How Long Do Spark Plug Wires Last? (Explained!)

Like the spark plugs, the spark plugs wires contribute to the overall performance of your vehicle, so it is essential to know when you have to replace your spark plugs and how long their lifespan is. If you want to know more about this matter, keep reading.

So how long do spark plug wires last? Spark plug wires are said to last for about sixty thousand miles (60,000 miles).

The ignition system of your vehicle says so much about the condition and the life of your engine. It is an essential component that you should always look for and always check for because it can significantly affect your vehicle and performance. The spark plug wires or the ignition wires will work by transferring the electricity from your ignition coil and into your spark plugs. 

This happens every time you crank your car. In case you didn’t know, this is the start of the combustion process. If your spark plug wires are not in their best condition and are not working correctly, your vehicle’s engine will not be able to fire the way it should fire. 

So with that, let us further discuss spark plugs wires and how long before you should change them. So let us get started.

How Long Do Spark Plug Wires Last

Do Spark Plug Wires Wear Out?

Yes, spark plug wires will wear out. The enemy here is the time. Over time, your spark plug wires will wear out. 

This is because all the components of your car are exposed to tears and wear. And like any other components of your vehicle’s engine, the spark plug wires are subject to wearing out. So it is essential to always check your spark plug wires.

You have to do regular checking, and you have to constantly check up on them to know when they should be replaced. For example, if your spark plug wires wear out and start to get damaged, they will send an electrical charge into the spark plugs, and these electrical wires can be unreliable. This means that there will be problems in the operations of your engine. 

For example, you will experience rough idling and stalls in your engine. There are also other types of problems that you can encounter. So you have to make sure that you will change your spark plug wires if they will be nearing the range of sixty thousand (60,000) miles. 

Of course, you do not have to wait that long to replace your spark plug wires; you have to check your spark plug wires and assess when they should be replaced. There are some cases where the spark plug wires will have soot on them, and they will start to get dirty, so you have to replace them as soon as you can.

How Often Should Spark Plug Wires Be Changed?

The spark plug wires of your car can last about sixty thousand (60,000) miles. But if you need to change them, you will notice that they are starting to get damaged or are already wearing on them. So you can also not strictly follow the sixty thousand (60,000) miles mark. This is why you have to do regular checking on your spark plug wires. And because the purpose of the vehicle is to take you to places, vehicles are turned on every day and are being driven on every day. 

With that, the spark plug wires will be very exposed to wear and tears. Over time, your spark plugs wires will need replacement because if they are not replaced, the spark plug wires will create many issues. 

How Many Miles Do Spark Plug Wires Last?

The spark plug wires do not last forever. Like any other components on your car, they are exposed to wear and tears, which is why they should be changed and why they should be replaced as soon as you can. In addition, these spark plug wires do not last because these spark plug wires are not made of wire. 

Instead, the spark plug wires are made of carbon fibers that are very delicate and fragile. In just a matter of time, the spark plug wires will start to break down. With that, the carbon fibers will start to separate, and that will cause high electrical resistance.

How Do I Know If My Spark Plug Wires Are Bad?

As a driver, you should know that your spark plug is turning bad and needs to be replaced, you are the owner of your vehicle, and it is your responsibility to know, observe, and notice if there are problems with your spark plug wires. So the first thing you should notice is the damages caused by the vibration of the car. Your engine vibration causes some wear and tear. 

The vibration from the engine will cause a loosening up of the electrical connection in the spark plug. There is also damage that is coming from the heat. The wire insulation and the boots can be damaged and ruined by engine heat. 

There can also be some damages from the abrasion. For example, the spark plug will rub against the engine parts, and they can break and cut the insulation. With that, it is essential to know the status and the condition of your spark plug wires.  

Does Changing Spark Plug Wires Improve Performance?

You can say that because the spark plug wires contribute to the ignition system of your vehicle. With that, if you have good spark plug wires, it can increase and improve your engine’s performance. If your spark plug wire is in excellent working condition, it will create a better spark and have an appropriate spark.


In summary, the spark plug wire is essential in the ignition system of your vehicle. They should be replaced over time, and they should be checked regularly. The spark plug wire can last for about sixty thousand (60,000) miles. 

With that, they should be replaced as soon as it is needed. Check for the status and the condition of the spark plug wires always.

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