What Is the Difference Between BMW 320i vs 328i? (Explained)

This BMW 320i and 328i are luxurious sedans. These models are made for families and those who love to be with people, but are there any differences between them? Let us find out.

So what is the difference between the BMW 320i and 328i? Both the car models are excellent cars. There are just some differences with the engine, the technology, and the interior.

Due to the sophisticated technology offered by these two car models, you will access premium features. Speaking of a good engine, these two are made with a very powerful turbocharged engine. 

These engines will allow you to drive daily, whether a short drive or a long drive, and you will experience a sporty performance due to its engine. This BMW 320i and 328i also offer you excellent handling in many different conditions. 

This is because of the signature STEPTRONIC automatic transmission system. Both these cars can offer you the perfect vehicle suited for your needs and demands. But if you want to be more specific about it, we can look into each difference between the two. 

If you plan to buy a BMW and are stuck with these options, do not fret. We can help you with that. 

We will provide you the differences between the BMW 320i and 328i. So without further ado, here it is.

What Is the Difference Between BMW 320i vs 328i

What’s the Difference Between BMW 320i and 328i?

Though these two car models deliver an astounding performance for you, there are some differences between these two. If you are not picky with the differences between the two vehicles you are choosing on, it is still essential to know which car performs better than the other. 

There can be some features that one vehicle can provide and the other cannot. This list will help you with those differences. Here are some differences between BMW 320i and 328i.

1. Difference With The Engine

The BMW 320i is made with a 2.0 L TwinPower Turbo engine. This engine is very magnificent and can produce 180 horsepower. On the other hand, the BMW 328i is made with a 2.0 L turbo engine. 

This engine can deliver a high output of 240 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. Both engines are partnered with STEPTRONIC automatic transmission system.

2. Difference With The Technology

The BMW 320i has a HiFi sound system. This system has nine speakers. The two tweeters and digital amplifier are also included. 

These amplifiers can go as high as 205 watts! On the other hand, the BMW 328i has a Harman Kardon sound system. This sound system delivers perfect audio too.

3. Difference With The Interior

Both the BMW 320i and 328i have the luxurious signature of SensaTec upholstery. In the BMW BMW 320i, your chosen settings will be adjusted instantly with the climate control system. On the other hand, the BMW 328i can be changed with genuine and quality Dakota leather.

4. Difference With The Price

The BMW 320i is cheaper than the BMW 328i. The BMW 320i will cost you lower than $36,000. 

If you choose BMW 328i, it will cost you $6,000 more than the price of the BMW 320i. If you’re on a rough budget, you can choose the BMW 320i instead of the BMW 328i.

5. Difference With The Fuel Economy

If we talk about fuel economy, the BMW 320i is way ahead of the BMW 328i but only a tiny gap. Fuel economy is an essential aspect. Make sure to pick a vehicle with a good fuel economy.

6. Difference With The Power

The BMW 328i was reported to give a lot more power than the BMW 320i. This is an essential factor for those people who want to choose faster cars.

7. Difference With The Safety Features

The BMW 320i has adaptive brake lights. It is equipped with more safety features like a brake drying system and automatic headlight control. 

The BMW 328i also has unique safety features. This includes adaptive headlights and a spot detection system.

Which is better, BMW 320i or 328i?

The BMW 320i and 328i offer most features as the same. But if we will point out the differences, the BMW 320i gives a lower price. This car model also has excellent fuel economy. 

This is the go-to choice of people who want to stay on budget and still get a perfect vehicle that performs so much better. On the other hand, the BMW 328i gives a lot more power. 

This model also has an excellent interior. Each of the two has its features.

What BMW Should You Buy – 320i or 328i?

The two have each of their charms. One has a feature that the other lacks and vice versa. Still, both of these two have been selling like hotcakes. 

This shows that people are diverse, and they still prefer their own decisions to anyone else. Still, this will help you decide what to choose between. The BMW 328i has very sophisticated technology. 

This includes a GPS navigation system. It is even linked to a touchpad! 

This BMW 320i and 328i will offer you an excellent ride filled with entertainment. The choice is yours.


No two cars are alike with each other in all aspects. There are differences between the BMW 320i and 328i. Some people would ignore these differences and pick one. 

But in choosing a car, you need to think about it. It would be best if you considered the long haul. 

You need to think of the fuel economy, mileage, and other things responsible for keeping a car good for a long time.

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