Ford F150 Oil Reset (All Models! Explained)

In resetting your car’s oil, you need to undergo some procedures. In each car model, it has a specific oil reset process.

Knowing more about oil reset, you are also learning how to care appropriately for your car service capacity. So let’s now start learning oil reset in Ford F150. 

Ford F150 Oil Reset

2022 Ford F150 Oil Reset

You can start oil rest in the 2022 Ford F150 by using the arrow button on the left side of its steering wheel. Then, please scroll all the way left to its main menu. After that, use the Display Mode, then the right arrow to select it.

Scroll down your engine information, then press and hold the okay button for 3 seconds, and that’s it you already restore your car’s oil. 

2021 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 2021 Ford F150 oil reset, press the menu button, select a setting, maintenance, oil life, and press and hold the okay button. 

2020 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In your monitor in front of your steering wheel, you can straightforwardly do an oil reset. Just go to your car menu button, tao setting, maintenance, then press and hold for 3 seconds the okay button until you can see a restart symbol.

2019 Ford F150 Oil Reset

 2019 Ford F150 oil reset, directly go to the setting, then click vehicle. Next, click the menu button, then click reset. After that long press, the okay button then releases after 3 seconds. 

2018 Ford F150 Oil Reset

To reset the 2018 Ford F150 oil setting, go to the setting, click advance setting, then vehicle. After clicking the vehicle menu, click oil life reset and push okay until it resets up to 100%. 

Use the pad on the steering wheel when you are clicking the menus. 

2017 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 2017 Ford F150 car model, an oil reset is done by turning off your car ignition, turning on the monitor of your car, pressing, and holding your accelerator, and brake handle. Hold it down for some time until a message of oil reset completion on your monitor appears. 

2016 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 2016 Ford F150, to oil reset, first, click the left arrow in the left keys in your steering wheel. Next, go to the menu, then click the settings menu. Then go back to the left keys and click the down arrow to search for the vehicle. After that, click the oil reset life. Lastly, click the okay button in the center to reset. 

2015 Ford F150 Oil Reset

The oil reset is done for the 2015 Ford 150 by clicking the arrow at the left, searching the menu, and setting. Next, go back to the left keys, find the down arrow key and click it to search the vehicle menu. Under the vehicle menu, click the oil reset life, and press and hold the okay button. 

2014 Ford F150 Oil Reset

For the 2014 Ford F150 car model, press and hold the dashboard of the select menu to do an oil reset. Next, release the key until your car monitor reads the oil life reset. Then, press hold reset and new. 

2013 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 2013 Ford F150, you need to switch off your car ignition and turn on your car accessories to do an oil reset. Then press and hold your car accelerator and the break at the same time. 

2012 Ford F150 Oil Reset

To do an oil reset in the 2012 Ford F150 car model, first, turn off your car’s engine. Then turn on the ignition without starting your engine. Then use the pad located in your steering wheel to scroll through your setting. 

Click settings, then under setting vehicle menu, then oil life reset. After clicking these three, push and hold okay until it reaches 100% reset.

2011 Ford F150 Oil Reset

The 2011 Ford F150 oil reset is done via your steering wheel pad. You need to click the keys at the left part then your car engine will automatically do the oil reset process.

2010 Ford F150 Oil Reset

A 2010 Ford F150 doesn’t have a message center. To do an oil reset, turn the ignition into run position. Then, press the select/reset stem button for 2 seconds until it reaches 100 percent. After that, turn off the ignition. 

2009 Ford F150 Oil Reset

For a 2009 Ford F150 model’s oil reset, turn off the ignition system, then run the menu button, and select reset button for 2 seconds until it reaches full reset. 

2008 Ford F150 Oil Reset

For the 2008 Ford F150 oil reset, first, insert the key to ignition. Next, access the setup menu, then press the reset button. 

2007 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 2007 Ford F150 oil reset, you can see an arrow right, left, up, and down in the steering wheel. First click the arrow left on the left side, then click menu, then setting. Next, click the arrow down, then reset. 

2006 Ford F150 Oil Reset

To start the oil reset in the 2006 Ford F150, first, turn the key to ignition. Then push the select button and release the button on the dash to see the oil reset select button. Next, hold down the reset button for a while, then release it if the oil reset is done. 

