Misfire After Changing Spark Plugs: What to Do? (Quick Fix)

Some people are still experiencing misfires even after they have changed their spark plugs. There can be many reasons why your engine misfires. Spark plugs are not the only ones that can cause a misfire in your engine. 

However, spark plugs can be the easiest solution that you can do. You might have also been in this situation where you had replaced your spark plugs, but still, the misfires have continued, or you are now experiencing misfires. Of course, this must be rectified right away, but engine misfires are not suitable for your vehicle and your engine. 

So if you wish to know a lot about engine misfires after changing your spark plugs, this article is meant for you, so stay and keep reading.

Misfire After Changing Spark Plugs

Changed Plugs and Coils Still Misfiring: What to Do?

If there are misfires in the engine, the number one thing that almost all drivers do is change their spark plugs. This is good, though, because spark plugs can cause engine misfires. However, it is not just the spark plugs that are causing engine misfires. 

So if you are experiencing engine misfires, and you have changed your spark, but you are still experiencing engine misfires, then we can conclude that the cause of your engine misfires is not your spark plugs. However, as mentioned, engine misfires can be caused by other things aside from the spark plugs. So if you have changed your coil and have changed your spark plugs and your engine is still misfiring, you have to check for any other causes for your engine misfires. 

What you have to do is check your air and fuel delivery. You also need to check any problems with your emissions equipment. Look also for any problems with your mechanical engine. 

Check also for sensor and module problems. There can also be some problems with your control circuit.  

Will Changing the Spark Plugs Fix a Misfire?

Yes, changing your spark plugs can fix a misfire. However, it would help if you were one hundred percent sure that your spark plugs are the ones that are responsible for your engine misfire. So if your vehicle and its engine are telling you to replace your spark plug, then you should. 

Of course, if your spark plug is responsible for giving you engine misfires, then changing and replacing these spark plugs can stop the engine misfires. However, it is not easy. Changing your spark plugs is not easy. However, some people can do it quickly and correctly. 

But not all people will do it properly. There are situations where changing the spark plugs does not stop the misfires because the installation is wrong. 

You must learn the proper way of changing your spark plugs because if you cannot install the spark plugs the right way, the engine misfires will not stop. That can be the reason why your engine misfires do not stop even after you have changed your spark plugs.

Can New Spark Plugs Cause Misfires?

Yes, even a new spark plug can cause a misfire, and this is why. Having an engine misfire can be caused by an incorrect way of installing the spark plugs. Unfortunately, there are a lot of poor installations made by some people. 

There are issues with dirty fingerprints. There are also broken insulators, and there are also those incorrect air gaps. The reason for this is a flawed installation procedure. 

Changing spark plugs can be easy for some people, and they can even do it perfectly right. However, this does not apply to all people. Some people are changing their spark plugs wrongly, so there are engine misfires after changing the spark plugs. 

You have to know the basics of changing a spark plug. There is the center electrode, the ground electrode, and the porcelain insulator. 

The ground electrode is attached to the threaded metal shell of the spark plug. So if you have replaced your spark plugs and are experiencing engine misfires, you must have done something wrong during the installation and the replacement of your spark plugs.

engine misfire after changing spark plugs

Will Replacing Spark Plugs Stop a Misfire?

Yes, replacing your spark plugs can stop the engine misfire if the spark plug is the problem. However, if you are not sure what the cause of the misfire is, then changing your spark plugs may not be the solution. So if you have misfires and have changed your spark plugs, and you believe that the spark plugs are the cause of the misfire, then the misfire will stop if you have correctly replaced your spark plugs. 

But there are still some other factors that you have to consider. You can also have a problem with fuel and compression. You might have a blocked or defective fuel injector. 

Your valves might be holding open. There can be burns and leaks in the valves. You might also have a blown cylinder head gasket or a leak in the air. 

If you have one of these problems instead, then changing the spark plug is not the solution, and you might still be having misfires even after changing the spark plugs. You can also have some defective ignition coils. So if you are having an engine misfire, you must check first all the possible reasons why your engine is misfiring. 

If you have determined that it is the cause of your spark plugs, changing the spark plugs can be the solution. But if the cause is not the spark plugs, then the engine misfire will not stop until you have figured out the exact reason why it is misfiring.

Why Is My Car Misfiring After Changing the Spark Plugs?

This can be an issue of a poor installation of the spark plugs. Some people have been experiencing engine misfires after they have changed their spark plugs, and experts have stated the issue of an improper installation of the spark plugs.

Cylinder 2 Misfires After Spark Plug Change: What to Do?

You have to check for compression tests. But, first, you must do a compression test on all your cylinders. 

This is to make sure that these cylinders are holding a compression every time your pistons are moving. You must also check if your pistons do not need any repair.


In summary, changing spark plugs can be done by anybody. However, after changing spark plugs, some of you are experiencing engine misfires. The cause can be a bad installation and replacement procedure of the spark plugs. 

Therefore, if you are experiencing misfires after changing your spark plugs, the reason can be because of a bad installation or some other cause that needs intervention.

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