car specialist to do this one. You can ruin a car’s engine without even anyone knowing because you can just put something in the gas tank, which can already cause a ruined engine. Anyone can destroy a car’s engine. 

Regardless of the reasons, a car’s engine can be ruined by almost anyone. Some people have always wondered what can be the worst thing they can put inside a gas tank. Can it damage the engine or even stall the engine? 

So now, we will help you by listing down things that are proven to ruin a car’s engine by pouring it into the car’s gas tank. Here we go. 

What To Put In Gas Tank To Ruin Engine

What Is The Best Thing To Put In A Gas Tank To Destroy A Car Engine?

You can put many things inside a gas tank that is proven to destroy a car’s engine. So basically, if you put anything other than gasoline into the gas tank, it can ruin a car’s engine. You can put some water, salt, sugar, sticky liquid, and many other things, and it will clog up the fuel filter. 

You can also put some coke, bleach, urine, brake fluid, hydrogen peroxide, and many other things, and these will do some damage to your car and your car’s engine. So with that, if you are determined to ruin a car’s engine, you can pick whatever you like and put it in the gas tank of a car. If you want the most effective, though, you can try mixing gallons of bleach with the fuel, and it will be a disaster. 

It would be for the best if you remembered, though, that is a dangerous move. If you will put gallons of bleach in your gas tank, remember to think of safety precautions. But if you want to destroy your car or any car, for that matter, this is a very effective idea. 

If you put gallons of bleach into a car’s gas tank, the car may run at first. If there is still fuel left in the vehicle, that fuel can still run the vehicle. However, if there will be no fuel left in the gas tank and the only available liquid is bleach, it will cause several and severe damages to the vehicle.

If there is fuel left in the gas tank, the vehicle will not run anymore. If you leave the bleach inside the fuel system for too long, it will cause corrosion and rust in many engine components. Bleach has chlorine, and one thing you must know about chlorine is that they are a highly corrosive oxidizer.

What Liquid Will Destroy A Car Engine?

As mentioned, there are many liquids that you can put inside a gas tank so that the engine can be destroyed. For example, you can put some coke, urine, brake fluid, and more. The bottom line is that any liquid that is not gasoline can damage your car and your car’s engine. 

If you want the most effective, you can try bleach. However, the bleach will significantly harm the car’s engine. You can also try water. 

Anything that is not gasoline is harmful to the car if inserted into a vehicle’s gas tank. Bleach has ninety percent of water. And bleach can damage a car’s engine very fast. 

Putting water in a gas tank will also do the same because bleach contains ninety percent water. It is also very harmful to the car’s engine. If you mix water into the fuel, it will create the same effect as the bleach. 

Bleach can cause corrosion and rust, but water might not have this result. But it can still be as dangerous as putting bleach. So if you are driving a car and are not aware of the liquid in your gas tank, your vehicle can run like a wild horse and have no control over it. 

It can also separate the engine from the engine mount, and that can be dangerous. If you destroy a car engine, make sure no one will drive it after some time. It can be very dangerous to some people.

liquid that can destroy car engine

What To Put In The Petrol Tank To Destroy The Engine?

You can put a lot of different liquid in the petrol tank and have the engine ruined. You can put some coke in it. The chemical composition of coke and the fuel will cause a clog in the car’s engine. 

Water can also damage the car’s engine. For example, if you pour water into a gas tank, it will keep the car from running. Bleach can also do considerable damage.

It will cause corrosion and rusting to the car’s engine and parts. Salt can also do some damage. It will also cause corrosion and rusting in the bottom of the tank. 

Sugar can also do the job. The sugar will not dissolve in the gasoline. The result will be a clog in the fuel filter.

How To Ruin An Engine Without Evidence?

You can put any liquid in the gas tank and do it discreetly so that there will be no evidence left. You can also pour some water into the gas tank, and it is not likely to get detected. Water mixed with gasoline might not be too noticeable.


In summary, if you want to ruin a car’s engine, putting something in the gas tank is possible. You do not need to be some expert to destroy a car’s engine. 

In the gas tank, you can just put any liquid beside gasoline in there, and it can do damage to the car and the car’s engine. Bleach is the top liquid you can use.



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