2005 Ford F150 Oil Reset

To reset the oil life of the 2005 Ford F150, turn off your car engine, then turn on your ignition. Then select the maintenance button, look for reset. After that long press the reset button until full charge. 

2004 Ford F150 Oil Reset

The 2004 Ford F150 oil reset takes a few minutes of your time to do the oil reset. Just press the setting button, and look for the maintenance, then the reset button, then wait until your oil life is already set. 

2003 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 2004 Ford F150, oil reset becomes more convenient and easy, just clicking the menu, setting, maintenance, and reset button – and that’s it your oil life is already set. 

2002 Ford F150 Oil Reset

There’s no such significant difference on how to reset the 2002 Ford F150 and 2001 model. They have the same process. And it works for both models perfectly. 

2001 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 2001 Ford F150 oil reset, turn off your ignition key, look for the menu setting in your steering wheel, and click the left arrow. After seeing the menu go to setting, click reset, and that’s it. Your ford f150 is good to go.

2000 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 2000 Ford F150, oil reset was enhanced. The process of oil reset becomes smooth and hassle-free by using the touchpad in front of its steering wheel. 

1999 Ford F150 Oil Reset

Hold on in your ignition in the 1999 Ford F150 oil reset, click the menu, set, maintain, and after that oil life reset button. Press and release it after the system confirms the100% reset.

1998 Ford F150 Oil Reset

To reset the oil life of the 1998 car model Ford F150, just set the ignition, then you can now proceed to the menu and search for settings, then click below the reset button. 

1997 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In 1997 Ford F150 oil reset, slowly upgraded into the press and hold system. All you need to do is to sit down in the driver seat and search from the menu, click to set, and reset. 

1996 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 1996 Ford F150 oil reset, you can do the dual steps to do the process. The manual and the press and hold steps.

1995 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 1995 Ford F150 oil reset, some owners do the manual oil reset by flushing and changing the used oil with new-car oil. Though you can also do it via ignition, it depends on you. 

1994 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 1994 Ford F150 oil reset process, you can either use the ignition or manual. Hence, whatever you choose, it’s best to secure the ways by looking at your owner manual. 

1993 Ford F150 Oil Reset

To oil reset the the1993 Ford F150, Look for the reset button, then long-press it for at least 3 seconds and wait, then release. 

1992 Ford F150 Oil Reset

For the 1992 Ford F150 oil reset, like the 1991 model, you need to press and hold the reset button and wait until the car’s oil life is already charged up at 100%.

1991 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 1991 Ford F150, the oil reset is done by pressing and holding the reset button, then releasing it if the oil life is already at 100%. 

1990 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 1990 Ford F150 oil reset, you need to go to your menu, click setting, and click the reset button. 

1989 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In 1989 Ford F150 didn’t use any high-tech oil reset. Instead, it’s done individually by the owner. They open the trunk, drain the old oil in the oil tank and replace it with new oil with the same brand. 

1988 Ford F150 Oil Reset

A 1988 Ford F150 oil reset is done in an old way. Like flushing out the dirty oil, after that replace it with new oil. 

1987 Ford F150 Oil Reset

A skilled mechanic does a 1987 Ford F150 oil reset. It is by pulling out the tab under your oil tank, releasing the dirty oil inside, and then changing with the same oil brand. 

1986 Ford F150 Oil Reset

In the 1986 Ford F150, the same as the 1960’s car’s they did oil reset in a dirty way. It’s easy. Clean your oil tank, letting the oil out, make sure there’s no past oil remaining, and change it with new oil. 

1985 Ford F150 Oil Reset

A 1985 Ford F150 Oil reset takes the standard way, like draining the black oil, then replacing it with a clear one. 

1984 Ford F150 Oil Reset

For the 1984 Ford F150, the oil reset is done step by step. However, since it has a screen-type monitor like now, you must do it hand by hand during this time. 

First, open the engine in front of the truck, locate the oil tank on the left side. Get under it, find the oil lock, pull it, drain the oil inside, and change it with a new one.


In summary, oil reset is fundamental, mainly if your automobile has already run its full kilometer. It would be best if you had oil reset frequently so that you’ll avoid getting your car engine stock with dirty particles that can ruin its full performance. 

Oil reset also maintains lubrication inside your car engine. Therefore, a proper oil reset can preserve the full potential of your car engine.



Image credits – Photo by Caleb White on Unsplash

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