Car Blowing White Smoke But Not Overheating (What To Do?)

If your vehicle starts smoking while driving, you can get panicked and think of all the things that can be wrong with your vehicle. However, you are noticing that your engine is not overheating. Many car drivers want to know why their vehicle is billowing white smoke, but their engine is not overheating. 

Many drivers do not know the exact reason for this and what they should do if this happens to their vehicle and if it is already happening to them. That is why we have this article for you. If your engine is smoking or you notice that there is white smoke under the hood, it can cause many problems. 

These problems include car burning oil, inoperative cooling systems, damaged valves, damaged pistons, damaged wiring, or leaking head gasket. If there’s white smoke going out of your vehicle, you might want to exercise caution, and you have to drive as little as possible. With that, we have made this article for you. 

This article will be talking about cars blowing white smoke, but it is not overheating. All you need to know is in this article. You will know everything there is about white smoke from vehicles. So let us get started.

Car Blowing White Smoke But Not Overheating

What Causes White Smoke From Exhaust But Not Overheating?

There are plenty of possible reasons why your vehicle is billowing white smoke from its exhaust, but it is not overheating. To diagnose the issue, you can start by just locating and finding where the smoke is coming from. The smoke can come anywhere. 

To diagnose the issue, it can mean that your engine is smoking or strange smoke is coming from your exhaust as you are driving around. After that, you can also use the smell of the smoke and the color of the smoke to determine its cause. These can be the causes of white smoke from your exhaust.

1. Oil Spillage And Leakage

If the oil spills on the engine, it can burn and send up smoke without overheating. The smoke can be gray or blue. 

2. Leaking Coolant

If there is white smoke under the hood, it can mean a burning coolant has come into contact with the hot components underneath the hood of your vehicle. The smoke will also smell sweet.

3. Damaged Electrical Wiring

If the white smoke under the hood smells pungent, this can mean burning electrical wiring. This does not happen always, but you can quickly notice it if it will.

What Do I Do If My Car Starts Smoking But Not Overheating?

If there is smoke coming out of the vehicle, you must not drive. You have to pull over to the side of the road as fast and as soon as you can. After parking, shut the engine off. 

If there is low oil pressure, check if you can add some fuel to the vehicle and restart the engine. Otherwise, you might have to go to a service center as soon as you can. 

You can have your vehicle towed if you are uncomfortable and do not feel safe driving it. A certified technician can figure out the problem and get the problem fixed for you. 

Does White Smoke Always Mean Blown Head Gasket?

Excessive white smoke is usually caused by a gasket blown in a cylinder head or a cracked head. It can also mean that there’s a problem with the engine block. An oil gasket or a cracked fluid can cause a trip with no proper gasket.


In summary, car drivers do not know why their vehicles billow white smoke out of their exhaust. What also confuses them more is their engine is not overheating. 

There are plenty of reasons why this happened. Just find the sole problem and have the issue fixed.



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