How Long Does It Take For Engine To Cool Down? (Explained!)

Heat is inevitable for almost all automobiles. This is because of the internal combustion engine or the ICE, and it powers most of the vehicles, and a lot of car drivers were asking how long does it take for an engine to cool down so let us learn about it.

So how long does it take for the engine to cool down? In a normal situation, it would take a minimum of thirty minutes for an overheated engine to cool down. 

In an internal combustion engine or ICE, the fuel will burn to create more power. This process will then release heat, and we are talking about a lot of heat. If it is not managed correctly, the heat can cause problems with the longevity of your engine. 

So it is essential to know how long it takes for your engine to cool down. With that, this article discusses the time that it would take to cool down an engine. Let us get started.

How Long Does It Take For Engine To Cool Down

How Long Does It Take For An Engine To Cool Down?

In a normal situation, it would take a minimum of thirty minutes to cool down an overheated engine to cool down into a temperature that would be safe to inspect and then work on. The first part of the cooling process contains a boiling radiator, engine coolant, and engine. You must wait until the engine cools down to perform the inspection because if you do not, you can get burned. 

If your engine is turned off and the car is not moving, the heat reduction will be proportional to the temperature difference surrounding the environment and the engine. Suppose the engine cools down to an air temperature that surrounds it. 

In that case, the amount of convection cooling can diminish it significantly, and it would take plenty of hours for the engine to cool down the ambient temperature. 

The engines with aluminum blocks will cool much faster than those with cast-iron blocks. But aluminum blocks and heads are also more prone to heat damage than those made with iron. If you want to speed initial cooling, you can open the hood to increase air circulation within the engine bay. 

How To Cool Down A Car Engine Quickly?

If your engine is overheating, you can turn off the air conditioner. If you run your air conditioner, you can put more workload on your engine. Turn on the heater. 

The heater will blow some excess heat into your vehicle from the engine. This might not be ideal on a hot day, but it can cool the engine down. Next, put your car in neutral. 

After that, rev your engine. This will make the fa and the water pump work faster. With that, it will pull more air and more water through your vehicle’s radiator. 

This increased circulation can cool down the engine. Next, you need to pull over and then open the hood. This will release the heat and let the air circulate into the hot engine. 

While you open your hood, you need to be careful; hot steam can come out. Also, do not attempt to remove your radiator cap if your engine is hot. This can cause significant burns all over your body if the hot coolant sprays forth under pressure. 

Can I Pour Water On My Engine To Cool It Down?

If you leak, you have to open your radiator cap very carefully. You need to place a cloth all over your radiator cap so that you can protect your hand. Tilt the cap away. 

Refill your cooled radiator using a spare coolant or water. Don’t pour cold water into a boiling radiator. This can cause your engine block to crack because of the sudden change in the temperature. 

If you need to add water, make sure the engine is warm and then pour slowly while running in neutral or in the park. Most vehicles require a 50/50 mix of coolant with water to prevent overheating so that you’ll not be able to drive indefinitely with just water. 

How Can I Cool My Car Down Without AC?

If it is hot outside, the inside of your vehicle is even hotter, especially if you are not using air conditioning. But there are still ways to cool it down, like improving the airflow in your vehicle. There are also different travel routes so that you can beat the heat.

Why Does My Car Take So Long To Cool Down?

If your vehicle’s air conditioner is not cooling you, you might have to take your vehicle for a professional. For example, you might have a weak compressor. 

It can build up slowly with the pressure, or it might require a higher rpm to produce normal pressure. Also, the outside air flap might not be closing. 


In summary, vehicles have internal combustion engines. Many car drivers are curious to find out how long it takes for an engine to cool down. 

Car drivers must know how to cool their engines. This is because the engine can overheat.

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