60/40 Vs 50/50 Coolant: Which Is Better To Use? (Explained!)

Many car drivers have been confused about what to use, the 60/40 coolant and the 50/50 coolant. In addition, car drivers have been asking what the best mixture of the coolant to use is. 

So which among the 60/40 coolant and the 50/50 coolant is better to use? This depends on the vehicle and of course, the temperature because the temperature must be well known before deciding what mixture should be used. A lot of people are asking which is better and some people say 60/40, and some people say 50/50 but the 50/50 is usually the one that satisfactorily protects the coolant from freezing.  

Every vehicle might need a different mixture or every temperature needs a different mixture. You must not use the wrong type of mixture so that it will not damage your vehicle. With that, you should know a lot of which coolant to use because if you do not use the correct coolant, it might not do its job and your engine will not benefit from it. 

So with that, we have created this article to discuss the matter. This article will provide insight to all those car drivers who are confused about what type of mixture should be used. Let us get started. 

60-40 Vs 50-50 Coolant

What Is The Difference Between 60/40 And 50/50 Coolant?

The ideal mixture of coolant for your engine is about forty-nine percent glycol. In a concentrated coolant, it is ninety-eight percent. So if you will buy a concentrated coolant, you will have to calculate just how much you have to put in it and what you have to mix in distilled water with just the same amount of concentrate. 

If you have 50/50 percent, you do not have to mix anything. You also do not have to buy anything else. You can even go lower than thirty-six percent if you are in a hot area. 

However, you will also be diluting the anti-corrosion additives. So you will also not need to use it. The 60/40 is used in a cooling and heat transferring fluid in a combustion engine. 

If there is excess heat, it will then be transferred by the fluid into the radiator. This is where the mixture will cool down. This is using airflow. 

Which Coolant Is Better, 60/40 Or 50/50?

This depends on the vehicle and of course, the temperature. The temperature must be well known before deciding what mixture should be used. 

A lot of people are asking which is better. Some people say 60/40, and some people say 50/50. The 50/50 is usually the one that satisfactorily protects the coolant from freezing. 

In low temperatures, it is more advisable to use 60/40. If more than sixty thousand (60%) coolant concentrate is added, the boiling point will then be powered. 

So the better coolant will depend on a  few factors. You need to consider your vehicle and the temperature. The mixture will then be determined with the temperature of operating atmosphere of the vehicle. 

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When Should You Use 50/50 Antifreeze?

There are so many car drivers who have been driving for years but they are still not an expert in terms of the mixture of antifreeze. They still consult an expert for it. 

That is okay though but it is much better that you know the do’s and don’ts in terms of using a mixture of antifreeze. You should be able to know when to use a 50/50 antifreeze and a 60/40 antifreeze.

This depends on many factors. The 50/50 antifreeze is the best for moderate climates. This is where the temperature will get below thirty-two only on occasion. 

But in climates that the temperature is dropping below thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period, a mixture that is more close to an antifreeze with seventy percent and thirty degrees water. It is more suitable for keeping the coolant from freezing. 

When Should You Use 60/40 Antifreeze?

Car drivers might drive for years and years and they are still not sure what mixture should be used for their vehicle. This is a vital thing to know because your antifreeze helps a lot with your engine. Your engine can be really affected by your antifreeze. 

You do not want your vehicle to get damaged because you used the wrong type of coolant mixture. Therefore, you should be able to know when to use 60/40 coolant and the 50/50 coolant. 

A lot of car drivers have been asking when they should use the 60/40 antifreeze. You should use 60/40 antifreeze in an area where the temperature is as low as unfavorable ten degrees Fahrenheit in winter. 

It can also get ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit for the summer. You will be better off running a 60/40 ratio. So you can also refer to your owner’s manual about it or to your manufacturer. 


In summary, coolant is essential to the health of your vehicle. Without coolant, your engine can overheat because the coolant’s function is to cool down your engine. 

It can also cause lubrication to your engine. With that, this article will give you clarification on this issue. The use of 60/40 coolant and 50/50 coolant will be identified. It will give you guidance on what mixture to use.

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