Bad Motor Oil Brands in 2021 (You Should Stay Away From)

The motor is a significant part of automobiles. The motor oil is made to provide lubrication to the components of your car. The motor oil can also decrease the friction within your engine and your car components when your car is running. 

With motor oil, you can ensure a good drive with your engine running smoothly. So this is the reason why picking your oil brand must be thought of well enough. Motor oil does essential things to your car. 

It will help if you do not settle for any less quality motor oil. With that, the brand of the motor oil must also be thought off thoroughly. If you truly know the importance of your motor oil, you will pick the best motor oil and the best motor oil quality. 

If you settle for motor oil brands that are not efficient and do nothing to your car, your vehicle will suffer, and you will be facing a huge repair and maintenance. Motor oil keeps your vehicle at optimum performance and prevents any wear. However, bad motor oil will not provide your car enough and proper lubrication, and as a result, it will damage the internal part of your vehicle, especially on the engine. 

So today, we will save you from making a big mistake by listing six bad motor oil brands in the market, and with this guide, you will save yourself from picking a motor oil that does nothing good for your vehicle. Are you excited to earn more? Let us get started!

Bad Motor Oil Brands

What Are the Worst Motor Oil Brands?

Below are the six worst motor oil brands that you can find in the market. With this discussion, you will know which motor oil brands you should avoid. 

If you have someone to ask for, you are lucky, but if not, do not fret because we will give you some answers. So without further ado, below are the six worst motor oil brands.

1. Liberty Motor Oil

You must have the best motor oil, and you have to pick one with efficiency and good quality. But the liberty motor oil does nothing of the following. Liberty oil claims too many positive results and advantages. 

However, they are not accurate with their words. They state many benefits of purchasing and using their motor oil, but their motor oil is too low quality. Their motor oil has a very low percentage of additives. 

And one thing you should know is that good motor oil must have a good amount of additives because additives are responsible for providing good lubrication. Good motor oil will keep your engine running smoothly. With good motor oil, you will also have minor corrosion in your vehicle’s engine and its components. 

You will also need the required and right amount of motor oil that has the proper viscosity level. Choosing liberty motor oil must not be in your choices. You will not have any advantages on your part.

2. Quaker State Q

If you want your vehicle to perform at its best performance, you should not try Quaker State Q. If you choose Quaker State Q, you will find out that their motor oil diffuses very easily and quickly. If your oil diffuses very quickly and easily, it means that your motor oil has high volatility. 

It also means that it has very low quality. If you choose this motor oil, you will have more repair expenses and more maintenance because your vehicle will suffer more in the long run. If you keep on using Quaker Stat Q on your vehicle’s engine, it will do significant damage to your car. 

This is because their motor oil does not have the proper lubrication and quality that motor oil should possess to maintain the excellent performance of your vehicle. In addition, this motor oil brand also claims that their motor oil has a multi-viscosity. 

However, it is proven that it is not. So if you do not want your engine to be damaged in the long run, avoid this motor oil brand and look for those alternatives that are genuine in their quality.

3. Bullseye Motor Oil

Another bad motor oil brand is the Bullseye motor oil. It is considered to be the wrong choice for everyone. The reports are also from their users. 

A lot of users are disappointed and complaining about the motor oil manufacturer. Some people also rate the motor oil as doing nothing to your engine. Another rating says that this motor oil does not reach any good motor oil specifications and requirements. 

This brand beautifies their bottles and their physical products, and they put the wrong label and put the wrong information in it. If you buy one of these brands and look at the label on their bottle, you will find out that their label does not match what is within the bottle. Their motor oil has a very low viscosity level. 

You will also notice that their motor oil provides no resistance to any friction. This motor oil is too antique, and they also have a very low level of additives. So if you genuinely care for your vehicle, do not feed it with this motor oil brand.

4. Petrol Motor Oil

Another motor oil brand that is full of deceit is the Petrola motor oil. This motor oil brand is impressive in its deception. They are providing falsified information to the consumers, and they are giving them false hopes and beliefs. 

This motor oil brand is also terrible in terms of its packaging. This motor oil brand will consume so much of your engine fuel. 

As a result, you will increase your fuel expense, and it will also cause severe environmental issues like pollution and the release of carbon into the atmosphere. In addition, this motor oil brand does not meet the criteria and is insufficient because of its shallow viscosity level.

5. Questron

Another bad motor oil brand is Questron. This motor oil brand belongs to those brands that offer shallow quality motor oil. At all costs, you must avoid this motor oil brand. 

This brand is included in the list of motor oil brands that you must avoid. The labels of this motor oil are deceiving. With all that label on the container, you will have no benefits and good results. 

Their motor oil is ordinary, and their motor oil is low quality. Their motor oil is nothing of their labels. 

It offers very poor lubrication, and they have very high volatility. Their viscosity on their motor oil cannot be defined, and if you use this, you will be experiencing some noises from your engine.

6. Xpress Lube Pro

It would help if you also avoided Xpress Lube Pro. This is a brand that is avoided by knowing drivers. In addition, this manufacturer does not grade their motor oil based on their viscosity. 

They should know the grading of SAE, but it seems this manufacturer does not. They are fighting on their way of SAE grading, and they are not right at all. When we talk about motor oil, the SAE grading is essential. 

Their motor oil has a lot of impurities, and their motor oil is functioning very poorly. You must avoid this motor oil brand if you do not want any issues and damages to your vehicle.

Bad Engine Oil Brands

Does the Brand of Engine Oil Matter?

Yes, the brand of the engine oil matters. This is because the brand will represent how good the quality of the engine oil is. Brands are the ones representing the product. 

Therefore, if the engine oil is good, then the brand will be good. In another situation, if all motor oil brands have the same kind of motor oil, then the engine oil brand is not essential. 

However, each motor oil brand makes their motor oil different. Therefore, you must look for good quality engine oil.


In summary, motor oil is crucial in maintaining the excellent condition of your vehicle. Therefore, you must choose a good quality motor oil so that your vehicle will also be in good condition. 

With that, a motor oil brand is essential. Therefore, it will be best if you avoid the motor oil brand mentioned above.

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