Can You Mix 0w30 and 5w30 Oil? (Explained!)

Motor oil is vital for your vehicle but is it okay for a 0w30 mixed with 5w30? If you wish to know the answer to this, keep reading.

So can you mix 0w3o and 5w30? The answer is yes, you can mix them, but it does not mean that you should mix them. Just follow what your owner’s manual tells you to.

The motor oil is used for the vehicle for lubricant. Motor oil is known as a lubricant, and it will remove and decrease wear and friction caused by the internal moving parts of every automobile. In every automobile, there are many moving parts, and these parts and components are gliding with each other; that is why automobiles need a lot of lubrication. 

This is where motor oil is needed. For your vehicle, there is motor oil that is recommended. With that, you must follow this recommendation but still, people are asking whether they can mix one motor oil with another.

This article will discuss whether it is okay to mix 0w3o and 5w30 and the possible results. Let us get started.

Can You Mix 0w30 and 5w30 Oil

Can I Mix 0w30 and 5w30 Oil?

To answer, let us first know and define both oils. The 0w30 is a special kind of motor oil. This motor oil is low in viscosity. 

It can be used as a replacement for 5w30 or 10w30. In addition, this motor oil is fully synthetic. Therefore, it can improve your fuel economy. 

This is because of its low friction properties. The 0w30 has thermal and oxidation stability. It has a low-temperature requirement and a balanced component. 

This is what makes this motor oil so good that it improves your fuel economy. On the other hand, the 5w30 is a motor oil with a higher viscosity than the 0w30. This motor oil is used commonly in different types of vehicles. 

These vehicles can be trucks, SUVs, and others. So for the question, the answer is yes. You can mix 0w3o and 5w30 oil, but it is not recommended. It is not advised for car drivers to do so. 

But recommendation and prohibition are different. Recommendations do not have restrictions. It is only recommended that you not mix 0w3o and 5w30 oil, but you can always do it. 

So this question has two answers, and you would be surprised by the number of answers the public has on either side: yes and no. Many people would say that you can mix the two of them, but many people would say not to do it. 

It isn’t apparent, but you have to pick one and live with it. Two answers will not provide you any severe damages to your vehicle.

Can You Add 0w30 to 5w30 Oil?

Yes, you can, but again, you should not do it if you can avoid it. It does not mean that doing so will have bad results. It is just that it is not recommended, and it is not the rule of thumb. 

The rule of thumb is to focus on just one motor oil at a time. There are some cases, though, where you have no choice but to add a different oil. For example, you may be having a low oil level, and there is not available oil in the area that is the same as what it is in your vehicle at the moment. 

If that is the case, then you have to top your oil with a  different oil. There are no significant bad results, and you can always do an oil change after your trip. So yes, you can add 0w30 to your 5w30 oil, and you and your vehicle can be fine.

Can You Add 5w30 to 0w30 Oil?           

Yes, you can add 5w30 to your 0w30. Your vehicle will be fine. However, you might be caught in a situation that you have no choice over. You can add it up, and if it bothers you, you can always do an oil change after your trip. 

Often during trips, you might run low with oil, and you need to top it up, but the only thing available in the area is 5w30 instead of 0w30. So you can add it up. There is no problem doing it.

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Is It Ok To Mix 0w30 and 5w30 – Possible Downsides?

Yes, you can mix 0w3o and 5w30 oil. You should be just fine. Many car drivers have already been doing a mixture of two different motor oil. They have reported no danger and no significant negative casualties. 

So if you mix 0w3o and 5w30 oil, you and your vehicle should be just fine. The weights of both motor oil are nearly identical. The downside that can happen is just the warranty of your vehicle. 

If you are still under warranty, you should not mix 0w3o and 5w30 oil. This is because your vehicle’s warranty can be voided, and you do not want that. However, if you are out of your warranty, there seems to be no problem.

What Happens if You Mix 0w30 and 5w30 Oil?

If you mix 0w3o and 5w30 oil, there are no significant and severe problems. If you mix these motor oils, they will still separate, and they will not blend, but they will still do their job of lubricating your engine very well.


In summary, mixing two different oils is not recommended in the first place. But car drivers are mixing 0w3o and 5w30 oil, and they have not reported any significant damage on their vehicle and even minimal damages. 

So mixing 0w3o and 5w30 oil has no bad results for your engine. It is just that mixing two oils is not recommended.



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