How to Remove Wheel Bearing Without Press? (Explained!)

Wheel bearings are vital in your car’s work performance. Now, the great thing is that if you want to remove the wheel bearing, you can do it at home, but you’ll need some mechanical tools such as a press. Thus, without such a tool, you may wonder if you can still remove it. So, you may ask:

How to remove wheel bearing without a press? If you want to remove the wheel bearing, you can do so without a press. You’ll need some tools you can find in your garage. A hammer, hand gloves, punch, safety goggles, a heating tool, and a woodblock are among these. You’ll need to do some specific steps, which we’ll discuss along the way.

Since the wheel bearing plays a crucial part in your hub, tires, and wheels, you’ll find it a better option to invest in tools to remove and reinstall it. However, if it’s urgent and you can’t find the tools at hand, it’s still a possible feat to pull off.

In this article, you’ll see a step-by-step guide on removing wheel bearing without a press. Also, you will see answers to some of the questions related to it. This way, you can prepare for it and know what to do if you ever need to remove your wheel bearings.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

How to Remove Wheel Bearing Without Press

Can You Remove Wheel Bearing Without Press?

Yes, you can remove the wheel bearing without a press, and it’s something you can do even at your garage.

The best way to deal with such is through using specific tools such as a bearing press. It helps you remove the wheel bearing quickly and efficiently.

Now, the problem is that the bearing press isn’t usually available in typical garages. Thus, while you can invest in this tool, you’ll want to do something about your bearing immediately, and it’s possible.

In general, it can take around 15-45 minutes to remove and replace bearings. It will still take an extra 10 minutes for hand washing and cleaning of the area. Thus, in total, you may have to spend an hour or so, especially if you’re not familiar with doing this kind of repair.

Also, if you don’t have a press and don’t know how to do it, you may spend more than an hour removing and even replacing the wheel bearing.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Remove Wheel Bearing Without Press

If you want to pursue removing the wheel bearing without a press, you can follow this step-by-step guide to assist you along your way. Here, you’ll see guides on how to remove and how to insert these bearings.

Removing the bearing

Get the tools you need.

To begin, gather the tools you will need. It would be best to ready your hammer, hand gloves, safety goggles, a heating tool, a punch, and a piece of plank to insert between the hub and the surface you’ll strike later on.

Remove the wheel and take out the seals and bearings.

With simple tools, you can remove the seals and bearings after taking the disc from the center. In the meantime, keep the seals intact.

Heat the hub. 

After removing those bearings, you’ll need to remove the inner bearing bearings, which is the more difficult portion. 

To do so, warm the hub with a torch or any heating tool you have. Do so until the bearing lubricant begins to leak out, then use the punch to pound the bearings out. 

Hammer each side and finish it with the other bearings.

To achieve this, you will carve grooves out of the hub, and you’ll pound one edge, then the other, until it falls. Then, proceed with the other bearings until you’ve completed everything.

Clean up your hub.

Finally, tidy up the hub, keeping in mind that it’s still hot! Otherwise, the oil, filth, and dust will get into the replacement bearings. While it’s still pristine, look for cracks.

Inserting the bearing

Cut the old bearings.

When you put the new bearings in, you’ll need to slice the old ones across with a rotating cutter, saw, grinder, or similar.

Freeze the new ones.

Place the new bearings in the fridge for a few minutes to shrink them. After that, you’ll want it to stay in the freezer for around 30 minutes or more for a proper contraction to happen.

Reheat the hub.

Reheat the hub once again, causing it to grow. You can take one cold bearing out of the fridge and put it into the slot as fast as possible. If you get lucky, the hub’s contraction and the ring’s compression mix will allow the ring to fall downward immediately.

Use the old bearings as you hammer the new ones.

You can use the hammer and strike straight on the new bearings. Some people say they did it without harming the bearings, but this method entails quite a high risk.

Instead, place the old bearing on a new one and pound it; the replacement will distribute the force and avoid damage.

Together with the new bearing, the gap through it will protect it from becoming stuck. Work your way around it, pounding it in place as you go.

Because the old bearing has a propensity of popping out, this approach can be inconvenient and time-consuming. So instead, proceed for the opposite side, reheating the hub if necessary.

Put the seal on the bearings.

After you’ve installed the bearings and oiled them, you’ll need to install the seals. In most cases, these are synthetic, and you can pound them in with a rubber hammer. Still, it’s a wise option to use the old seals to preserve the new ones.

What Tool Do I Need to Remove a Wheel Bearing?

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you’ll need the following tools to remove a wheel bearing without using a press.


Since you don’t have a press, you’ll need a hammer to pound on the wheel bearing. This way, you can remove it. However, you’ll need to be careful as you can damage the bearing along the process.

Punch Tool

The punch is a tiny metal rod with a sharp tip. You’ll need it together with the hammer to remove the bearing. 

Hand gloves

You’ll also need hand gloves to ensure your hand can have a good grip on the bearings to void sliding.

Safety glasses

Since you’ll be heating with a torch or any equipment, you may want to use some goggles for protection.

A heating tool such as a torch

You’ll need to heat the hub to remove the bearings. Thus, you’ll need any heating tool you can get, such as a torch.

A wood plank

You’ll need a piece of scrap wood for you to insert between the surface you’ll pound the hub. It will give an easier pounding, and it will be quicker.


In a nutshell, you can remove the wheel bearing even without a press, although it may take some time and effort to accomplish. However, since wheel bearings play a crucial role in your tire’s work, you would find it handy to invest in a press. 

However, if you need to remove the bearing urgently and you don’t have the press, you can still do so with a couple of tools you can find at home. By understanding this, you won’t have to worry about bearing removal and replacement since you’ll know what to do.

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