0w40 vs. 10w40 Engine Oil: Differences and Can You Swap Them?

Vehicles are an essential need for people. The invention of vehicles makes people’s lives comfortable and accessible. Furthermore, vehicles are considered an essential part of our country’s economy because of their fantastic function.

However, aside from its unique functions and purpose in making our life comfortable, it also needs maintenance to retain its performance. 

In retaining the maximum performance of your vehicle, you need to schedule maintenance appointments, and one most important thing that your vehicle needs is the motor oil. 

The motor oil serves as the lubricant to the engine of your vehicle. It is usually poured out in the internal combustion of your vehicle engine. 

You can use it in your mowers, cars, motorcycles, and many other types of machines. Another reason motor oil is essential to any vehicle is that it prevents the vehicle parts from stocking. 

However, there are many motor oils in the market, and choosing the best for your vehicle is quite hard. 

Now we’re going to talk about the 0w40 and 10w40 motor oil. Then, we will discuss the difference between these two types of motor oil and swap them if you use one. Now let’s begin.

0w40 vs. 10w40 Engine Oil

What Is The Difference Between 0w40 And 10w40 Oil?

The main DifferenceDifference between 0w40 and 10w40 motor oil is fuel economy, hot weather, viscosity, oil grade, and price. 


The grade of motor oil overlaps the viscosity of your vehicle. Viscosity means the resistance of the flow of motor oil in your vehicle. 

Motor oil is used to prevent the wear and tear of your engine parts. The thicker the motor oil means that the friction between your engine parts will be lesser than putting less motor oil. This situation is applicable during high temperatures. 

But if the temperature is low, you need to put thin motor oil. It is to assure that your vehicle will not exert a lot of effort to operate its engine. 

Moreover, putting thicker motor oil is wrong during cold weather because it will make your vehicle suffer. 

Hence, both 0w40 and 10w40 can function during cold weather, but 10w40 is better for high temperatures.

Fuel Economy

The best Oil to use during hot temperatures is 0w40 motor oil because it adapts more during cold weather than 10w40 motor oil. 

While for hot temperatures, the 10w40 motor oil is the best. It will not just give a significant kickback in your vehicle, but it improves your fuel economy as well.

Hot Weather

Every motor oil has a range of temperatures in which they will operate the best. For example, the 0w shared grade has a temperature range of -35 degrees celsius in its border pumping temperature.

While 10w motor oil has 16.3 at the maximum, and its minimum is 9.3 and 12.5. So 0w40 is the best motor oil during hot days.

Oil Grade

Oil grade serves as the identification of a motor oil according to its automotive capacity. Its grade is determined according to its viscosity level.

The number of 0w means the effectiveness of motor oil in terms of frigid temperature. For example, Both 0w40 and 10w40 have the same performance in cold weather, but they are different in hot temperatures.

Therefore, when we’re talking about hot weather, use 0w40 than 10w40.


Between 0w40 and 10w40 motor oil, 0w40 is much more affordable than 10w40. However, both Oil can be afforded by everyone even though it has a slight price difference. 

Can I Use 0w40 Instead Of 10w40?

You can use both 0w40 and 10w40 motor oil. However, before choosing the best one, make sure that your vehicle manufacturer recommends it to you. 

Your vehicle also needs the appropriate motor oil because it will not only be the best for your engine’s vehicle but also preserve its internal functions.

If you accidentally Use 0w40 Instead Of 10w40: Is it dangerous or not?

If you think that it will damage or harm your vehicle, it won’t. However, there is a reason why vehicle manufacturers advise a specific motor oil to use in your chosen vehicle because of its health benefits to your car’s performance. 

Accidentally Used 0w40 Instead Of 10w40: Is It Ok?

Both motor oil is better for its specific vehicle. However, it will just turn nasty if you put the wrong motor oil in your vehicle. Though it won’t damage your engine, repeatedly using the wrong motor oil will create a problem in the future. 

