How Much Is Platinum In A Catalytic Converter? (Explained)

Our earth contains different types of chemicals, including Platinum. Platinum is used in various tools, parts, and cars. 

So, how much Platinum is in a Catalytic Converter? In a catalytic converter, there are 3 to 7 grams of Platinum. Hence, the amount of Platinum will depend on all catalytic converters. 

If you have hybrid vehicles, there is a higher amount of Platinum on their catalytic converters. It is why hybrid cars are expensive to purchase, and only those with multiple millions can purchase them.

Platinum is used as a design and for health purposes. It is the one that helps your car to remove the harmful substances from your catalytic converter. 

Most of you have no idea about Platinum in your cars; you know now what is used. However, Platinum is also a precious metal and one of the vital chemicals that you can find in any catalytic converter. 

Platinum is also known to make your life easier and for the environment. Gases from your car’s exhaust or any electrical gadgets can seriously damage your health and the environment. 

It can cause severe pollution; it is why it’s placed in the catalytic converters because Platinum can blocks this harmful substance for up to 45 years. We will share the role of Platinum in a catalytic converter; you can continue reading below. 

How Much Is Platinum In A Catalytic Converter

Do Catalytic Converters Have Platinum In Them?

Yes, it is used to block harmful gases that can harm your health. Not just that, but it will prevent you from experiencing nausea and headaches. 

Gases from your catalytic converter are from your car’s waste. Once you directly impact it, you will be in bad shape. 

How Much Is Platinum Inside A Catalytic Converter?

The average Platinum inside a Catalytic converter is 3 to 7 grams. However, it will increase, especially for large vehicles with two catalytic converters.

Moreover, Platinum can cost 100 to 1000 dollars per gram. Therefore, cars with a significant amount of Platinum are expensive. 

Do you want to extract Platinum from the catalytic converter? Read our article on how to extract Platinum from a catalytic converter.

What Vehicles Have The Most Platinum In The Catalytic Converters?

The vehicle that uses the most Platinum in the catalytic converters is the Ferrari because the catalytic converter in Ferrari cars contains a high-quality T38 coating of Platinum, which is four times the standard coating in a car. 

Ferrari is a luxury car that can’t be afforded by many. However, the quality driving experience is worth the price you have paid. 

What Is Platinum?

Platinum is an element that is beneficial to humans and the environment. However, proper use of this substance is needed because too much use can result in harmful effects. 

What Is The Purpose Of Platinum In A Catalytic Converter?

The primary purpose of Platinum in a Catalytic converter is to create a clean gas environment in your car. So when you’re driving, there will be no toxic substances entering your enclosed vehicle. 


In summary, Platinum in a catalytic converter blocks any waste substance from your car. Without Platinum, it can easily attract harmful substances that cause health errors. 

Your car is enclosed, especially when it’s traveling. Platinum and other substances are applied to your car to avoid inhaling harmful substances. 

Indeed, knowing the mechanism of your catalytic converter will help you choose what kind of car you will purchase.

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