How Long Do Copper Spark Plugs Last? (All You Need To Know)

The majority of the spark plugs are made out of a copper core center electrode, but how long do these copper spark plugs last? If you wish to know the answer, this article is definitely for you. So keep reading.

So how long do copper spark plugs last? The standard copper spark plugs can last for about ten thousand (10,000) to twenty thousand (20,000) miles. That is about sixteen thousand ninety-three (16,093) to thirty-two one hundred eighty-seven (32,187) kilometers.

In terms of talking about the excellent conductor of electricity, the answer is always copper. Copper is much better than the other types of material that can be used to create spark plugs. Aside from that, copper can also transfer heat more efficiently and faster too. 

With that, copper is also soft. So copper is always covered with a nickel alloy. This is because the copper is soft and it needs protection. 

You can have either an iridium tip or platinum on its electrodes. This is to maintain and have that optimum performance. So let us further discuss everything about copper spark plugs. 

How Long Do Copper Spark Plugs Last

How Often Should You Change Copper Spark Plugs?

Your vehicle will run because of gasoline, but it will also need electricity or power to run. Power or electricity is crucial because power is required for you to use and run your vehicle and your other accessories in the car. So with that, it is essential to know how your car gets that power. 

The spark plugs are connected to the wires. These wires lead into your vehicle’s ignition system. These spark plugs produce arcs of electricity when the alternator creates electricity and will be sent to the plugs. 

With this, this will create the ignition, and that ignites the fuel in the cylinders of your engine. This will then create the combustion needed so that the pistons can be pushed down, making the engine start. So you should already know by now the contribution of your spark plugs and how it is critical to have excellent and reliable spark plugs. 

People are asking how often you should change your copper spark plugs. The first thing you must do is to check your owner’s manual. In your owner’s manual, it is stated there the recommended time that you should replace your spark plugs. 

Most of the vehicles will recommend a spark plug replacement every thirty thousand (30,000) miles. However, replacing your spark plugs does not have to depend solely on the recommendation under your owner’s manual. There are factors that you should know so that you will know when to change your spark plugs even if you have not yet reached the thirty thousand (30,000) miles. 

One of the factors is how high maintenance your spark plugs are. If your spark plugs are high maintenance, then you must not wait for the thirty thousand (30,000) miles mark. It would be best if you replaced them more often. 

This is because your electrode can wear down in a fast manner. Therefore, it would be best to consider the life span of the spark plugs that you are using. Every spark plugs have their life span. 

Some spark plugs may last longer than the others, and some spark plugs will live shorter than the others. So if you have a copper spark plug, it has the shortest lifespan; you should replace it every twenty thousand (20,000 miles).

How Many Miles Are Copper Spark Plugs Good For?

If you want a cheap and standard spark plug, the copper spark plug is the key. In reality, all the spark plugs are featuring a copper core. The standard spark plug has a nickel alloy in the outer part. 

It is linked to the copper core electrodes. So if you are using copper spark plugs, it will make running cooler, and it will also deliver more power in situations where you need good performance driving. 

Engines that have high compression ratios and are turbocharged are using copper spark plugs. The copper has the shortest lifespan of spark plugs; they are good for about twenty thousand (20,000) miles.

How Are Copper Spark Plugs Compared To Others?

Copper spark plugs are famous and are used by a lot of drivers for their vehicles. However, there are other types of spark plugs that you can use aside from copper spark plugs. 

These are the platinum spark plugs, double platinum spark plugs, iridium, and silver spark plugs. Let us talk about these types of spark plugs.


The platinum spark plugs have two variations. First, we have the single platinum and the double platinum. The first type of platinum spark plug, the single platinum spark plug, is more like a copper spark plug, and it has a platinum disc connected to the center electrode. 

The platinum spark plug is harder when compared to a nickel alloy. It also has a high melting point. As a result, the platinum spark plug is harder. 

If you compare it with a conventional spark plug, it is holding its sharp edge longer. The platinum spark plug can last for about one hundred thousand (100,000) miles. So if you want longevity, you should go for platinum spark plugs.

Double Platinum

The platinum spark plugs can run a little bit hotter. As a result, it will burn deposits off the spark plug much better, and it will also assist in preventing any fouling. 

The platinum can handle extreme heat, but even then, the double-platinum spark plug has a platinum disc on both sides of the electrodes and both the center.


When talking about iridium spark plugs, they are known for being harder and more robust. If you compare iridium spark plugs to platinum spark plugs, they are stronger eight more times, and they are harder six more times. 

Iridium spark plugs also have a higher melting point. Iridium spark plugs have excellent electrodes.


The silver spark plugs also have excellent thermal conductivity. But if you want longevity, silver spark plugs are not a very good choice.

What Are The Best Copper Spark Plugs?

If you want a low-performance drive and have a classic car, you will do just fine with copper spark plugs. In addition, copper spark plugs can work with small engines. 

The best copper spark plugs can be subjective. Some people will say that the champion copper plus spark plug is the best copper spark plug.


In summary, spark plugs play an essential role in your vehicle’s condition and performance. Copper spark plugs are a famous spark plug. It is also very typical, and many drivers choose this type of spark plug for their car. 

They will only last for about twenty thousand (20,000) miles, though. Therefore, you must replace it after it reaches the mark.



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