Buying a 2 Year Old New Car – Should I Be Worried?

If you plan to buy a new car, you should put a lot of things to mind. If you have fixed your mind with a two-year-old new car, you need to know the risks that you can have. So let us learn more about that.

So should you be worried if you will buy a two-year-old new car? The answer is yes. Cars are made to be driven, and if a car sits for two years, there are a lot of damages that inactivity can cause to your car.

We will now discuss buying a two-year-old new car and what risks you should be prepared for. Here we go.

Buying a 2 Year Old New Car

New Car Sitting On Lot for 2 Years – Should You Be Worried?

If you have a car and have just been sitting on your lot for two years, you would ask yourself if your car will be in the same good condition after two years. The answer is no. 

Cars are meant to be driven upon and used. It is not made to sit and idle on your lot. However, if you have made it sit on your lot for two years, there are a lot of essential things that you should and change before you can use and drive your car again. 

If your car has been sitting on for two years, the fluids inside your car must be changed. If a car has not been used for two years, you should indeed worry if you will use it again. You must not automatically start and drive your car. 

Most of the things will lose their effectiveness and their quality if unused for years. The same goes for cars. Vehicles are meant to be driven. 

If you let a car idle for how many years, it will cost you more money for repair and maintenance. If you drive your car again after it has been sitting on a lot for two years, you need to change the overall of the car. 

You need to change the fluids; you need to check for the engine, the battery, and so many more. So to avoid having to worry about it, it is best not to let your car sit on your lot for two years or more. Have the time to drive it around once in a while.

Is It Bad For a New Car to Sit For 2 Years?

Leaving your car unattended and letting it sit for two years is a risky move. As mentioned, cars are meant to be driven, and not let them sit on a lot for two years. If a car will sit for two years, it is indeed alarming and can have harmful effects on your car. 

If your car is unused and has not been driven for years, the engine fluids in your car will soon start to break down. The parts in your engine or your car will not be well lubricated enough to prevent them from getting damaged. 

There is also always the possibility of an animal or pest living in your car or your car’s engine and chewing on some wires. If your wires are damaged, that is a lot of problems to deal with. We’re not just talking about engines here; we are talking about the physical situation of a car. 

We have to consider tires. Tires can get damaged because of a lack of activity. If a car sits somewhere with no activity for two years, your car tires will turn flat. 

The air in your tires will soon deflate. This can happen more in cold weather. So, as a result, you will have a flat tire even without driving the car. 

Your car tires will turn flat because your car tires are carrying all the car’s weight. We are also talking about the gas tank. 

If a car idles for two years, moisture will pile up and accumulate in the gas tank. Over time, this will cause corrosion and damage.

How Long Will a Car Dealership Hold a Car?

The answer is that it depends. No one can know. Some people would still see a car, and it has been sitting in a car dealership for a month or more. 

But generally, if a car will sit on a car dealership for three months, they would consider that as an old inventory already. However, it does not automatically mean that these cars will get dispatched or kicked out of the car dealership. 

It can also mean that these cars will just be priced lower than their original price. If a car reaches three months in a car dealership, it will lower the price of the car. However, this is not true for all cars. 

Some cars will sit in a car dealership for a month or more, but the price will stay the same. So there is still something to do with the type and brand of the car. 

If the vehicle will reach ninety days in the car dealership and no one is buying the car, or no one is even showing interest in buying the car, they would reduce the price and have some auctions. If the cars reach beyond ninety days, these cars will sell off on an auction. 

Again, this is not the same for every car. Some would even take their chances and still give another month or so, hoping that the car will catch someone’s interest and soon be bought.

cars sitting in dealership

How Long Is Too Long for a Car to Sit At a Dealership?

If the car reaches three months sitting at a car dealership, this car will already be considered an old inventory. If we follow the rules and policy of the car dealership, they will start to lower the price of a car if it is unsold for three months. 

So we can say that three months is already long for a car to sit in a dealership. If the car reaches three months sitting in a dealership, these cars will get repriced to a lower one, and some would even be immediately sent off to an auction. 

Three months is too long already for a car to sit at a dealership. Some would even have their bets and wait for these cars to be bought by some. So if you’re planning to buy a car, look for the time of the car spent idle. 

If you are picky and meticulous with the time spent by the car on idle, you may have to ask about the vehicle’s background and how long it was sitting there in the car dealership.

How Much Off MSRP for a 2 Year Old New Car?

There is no definite answer to this. There are many things to consider. The price will depend on the car model and the car brand.

Of course, the dealership or anyone who is selling the car will also play a huge role. Some people have bought their car with 30% off. Some people also have their 20% off. 

So we can conclude that the price is not the same for all. There are a lot of factors that can affect the decision of the price off.


In summary, buying a two-year-old new car has its downfalls. It will help if you consider these things before buying the car. 

Inactivity can cause damage to a vehicle. And you might have to spend more money than you already did on changing and repairing the car.



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