What Is the Difference Between BMW 750i vs 750li? (Explained)

The BMW 7 series was released with triumph and pride. The BMW 750i and 750li is both a good car, but surely there must have been some differences between the two models? Let us find out.

So what is the difference between BMW 750i and 750li? Well, there is a difference with the size, the price, and some features. Let us dig deeper on that.

Both of these cars were made with luxury. The two cars were made with more safety gear for the protection of the driver and the passengers. The technology also that was given to it was amazing that it can get a little bit pricey. 

The modes have a gesture control. This gesture control will respond to your hand or finger movements. There are specific movements that could allow you to adjust your car’s volume, screen readout, and other functions. 

Isn’t that great? To add to that, there is also the new touchscreen and voice controller. There is the comfort mode; you will be wrapped with silence and smoothness on all kinds of road surfaces. 

These car models are also built with extreme comfort. You can go anywhere with ease and with relaxation. You can drive these cars and go with rough roads and challenging roads, and you will still feel that you are on top of it. 

That is how good the handling of these cars is. Without a doubt, both of these cars can offer you a perfect vehicle. But with the two car models being on top, there are still some differences you can take note of with these two. 

There are some differences with the size, and there are definitely some differences with the price. Some people are having a tough time choosing between the two. So with that, we will list some of the significant differences between BMW 750i and 750li. 

This way, you can make sure that you will choose the suitable model to buy and have no regrets. Here it is.

What Is the Difference Between BMW 750i vs 750li

What’s the Difference Between BMW 750i and 750li?

Though these two models offer outstanding performance, there are still some differences between the two. If you want to know some of the differences between the BMW 750i and 750li, keep reading. Listed below are some of those differences.

1. Weight Difference

The BMW 750i is lighter than the BMW 750li. When the vehicle is lighter, the vehicle can go on faster. This has been reported by some people who tried the two models. 

The BMW 750i goes faster because it has a lighter weight than the BMW 750li. So if you want to aim for the fastest between them, it would be best to pick the BMW 750i because it can get you faster than the BMW 750li.

2. Handling Difference

The BMW 750i can be handled more quickly than the BMW 750li. With the integral active steering system, you can turn in any direction with just a tiny turning circle. 

If you own a BMW 750i, you will experience the difference. So compared to the BMW 750li, the BMW 750i is more manageable and smooth to handle.

3. Space Difference

The space of the BMW 750i is way bigger than the BMW 750li. Reports said that the space at the backseat of the BMW 750i can fit bigger people and with still so much space.

4. Length Difference

The BMW 750li is longer than the BMW 750i. The BMW 750li is longer by 5″. With these, there will be more legroom in the rear seat. This BMW 750li will offer you more rear space. 

So this is perfect if you have children or you want to drive around with companions. It is also suitable for going away with friends or family. This BMW 750li has an additional 140mm between the axles. 

The BMW 750li has a longer wheelbase. This is why it can also allow more legroom in the rear seat.

5. Seat Difference

The BMW 750li has additional reclining seats in the rear area of the car. These reclining rear seats also have active seat ventilation. 

To add to that, there are also heating and massage functions. Indeed, you can drive anywhere with ease and comfort.

6. Speed Difference

The BMW 750i is faster than the BMW 750li. This report came from the fact that the BMW 750i weighs less than the BMW 750li.

7. Seat Feature Difference

The armrests are heated with the BMW 750li. If you want a more comfortable rear seat, choose the BMW 750li. 

The BMW 750li has rear recliners that also have a comfortable setting with the individual settings. The L in the BMW 750li signifies longer, so it has more space in the vehicle’s rear area.

What BMW Should You Buy – 750i or 750li?

The BMW 750i and 750li are pretty much the same if we will not go into the details. Well, if you prefer a more spacious vehicle in the rear area, you should go with the BMW 750li. This vehicle is longer and is more spacious. 

Basically speaking, if you want to travel alone and enjoy the luxury of being by yourself, you can try the BMW 750i. But if you are more into having companions, you should go with the BMW 750li.


In summary, both BMW 750i and 750li are good cars. These models can offer you an outstanding performance filled with comfort and ease. 

To choose between the two will vary. It will depend on what you need and prefer. Make sure to browse above so that you would know the differences between each.

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