Does Replacing The Engine Reset Mileage? (Explained!)

People ask if replacing their engine can reset the mileage. People wish to upgrade their vehicle, and with that, they keep asking if their mileage will reset if they change their engine so let us know about that. 

So does replacing the engine reset the mileage? The answer to this is not. The mileage will not change if you replace your engine. 

Cars need to be upgraded too, and many car drivers want to upgrade their vehicles. Drivers need to tune up their engine, and they keep on asking if replacing the engine can reset mileage. So with that, we have made this article for you. 

In this article, we will be talking about replacing the engine and resetting your mileage. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Does Replacing The Engine Reset Mileage

Does Replacing The Engine Reset Mileage?

Mileage exposes the age of the components of your vehicle. That is why your odometer needs to display the correct mileage. This is why mileage and odometer are critical and sensitive matters in the automotive industry. 

This is because a lower mileage means higher value. If you will install a new engine, it is a significant improvement. It can also increase the longevity of your vehicle. 

Car drivers would always want to boost their vehicle’s performance, so they end up upgrading their vehicle. So if you replace your engine, you will not reset the mileage. 

But doing so can solve your issue with fuel efficiency. So for those who ask if their engine will reset after replacing their engine, the answer is no. 

Can You Reset Mileage When Replacing An Engine?

Car drivers have always wanted to upgrade their engines. Having that new engine brings significant changes to your engine. But the tune-up is accompanied by a question asking whether the mileage will be reset after replacing their engine. 

The odometer of a vehicle will not reset with a new engine. The odometer is a record of all the components of a vehicle. 

This is not just the engine. So for those asking if you can reset mileage if you replace an engine. 

Does An Engine Rebuild Reset Mileage?

If you change your engine, the odometer will not reset. This is because it does not reflect the engine’s performance and how good the engine is, but of how good the components are for your vehicle. But it is illegal to reset your odometer or mileage because the odometer reflects the ages of other parts of your vehicle. 

So if you swap or change your engine, you do not need to reset your odometer. Because this only measures the engine and not the other parts of your vehicle. This will not reflect the extent of the age of your vehicle if the odometer is reset because it does not reflect the full extent. 

Is It Legal To Reset Mileage And Odometer?

If you sell your vehicle, the odometer must perform an accurate number. If the mileage is low, this will increase the vehicle’s value. And so many car owners are tempted to dial back the odometer before selling their vehicle. 

With that, this is considered illegal. This is according to Federal statute 49. It says that a person cannot disconnect, alter, or reset the odometer. 

The person must not reset the odometer intending to change the mileage. A person also must not defraud or operate a motor vehicle on the street if they fully know that the odometer is disconnected or not operating. If you commit odometer fraud, it is considered a crime. 

So what will happen if the law finds out that you have committed odometer fraud? If you commit this crime, you will have to pay one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500) or treble damages. This is on top of the fees of the attorney. 

This is a significant and severe offense. However, you can replace your odometer at home. 

It is legal to replace your odometer by yourself. You have to ensure that your odometer puts up the right and correct mileage. 


In summary, car drivers have wanted to upgrade their vehicles. They wanted to upgrade their engines. 

But car drivers would want to know if upgrading or getting a new engine can reset their mileage. The answer is no. You have to ensure that your odometer displays the correct mileage.

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