How Many Crankshafts Are In A V8 Engine? (Explained)

Development reaches the high technique in designing the car engine throughout the year. From empowering and creating a mode-efficient car engine, a quality driving experience is now reachable. 

So, how many crankshafts are in a V8 engine? V8 engines online have two major crankshafts: the flat and cross-type. The purpose of these crankshafts in V8 engines is to help the engine’s linear motion to rotational motion. 

Unlike old versions of engines, V8 engines become the most convenient engines that can provide you with sufficient car speed even if you have a heavy vehicle. Also, using a crankshaft you’ll have a shorter revolution experience. 

You may be curious why this engine is called V8. It is an engine with eight cylinders mounted in a crankshaft case inside your car. Each cylinder has specific parts that support the engine more power when driving.

Transportation cars are one example that uses V8 engines; they use it to achieve smooth transportation of loads. When a vehicle has many loads, a standard engine can support the weight, so to turn on a heavy vehicle, it needs a V8 engine.

You should know many things about your V8 engine, and you can read more about it below. 

How Many Crankshafts Are in a V8 Engine

How Many Crankshafts Are In A V8 Engine?

In terms of engine terms, V stands for engine training, and eight means how many cylinders it has. There are different types of V8 engines, some V8 engines have one crankshaft, and others have two. 

However, it will depend on the vehicle’s body; more oversized vehicles need V8 engines with two crankshafts, and those average vehicles like motorbikes need V8 engines with only one crankshaft. 

What Is An Engine Crankshaft?

A crankshaft is the backbone of your car engine’s internal combustion. It is responsible for providing the engine with proper operation in converting motion from linear to rotation. 

Crankshafts must have very high fatigue strength and wear-out resistance to ensure their long service since it experiences a high level of movement inside the engine.

It is why always check your engine crankshaft because they do more loads than any other part inside your engine. 

How Many Crankshafts Does The Engine Normally Have?

A typical engine only has one crankshaft because it doesn’t need much support when accelerating. However, unlike those particular engines in heavy vehicles, they need two to make it easy to accelerate, especially when carrying heavy goods. 

Can A V8 Engine Have More Than One Crankshaft?

Yes, a V8 engine can have more than one crankshaft if the vehicle requires it. Though you can still install two crankshafts in standard vehicles, it is not required. 

If you want to boost the acceleration capacity of your car, you can install two crankshafts to have more access to control the car’s motion.

Can V8 Have Two Crankshafts?

The maximum crankshafts a V8 can have are two. It is enough to support a heavy vehicle for transportation.

Hence, installing two crankshafts should be careful, and you should only use the high quality to avoid any problems.

What Is The Design Of V8 Crankshafts?

There are two designs of V8 crankshafts, and each design has its work inside your car engine. 


A flat crank in the V8 engine is used for rare, expensive super and hypercars. There are reasons why supercars are fast, and cars run a hundred miles a day. From its name flat, a flat crank is a flat material with all the crankpins in a single position in the plane. 

It is like an inline four-cylinder cranks, but it has more space and rods. Flat cranks also yield the optimum exhaust engine with complex header primaries that cross over from bank to bank of the engine. 

Because of its design, flat cranks don’t need to have a counterweight, which is why the revolution upon starting your car is fast. However, the downside of flat cranks is that when you are driving downhill, you might experience vibration. 


The most common V8 engine cranks are the cross-type. Four crankpins are positioned in two planes by 90 degrees in cross cranks. Typically, the two pins of cross cranks are perpendicular to its outer two end pins in a 180 degrees plane.

Hence, the exhaust gas capacity of cross cranks is not as great as the flat, but the sound it creates is worth hearing. 

Cross cranks are more likely used for heavyweights vehicles. It is because you don’t need to worry about the vibration. However, they don’t have a short revolution. 


In summary V8 engine crankshaft has two types, and each type of crank has a specific characteristic and purpose. 

Moreover, both cranks are an essential part of the engine; without them, your engine can support itself to power up. 

Lastly, always prioritize checking the cranks for maintenance because it is the most used part inside a car engine.

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