0w40 Vs. 10w40 High Mileage

In terms of High Mileage, both are functional and trustworthy to use. However, it will still depend on what your car needs. Stick With your manual facts so that you’ll get the best Oil for your car. 

Which Is Better, 0w40 Or 10w40 Oil?

For 0w40 motor oil, you can use it in places or climates that have freezing weather. During freezing temperatures, this motor oil will help you secure your engine due to its oil component. 

While 10w40 is best to use during scorching weather. It will give you the best start-ups during this time. 

When Should I Use 0w40 And When 10w40?

In terms of temperature, both have their functionality – 0w40 is for cold weather, and 10w40 is perfect for hot weather. However, you can also differentiate its capacity through weight loads. It is perfect to use 10w40 if you have heavy loads, while for light loads, 0w40 is perfect.

0w40 vs. 10w40

0w40 Vs. 10w40 In Toyota

For Toyota users, it is recommended to use 5w30 motor oil. However, you can also use 0w40 to bring your Toyota vehicle to a freezing weather place. Because it is also capable of giving you great start-ups and vehicle runs. 

On the other hand, 10w40 can also replace your Toyota motor oil when traveling in hot weather. 

0w40 Vs. 10w40 In Nissan

The recommended motor oil for Nissan is 5w30 and 10w30. But 0w40 is also applicable to replacing your 5w30 and 10w30 motor oil when traveling in cold weather. 

Also, you can use 10w40 motor oil if you are traveling in a hot place. However, it is best if you stick to your owner’s manual.

0w40 Vs. 10w40 In Subaru

Both 0w40 and 10w40 motor oil can work your Subaru vehicle. However, the recommended motor oil for Subaru is 0w20 and 5w30. 

Hence, it will also depend on temperature; make sure that you use the correct motor oil at a specific temperature to avoid problems. 

0w30 Vs. 10w40 In Mazda

According to Mazda Management, almost all of their vehicles are recommended to use 0w20 motor oil. However, you can still use 0w40 and 10w40 in some times or places depending on the weather. If it’s extreme weather, 10w40 is the best while in the opposite 0w40 works well.

0w40 Vs. 10w40 In BMW

A 5w30 motor oil is the recommended motor oil for BMW engines. However, 0w30 motor oil works great if you are using your BMW vehicle in cold places. 

While 10w40 is also applicable for BMW vehicles during extreme sunny days. 

0w40 Vs. 10w40 In Ford

In 2020 Ford’s manual stated that almost all manufacturers’ engines need to use 5w30 motor oil or 0w40.

However, you can still use 10w40 motor oil for extreme adventure rides because it is suitable for start-ups and extreme hot day-long rides. 

0w40 Vs. 10w40 In Chevrolet

For Chevrolet vehicles, 5w20,5w30, 0r 10w30 are the motor oils that they usually use. However, 0ws40 can be an excellent use for Chevrolet during cold days. 

Like 10w40 motor oil, it can also be used in Chevrolet vehicles during hot days because it is suitable for this temperature.

0w40 Vs. 10w40 In Jeep

Jeep is one of the best popular cars in the car industry. Usually Jeep vehicles use 0w20, 5w20, 5w30, or 10w30. 

The same as another vehicle, you can still use 0w40 and 10w40. 0w40 for cold days and 10w40 during summer. 

However, it would help if you stuck to the motor oil required by your owner’s manual.

0w40 Vs. 10w40 In Volkswagen 

The oldest and most established car manufacturer is Volkswagen. Its owner’s manual recommends using 5w20 and 0w20 motor oil.

However, you can also switch to 0w40 and 10w40 if you want. 0w40 is also effective to use during winter, while 10w40 is helpful during summer. 


In summary, motor oil is essential in keeping your vehicle’s optimum performance for a long time. Though there are many motor oils in the market, you should follow what’s stated in your owner’s manual. 

Know what kind of motor oil you should use in terms of temperature. It is essential to know what your engine needs during this situation and to avoid malfunction and accidents. 

Moreover, 0w40 and 10w40 motor oils are helpful for your vehicle needs. Of course, they are different, but overall they serve the same purpose.



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