Flour In A Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Putting flour in a gas tank can create problems, especially if there is so much flour inside. First, it will clog your fuel injector, then your fuel pump and filter. 

So what happens if there is flour in your gas tank? Flour is a powder substance, so putting a dozen flour inside your gas tank will create a sticky mold of small doughs that may block your fuel passage. 

If your fuel passage is blocked, your car won’t start since you need the fuel to reach the engine to power it up. 

Forcing your car engine to start while the gas tank is blocked, there are possibilities that those small doughs from your gas tank will be sucked upward, causing permanent damage to your engine. 

Flour In A Gas Tank

What Happens If You Put Flour In A Gas Tank? 

If you feel that putting flour in a gas tank is a funny prank, it is not a great idea. You are not just destroying your victim’s property but also their easy source of transportation. 

Though there are some ways to get out the flour in your victim’s gas tank, it will cost them money to do it. 

Moreover, what if your victim didn’t notice that there was something inside their gas tank and they just started their car’s engine. It will become a big problem for them.

The flour might get quickly to the main engine of the car, which controls the system of its performance while running it on the road.

Short Term Effects

The short-term effect of flour inside a gas tank might not be visible at first. It will just create an unusual smell or smoke. However, it is the first sign that you will notice something wrong inside your gas tank.

Long Term Effects

Suppose you left the flour inside your gas tank for a look time. It will build up substances that will clog the passageway of the fuel creating a soft sound of an explosion when you’re starting your engine.

Until all the flour buildup from the gas tank will reach every passageway and damage your car engine permanently. 

Can Flour In A Gas Tank Damage An Engine? 

Yes, flour in a gas tank can damage your car engine if its components reach the central part of your car system.

It’s not difficult to ruin someone’s car engine. It is effortless, and you don’t need to be a professional to do it. 

You can just put a substance that won’t dissolve if you put it in a gas tank. Like flour, it won’t dissolve. It will just build another form and block instantly any passageway inside your car engine.

How Much Flour In A Gas Tank Will Ruin It? 

One kilo of flour is enough to spread out to ruin your car engine. If you want to ruin your car engine permanently, you can add more than 1 kilo of flour inside your gas tank.

After putting the flour inside, force start your car engine and see what happens next. Your car engine will probably react to the component until it reaches the center of your car engine that will shut down your car instantly. 

flour in gas tank

Can You Tell If Someone Put Flour In Your Gas Tank?

Here are the top 5 signs you can tell that someone put flour in your gas tank:

1. Experience Power Surges During Acceleration 

You will experience this sign if the flour in your gas tank, its buildup begins to clog the fuel intake lines, 

2. Engines Stalls Repeatedly

The fuel can’t go up to your car engine because the flour buildup blocks it. 

3. Car Won’t Start At All

Even though you tried starting your car, it still won’t start, meaning something is wrong with your gas tank. 

Check it right away to know what is causing your car not to start. 

4. Decrease Vehicle Performance

Of course, if the flour buildup takes over the passageway inside the gas tank, your vehicle capacity will decrease. 

5. Damage Fuel Pump

Repeatedly forcing your engine to pump fuel will damage the system of your car. You may need to replace it with new ones, or you might end up selling your car in a junk shop. 

These signs are pretty harsh, but seriously these are true. Only people with crazy minds will do such a thing, putting flour in their own car’s gas tank.

Buying a car is very difficult and expensive, so why ruin it by doing this can of activity. You are not just wasting the chance that you’ll have easy and comfortable transportation at work, but also you are wasting money. 

How To Get Flour Out Of A Gas Tank?

The first thing you should do if you notice that there’s flour in your gas tank, try to clear all the old fuel mixed with flour, and add new fuel inside your tank.

However, if the first step is ineffective because the flour already reaches your fuel filter and fuel pump, you may need to replace the two parts with a new one. 

Lastly, if it’s done replacing the damaged part, you might need to secure more of your gas tank, which will help you avoid mixing any undissolvable substance that will harm your car again. 


In summary, putting flour in a gas tank is very dangerous. It is because, like any undissolvable material, it will clog anything until it breaks the parts of your car engine. 

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to always check your car’s engine before using it. In this way, you minimize the cause it will make if you take it on the road.

Also, if you detect a sign of contamination inside your gas tank, never let your car wait to get fixed; you need to act right away. 

Lastly, if you’re just a new car owner and have no idea how to fix the car engine, it is best to consult and ask professionals for help.

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