New Car Sitting On Lot for a Year – Should You Be Worried?

Have you ever seen a new car that has been sitting on the lot for a year? Does this dormancy have harmful results to the vehicle? We will find more about that.

So should you be worried if a new car is sitting on the lot for a year? The answer can be yes and no. Some cars are still good for a year and have no damages, but some cars get damaged within a year.

This is why it is essential to always check the car before buying it. If you let a car sit on the lot for a year, there will be many issues that you have to fix before you can drive again. Even if it is a new car, it is not a guarantee that you will have no issues with the car and with the car’s engine. 

You can still get many issues if you let a car be idle for a year. So if you want to learn about a new car sitting on a lot for a year, keep reading because this article is for you. Let us get started.

New Car Sitting On Lot for a Year

Should I Buy a New Car That Has Been Sitting For a Year?

You can still get a new car that has been sitting for a year. But some things are at risk with a car that has no activity for one year. 

You must know that the average of keeping a vehicle in the lot is around seventy-one days. But this is an ideal time frame. Some cars would for three months of idling in the lot of a car dealership. 

If a car reaches three months, the car will get marked down or get auctioned. Some cars will also be transferred to another dealer. The point of action is to sell the car as fast as possible. 

If a car sits for about a year, many things can go wrong for one year. The fluids in your will surely need changing. You might need to change the fluids in your engine to maintain their lubrication. 

Your car’s engine needs lubrication, and these fluids will not be able to do their job anymore if they are getting old and dirty because of inactivity for one year.

Is It Bad For a New Car to Sit For a Year?

The first thing you must know is that you must never keep your car dormant for a year. Cars are made to be driven around and driven a lot. You must not buy a new car and let it sit for a year without starting or driving it up. 

If you let your car sit for about a year, the car and the car’s engine will get damaged. Some of the parts of your car will break down and give you some issues in the future. You do not want that to happen. 

Your tires can get flat with the dormancy. The air in your car’s tires will deflate, and soon you will have a flat tire. Your battery can get drained. 

This is an important thing to check. Inactivity will drain your battery. Sooner, you will replace this battery, and you will pay more than what is necessary. 

Your gaskets and seals can also wear off. These are important because these prohibit leaks in your car. If these are broken, there will be leaks all over your car, and you will have to consult an auto mechanic to fix that.

What Happens If You Let a Car Sit For a Year?

Leaving your car to sit for about a year has its downfalls. There are a lot of consequences that you might have to face if you let a car sit for a year. Here are some of them.

1. You Will Have A Dead Battery

A car that has been sitting for a year will take a difficult time in starting the engine. The battery probably causes this. 

The battery is charged once you turn the engine on. If you let it sit, the engine will not be turned on, and the battery will get drained.

2. You Will Have A Deflated Tires

Your tires are the one who carries the total weight of your car. Driving your car helps your tires maintain their condition. If your can has been on idle for a year, this will cause the air in your tire to deflate, leaving it to get flat.

3. You Will Have A Moisture Accumulation

Due to the stationary condition, there will be accumulation and build-up of moisture in your car’s engine or your car’s gas tank. This will affect the performance of the fluids. You will need to change these fluids before starting and driving the car.

These are some of the damages you might experience if you let a car idle for a year. There are still issues with the faded paints. Leaving your car stationary can cause the paint to peel off. 

There is also the breakdown of the fuel pump. There is also the breakdown of gas tanks. You will need to replace all this because you need to get your car back in its normal, best condition. 

You will also need to check for the brakes and rotors. They can get rust within a year. You also need to check for possible chewed electrical wires due to some animals.

cars sitting in a lot for year

How Much off MSRP for a One Year Old New Car?

The price will depend on a lot of things. You have to consider the brand of the car. You also have to consider the car model of the car. 

Of course, the dealer will also play a huge role. Some people will get 30% off; some people will get 20% off. 

There is no single answer to this. You might have to check with your dealer and on the background of the car.


In summary, it is not healthy to let your car sit for a year. It is not healthy for a new car to sit for about a year. 

Dormancy can cause a lot of damages to your car. It is essential to check the car first before starting it. But the best advice would be not to let your car sit for a year.



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