White Smoke When Accelerating Hard: Why And What To Do?

If you own a vehicle, you would never want your vehicle to blow a strange and inappropriate amount of smoke. This is something that you would never want to happen. It does not matter what the color of the smoke is; the presence of smoke alone is not good. 

If you are having a thick smoke coming out of your exhaust system while accelerating, it can mean that there is an irregularity and that something can be wrong. But car drivers ask how serious is white smoke is. In most cases, especially on cold days or winter days, if there is a little white smoke coming out of your exhaust system, it can be a regular thing, and you might not need to worry and cause you any concern at all. 

But other factors can be a reason to worry. White smoke from your exhaust while accelerating is an alarming indicator. The rule of thumb is that the more dense the white smoke you see, the worse the situation can be. 

The issue must be managed and repaired as soon as possible because if you try to ignore this, this can be a problem. So if you want to learn about white smoke from your exhaust while accelerating hard, this article is meant for you. Let us start!

White Smoke When Accelerating Hard

Why Does My Car Throw White Smoke When I Accelerate?

There are many causes why your vehicle would billow smoke while accelerating, but some of these reasons are just mild, and you can resolve it quickly, and you will not experience any problems. However, there are also some cases where the white smoke from your exhaust causes a significant problem and can lead to a severe issue that you need to fix.

1. There Might Be Oil Leaking

If the engine oil leaks out of your valve seals or your piston rings, this can mix with the fuel in the internal combustion chamber. If the oil and the fuel are combined, the smoke will start to go out from the exhaust. Your exhaust will likely blow out a bluish hue of smoke, but the smoke is white in most cases. 

You must repair this leak as soon as you can. If the components of your engine will not be adequately lubricated with oil, these components will start to wear down, and they can get damaged. 

2. There Might Be A Cracked Cylinder Head

If your vehicle has a cracked cylinder head, the coolant will seep into it. It does not have to be a large crack. Even if the crack is tiny, it already takes a small amount of coolant, and it will seep out and mix in with the oil. 

If this issue occurs, the engine oil will then become contaminated. White smoke from your exhaust pipe is the first indicator that your oil is contaminated. 

3. There Might Be Condensation Burn Off

If there is white smoke, it can just be because of the accumulation of condensation. Usually, this white smoke will come out on cold days. If you start the engine, smoke will appear. 

But after about thirty seconds to a minute, it will also disappear. But if the smoke will not go away and is present if you are accelerating, it might mean a different issue.

4. There Might Be An Internal Coolant Leak

If your engine is warmed up and there is white smoke from your exhaust if you are accelerating, then this can mean that a coolant is leaking from one of the piping or engine of your vehicle. If the coolant leaks, the engine will not cool itself properly, and it will not supply enough lubrication on the moving parts of the components. This will then result in overheating. 

The cause for this is that there is damage to the internal engine components. Even if there is a fracture and it is insignificant and tiny, it will allow the coolant to seep out and then pollute the majority of your engine. 

As a result, there is white smoke from the exhaust. Also, if there is a coolant seeping from your vehicle and the coolant reservoir is low, your engine will overheat.

5. There Might Be An Error In The Engine Control Unit Or Ecu

If your vehicle has a malfunctioning engine control unit or ECU, the timing of the fuel injectors will be thrown off. As a result, it’ll cause white smoke to go out of your exhaust. 

With that, you might need to repair the engine control unit to adjust the fuel injector timing. You can resolve the problem by unplugging your vehicle’s battery for a few minutes.

6. There Might Be Failing Fuel Injectors

A malfunctioning fuel injector is jammed open or has an o ring leak that will supply too much fuel in the vehicle’s combustion chamber. Too much fuel cannot be burned correctly in the engine, but it will escape through the exhaust.

7. There Is Transmission Fluid

If you detect white smoke from the exhaust while accelerating, this can mean that your vehicle’s engine is absorbing too much transmission fluid from the line or vacuum hose. This will result in burning oil and a burnt smell.

8. There Might Be A Cracked Engine Block

A cracked engine block is the worst-case scenario. These are the kinds of issues that are the most expensive. You will understand this if the issue.  

How To Fix White Smoke When Accelerating Hard?

If your vehicle is working correctly, there might be a little smoke coming from the exhaust. The emission control system of your vehicle is made to handle exhaust emissions. If your vehicle is blowing white smoke from the exhaust while accelerating, there might be an issue with this. 

Suppose you are not familiar with the components of your vehicle. In that case, you are recommended to take your vehicle to a certified auto repair shop or have a mechanic repair it. So it would help if you examined the engine block. 

Check and examine your engine block for cracks. There are three methods in repairing cracked engine blocks. You might use a cold metal patching to cover the crack, cold metal stitching, or rewelding the crack.

Can You Drive A Car With White Smoke?

You must not continue to run your vehicle. If your vehicle has a cracked or a failing gasket, this can lead to more contamination or overheating. 

You can check the coolant level. If it is low and has no leak, you might have a head gasket leak or crack. 


In summary, car drivers have noticed that there is white smoke if accelerating. They will start to panic and then get worried if they see white smoke. 

There are plenty of reasons why there is white smoke. You have to know the reason so that you will know why there is white smoke from your exhaust.



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