Walmart Oil Change: How Long Does It Take And Is It Good?

When doing an oil change by yourself, you need to learn about it before performing it. In addition, you will have to deal with the hassle of doing an oil change by yourself. You have to prepare your car, jack it up, and even have to do some dirty work like crawling beneath your car and getting your hands and body dirty. 

People have been talking about that oil change in Walmart. But before we get to that part, let us first know about the importance of an oil change. When you are running and driving your car, your car will need to do many things to run and start smoothly and correctly. 

With that, your engine oil plays a massive part in keeping your engine in the best condition. The essential job of engine oil is that it lubricates your vehicle’s engine. This means that it is continuously lubricating a lot of components in your engine. 

These components must have to work altogether so that your car will be fully operational. The engine oil will circulate and roam around into your engine, and it will also continue to lubricate so many engine components. Those are working closely together so that your vehicle will be completely operational. 

If the oil is now moving around the engine, it will accumulate many dirt and other small particles from its components. And even if the engine oil’s main job is to keep the engine clean and away from tears, it will also accumulate a lot of dirt. This is why it is essential to have an oil change. 

Now, an oil change can be done by yourself or in an auto shop. But you can also have your oil change in a Walmart. Let us know more.

Walmart Oil Change

Can You Get Your Oil Changed At Walmart?

Yes, you can have your oil change in Walmart. If you do not want to find a mechanic shop and do not want to do the oil change yourself, you can drop by Walmart and let them do your oil change. The oil change in Walmart happens in their dedicated lube and tire shops. 

These are attached to the sides of most locations. Again, you will have to leave your key. Your car will now move up on the line and be driven to a service bay. 

They will drain your oil and top it up with fresh oil, just as your internal system recommends. They will also be careful not to make it go over the line in the range that is there in your dipstick. They also have some differences with their procedures. 

They are different in terms of draining their oil. Some Walmart will drain your oil in the way underneath your vehicle. They will drain the oil by plugging through their underground pit or putting your car on a lift. 

Some Walmarts will use an oil extraction tool from your oil dipstick tube, and then it will suck the oil out. The two ways can get the job done. It is just that the latter just means that you have no chances of stripped drain plugs. 

If your vehicle is done with the oil change, you will now be driven out. It will be parked, and your key will now make its way to the front desk. They will inform you that your vehicle is ready, and then you will have to pay.

Is Walmart Good For An Oil Change?

If we base it on statistics, Walmart’s oil changes are excellent and have an excellent value. Oil change in Walmart is good. When we say statistics, let us refer to the numbers. 

Some people also commend the oil change in Walmart. And there are a lot of customers who are going to Walmart for an oil change, and they are indeed delighted. However, it can’t be avoided that there are issues and doubts about the work of Walmart. Some people are worrying that the oil that Walmart is using is not good. 

One reason for this is because they water it down. But this is only a rumor. You should know that oil cannot be watered down. 

And if your oil is mixed with water, you will see it immediately because water and oil do now mix, and the oil will come floating on top of the water. There are also rumors that many people are saying that Walmart has a connection shell, and the shell has a pretty good oil. 

Many people have no complaints about the actual oil change. However, they are complaining about the service of the staff.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Oil Change At Walmart?

They will need about fifteen to twenty minutes of getting an oil change from Walmart. A lot may not know it, but Walmart does and offers good oil change. You can get oil quality for just about twenty dollars to fifty dollars.

What Does Walmart Oil Change Include?

Having an oil change might cause hassle but in Walmart, consider yourself hassle-free. You can request an oil change for about 19.88 dollars before taxes. The pit crew is about 19.88 dollars. 

The standard oil change is about 29.88 dollars. They also have a high mileage, which is about 39.88, and they have the power and performance oil change for about 49.88 dollars. 

Walmart has the lowest oil change price that you can find in the market. The lowest price that you can have is about 19.88 dollars. So for this cheap, you can already have your oil change.

walmart vehicle oil

Walmart Oil Change Hours

The hours of a Walmart for their oil change is between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM throughout the week. So they have provided their oil change service very early.


In summary, an oil change is significant to your engine. However, some things come with oil change, especially if you do it yourself. 

You will have the hassle and dirty hands. Walmart offers an oil change. They are also very cheap.

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