Can You Mix 0w20 and 5w20 Oil? (Explained!)

People are asking whether you can mix 0w20 oil to 5w20 oil. They want to know if you can mix them and what would happen if you mix both of these oils. If you want to know more, this article is for you, so keep reading.

So can you mix 0w20 oil to 5w20 oil? The answer is yes; you can mix both of them. But it does not mean that you should.

The 0w20 oil and the 5w20 oil both have low viscosity and high-quality synthetic oil. So with that, they can improve your fuel economy. But the question is, can you mix both of them? 

This is a question that many car drivers want to know. They want to know if it is safe to mix 0w20 oil with 5w20 oil and any severe damage to their vehicle. Your vehicle’s engine will have optimum performance and efficiency if you use a complete synthetic oil formulation. 

Before we start looking into the mixing of 0w20 oil to 5w20 oil, let us first compare both of them together. The numbers on these oils are referring to their weight and viscosity or their thickness. The letter w means that both of the varieties are good for cold temperatures. 

The number before the letter refers to the thickness of the oil at a cold temperature. The number that is after the letter means the thickness at operating temperature. If the motor oil is heated, then the oil will become thinner. 

In cold temperatures, they will also become thicker. So now, let us dig deep into the effects of mixing 0w20 oil with 5w20 oil. Let us get started.

Can You Mix 0w20 and 5w20 Oil

Can I Mix 0w20 and 5w20 Oil?

Yes, you can mix 0w20 oil with 5w20 oil. However, it doesn’t mean that you should. For starters, oils are not made to be mixed. 

But some car owners would say that you should not mix 0w20 oil to 5w20 oil if your vehicle is still under warranty. There are some rare cases where you have to mix them because you do not have any choice. You have to remember that if your vehicle is still under warranty, you must not mix both of these oils because your car’s warranty might be voided. 

If you are already out of your vehicle’s warranty, then there is nothing that you might have to worry about. Also, if your oil is warm, then both of them will weigh around twenty weight. Thus, they will behave identically. 

In your owner’s manual, they might say that you should not mix two oils, but this statement is just a recommendation and not a rule. So if you want to mix 0w20 oil to 5w20 oil, you can mix both of them.

Can You Add 0w20 to 5w20 Oil?

The rule of thumb is that you do not add 0w20 oil to 5w20 oil if the latter is still a lot. However, if you have already drained your oil, then you can add the other oil. When you are topping your oil, the two oils will not be mixed well. 

They will stay on their side, and they will not blend. However, they will still do the job of lubricating your engine.

Can You Add 5w20 to 0w20 Oil?

Yes, you can also add 0w20 to your 5w20. However, if you can avoid doing so, then you must. If you find yourself in places or a situation where you have no choice, you will have to add and top it up.

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Is It Ok To Mix 0w20 and 5w20 – Possible Downsides?

Well, you will have two answers to this. Some people will say that it is not okay, and some will say it is okay. So you might have to pick one answer and follow it. 

Your vehicle is designed to run on the motor oil that your manufacturers recommend. So if you mix 0w20 oil to 5w20 oil, you will have no significant issues from the mixing. There is also no engine failure. 

The possible downsides that you will face are your vehicle’s warranty. Your vehicle’s warranty can be voided if you will mix 0w20 oil to 5w20 oil.

What Happens if You Mix 0w20 and 5w20 Oil?

Those 0 weight oils are synthetic. The 5w20 oil is slightly synthetic, or you can call it regular. 

If you mix 0w20 oil with 5w20 oil, there are no severe effects and significant problems that it can create on your vehicle. But some people say that you will not reap all the benefits of one oil if you mix two of them.


In summary, mixing oils is not recommended, and it is not advised for people to do. However, many people have already been doing the mixing, and they say that there are no problems they have encountered. 

Mixing 0w20 oil to 5w20 oil will not damage your vehicle, but it does not provide any good results. So you might as well avoid mixing them.



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