Chevy Cobalt Battery Location: All You Need to Know (Read Now)

If you’re familiar with cars, you also know that you will likely find a car battery inside the engine bay. However, if you have a Chevy Cobalt, it won’t be the case. Thus, if you’re also wondering, you may wonder about it.

The Chevy Cobalt Battery Location is different from other cars you see around. Instead of the specific location in the engine bay, the Chevy Cobalt’s battery is in the trunk, under the carpet. Thus, if you want to check or change your car battery, the work will be on your trunk.

Due to the different battery locations, you’ll go to the opposite side of your car if you need to deal with the battery. Thus, if you own this car, you’ll need to open your trunk, pull out your carpet, and then you’ll reach the battery which is in front of your spare tire. With such an odd car battery location, you may wish to know about it a little more.

In this article, we’ll answer some of the most asked questions related to this matter. Thus, you’ll understand a bit more about why the Chevy Cobalt battery location is different and how you can deal with it if you own such a car.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Chevy Cobalt Battery Location

Where Is the Battery Located on a Chevy Cobalt?

As I mentioned earlier, the battery of a Chevy Cobalt is located in the trunk instead of the hood. Thus, it’s quite the opposite of typical cars, where you can find the battery under the hood amidst the engine bay.

With such a unique location, you’ll need to deal with the battery unusually, unlike the cars with batteries located under the hood.

For instance, you’ll have to open the trunk and pull out the carpet to reach the battery. The car’s battery is located beside the spare tire. You don’t need to take out the spare tire to get it, though, so you won’t have to lift the tire if you don’t need to.

Such a battery location can be inconvenient, especially if they experience a dead battery and need jumpstarting.

Thus, some users get an auxiliary battery and place it in the hood to jumpstart their car if necessary. However, the main battery will still be under the hood.

Due to such uniqueness, you may wonder why the company designed their Cobalt in such a different way.

Why Is the Chevy Cobalt Battery in the Trunk?

Two of the most common reasons a Chevy Cobalt and other car models have batteries in the trunk are weight and temperature.

Even weight distribution

The weight becomes a factor since it helps even out the distribution in a car. Since most of the engine parts work under the hood, the heavy side would be that part. As a result, it leaves the back part lighter, creating an imbalance in the weight distribution.

Thus, by having the battery in the trunk, you can add a little weight at the back while lessening a tiny load at the front.


Another thing is temperature. Batteries would work well in cooler temperatures and may not work their best under extreme heat.

Thus, a Chevy Cobalt and other similar models with batteries in the trunk would solve the problem. In addition, the batteries of such cars will work away from other engine parts that can heat up a lot.

Common issues of this battery location

Now, while the battery location solves two common issues, it brings quite a few more problems.

For instance, here are some common problems a Chevy Cobalt user may experience.

Lesser storage

The first problem for these kinds of models will be lesser storage space. For example, if you have a battery stored in the trunk, you also take away the space you can use for other small items. 

The problem would be pretty relative, and it will only bother people who maximize the use of the compartment.

Jumping difficulties

If you need to jumpstart your car due to a dead battery, you’ll need a separate jumper terminal under the hood. The reason is that the electric back doesn’t open if you need a jumpstart.

You can find a jumper terminal in your fuse container. However, you can take it away if your battery is located under the hood.

Emptying trunk loads

The last one would be emptying trunk loads. If you need to change or replace your battery and your trunk contains many loads, you’ll need to remove almost everything if you want to reach your battery. It can be a hassle, especially during a trip or travel. 

The only way to deal with such without emptying your trunk will be if you’re taking an open circuit voltage diagnosis.

Can You Jump a Chevy Cobalt From Under the Hood?

Yes, you can jump a Chevy Cobalt from under the hood, but it will be a little different, unlike cars with batteries under the hood.

In a Chevy Cobalt, the battery is situated beside the spare tire beneath the carpet of your compartment. 

Thus, when jumpstarting your car, look underneath the hood for a designated post for the positive and negative wires where you can hook your jumping cables.

Also, you can get an auxiliary battery and place it in the hood so you can jumpstart your car if you need to do so. Of course, it will not replace your main battery, but it can come in handy, so you won’t need to reach out to your dead battery placed in the trunk.

Purchasing a new cell might cost anywhere from $120 to $250, depending on the manufacturer and wattage. 

Most products come with group measurements for a battery replacement that you may connect to your manufacturer’s suggested group size. On average, changing or installing a battery will take at least 20-30 minutes.

How Do You Open a Cobalt Trunk With a Dead Battery?

If you own a Chevy Cobalt and you got a dead battery, you’ll need to open the trunk to replace it. Here’s how you can open a cobalt trunk with a dead battery:

Open the small box located on your dashboard. It’s on the left of your steering wheel, a little right below your fog light switch. Inside the box, you’ll see a trunk release button. You can click it to open your trunk.

Now, if you want to reach your trunk from the backseat, you can also open one of the rear doors. As you do so, ensure that the rear seatbelts are not connected.

Push the trunk release switch mentioned earlier. Or, you can also push the keyless remote to open your trunk.

Afterward, find the two levers located at the back of the rear seats. Pull both levers to take out the seats so you can reach your trunk.


In a nutshell, the Chevy Cobalt battery location is quite different compared to typical models. Instead of having the battery under the hood, you’ll find its battery under the trunk. Such a design poses both positive and negative things.

As always, it would depend on your preference and how you see the battery placement. But, as long as you know how to deal with it, you won’t find it troublesome or a hassle.

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