Iodine in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Like sugar and syrup, Iodine or salt in a gas tank will cause problems in your car engine. Iodine is a chemical that is harmful to humans as well as car engines.

So what happens if there’s Iodine in a gas tank? Iodine in a gas tank will cause rust and destroy your engine to the point that the engine will seize. 

If your car engine becomes rusty, its performance will decrease. It will not just decrease but also damages your car as a whole.

Iodine in a Gas Tank

What Happens If You Put Iodine In A Gas Tank?

Iodine is a hazardous substance, especially for cars. It becomes more dangerous and harmful to your car if you put it inside your gas tank.

Iodine is not flammable, but it is a high oxidizer that enhances the combustion reaction of other substances like your gas tank that’s prone to burning or explosion. 

Short Term Effects

Putting Iodine in your gas tank will slowly react inside by creating rust inside your engine, from the fuel filter to the fuel pump until it reaches the main engine that will affect the system.

Moreover, rust inside your gas tank can be dangerous when you use your car.

Long Term Effects

There are no long-term effects if you put Iodine in your gas tank. Because when Iodine reaches inside your engine, it might explode or burn eventually.

Whether it is a short or long-term effect, never put Iodine inside your gas tank. Why waste purchasing a car? Then you will just put Iodine inside its gas tank. 

You are just creating a headache on your own. Remember, it becomes costly to repair a car, especially if damages are inside its engine.

Can You Pour Iodine Into Your Gas Tank?

Only a person that is out of their mind would put Iodine into their gas tank. When Iodine gets inside your gas tank, it creates rust, and in a short period, it creates a hole eventually that exposes the gas to oxygen. 

Be aware that if this happens, never light a match or lighters near your car because it will create an explosion or sudden burn. 

It is why never play Iodine and never let Iodine near your cars because you might mistake it for something. 

Will Iodine And Gasoline Explode?

Yes, it creates a high risk of explosion. Combining Iodine and gasoline creates combustion. It means it will burn the gas that will spread throughout your car’s engine. 

Putting Iodine inside your gas tank isn’t funny at all. If you care for your car and your safety, never do such a thing to your car and yourself. 

Does Iodine Ruin A Car Engine?

Yes, Iodine is enough to ruin your car engine since it contains chemical makeup that severely harms your car engine. 

First, it will decrease your car engine performance until it slowly freezes the system inside your car engine. 

When Iodine already takes over the car engine, your car will be useless, and you can’t use it anymore.

If you want to ruin your car, never use Iodine because it can cause more than that; it will risk your life and the people around the car.

How Long Does It Take For Iodine To Destroy An Engine?

It won’t take long to destroy your car engine using Iodine. After you put Iodine inside your gas tank, it will eventually react, causing the inside to rust. 

Iodine content reacts effectively to anything, especially your car engines. The more sensitive the thing you mix with Iodine, the more it becomes harmful and dangerous.

Iodine in Gas Tank

Can Iodine Be Detected In A Gas Tank?

Yes, you can detect Iodine in a gas tank. Here Are the symptoms that will help you know if there’s Iodine inside your gas tank.

Rusty Engine

Putting Iodine in any metal creates rust. The car engine is made of metal, so it’s easy for the Iodine to spread.

It will not just rust its inside parts but also freeze the movement of your car engine. 

Symptom 2 Leaking Fuel

Of course, a rusty car engine is prone to leakage because the engine’s metal is prone to break. 

If the metal breaks, the tank will leak, which exposes the fuel with oxygen that becomes more dangerous to you as the owner and to your family member.

Symptom 3 Unusual Smell

Iodine combined with gas creates an unusual smell. If you smell something different from your car engine, be careful. 

If you notice these symptoms, never start your engine. Or if you already start the engine and smell something unusual, turn it off, then call for a mechanic.

What To Do If You Think You Have Iodine In Your Gas Tank?

If you think someone put Iodine in your gas tank, change your fuel filter right away. Iodine is more dangerous than syrup and sugar because it rusts the inside of a gas tank if left unchanged.

Anything that stocks inside your gas tanks are dangerous. No matter what kind of substance that you put inside a car engine is harmful to its system. 

It is because car engines should be left alone. Never play or prank someone by putting substances inside it because it may cost them a lot. 

Additionally, if you’re planning to prank someone with Iodine, don’t do it. You never know how that person works so hard to purchase their vehicle. 


In summary, Iodine in a gas tank is a hazardous substance that can burn the engine inside. Never experiment with someone by putting substances inside their car engine because it is not fun, and you may harm the person badly. 

If you’re a victim and have no idea how to fix your car engine on your own, don’t do it because you may add damage to your car. 

You should call for professional assistance; because they have more knowledge than you. Also, they can provide tools to fix your problem effectively.

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