How To Extract Platinum From Catalytic Converter? (Explained)

Rare and dense elements are more costly than popular ones. It is because you can find anybody using it on a typical day. One precious metal that has this characteristic is the Platinum. 

So, how to extract Platinum from a catalytic converter? First, you need a flat head screwdriver to extract the Platinum from a catalytic converter. Then you can lift the catalytic honeycomb plate and slowly flake off the Platinum. 

It compared gold to Platinum; gold because less costly. Although it has similar looks, the dense level of Platinum is higher than gold. Regarding usefulness, Platinum can be used in various things, especially cars, to increase its performance. 

Platinum is an excellent converter of bad gasses harmful to human lungs. Once you inhale these gases, you may slowly feel dizzy until you block them. 

Using a catalytic converter with Platinum works as the cleanser of gasses that your car exhausts. If your car has a catalytic converter with Platinum, you have a regular car. 

Although it’s regular, the service it can provide can last up to 45 years; by maintaining and getting your can annually, you can extend the lifespan of your catalytic converter with Platinum.

Now, let’s talk more about the proper and safe way to extract Platinum from a catalytic converter.

How To Extract Platinum From Catalytic Converter

How To Extract Platinum From A Catalytic Converter?

Here is the process of extracting Platinum from a catalytic converter;

1. Locate Catalytic Converter

You can see your vehicle’s catalytic converter between the exhaustion and muffler underneath your car. It is coated with a catalyst element. 

2. Use A Flat-Head Screwdriver

To detach the Platinum from the catalytic converter, use a flat-head screwdriver. Next, you can use a cutter to flake off Platinum’s small pieces of nuggets in a catalytic converter. Finally, as each piece chipped off, you can set it aside and use a clean rag. 

3. Slowly Lift The Catalytic Honeycomb

Usually, a vehicle catalytic converter has a honeycomb shaped container for Platinum or rhodium. Removing and completing the honeycomb will take 30 to 45 minutes if your car has a standard-size catalytic converter. 

A professional car technician performs these three steps. Unfortunately, you can’t perform these at home because it can instantly damage your family’s health. 

If you plan to extract Platinum from your vehicle’s catalytic converter, you should have enough knowledge and experience to do it properly. One wrong process can damage your car’s other parts near the catalytic converter. 

Expensive Is Platinum?

Platinum costs 33.20 dollars per gram. Platinum is more valuable than gold, even if it’s nearly identical. The price of Platinum is due to its rarity and density, 

How Much Can You Get For Platinum From A Catalytic Converter?

There are 3 to 7 grams of Platinum in a catalytic converter. Selling it will cost you 33.20 dollars per gram, and the price per ounce is 1,014.10 dollars. 

Even if your catalytic converter is second hand, if you place it in the online market, you can sell it for 625 dollars. 

We cover exactly this in our article how much is Platinum in a catalytic converter?

Where To Sell Platinum From Catalytic Converters?

You can sell them directly if you know someone looking for catalytic converters with platinum elements. Also, if you want the most effective way to sell it, you can use the online market since there are more potential buyers on the social media platform. 

How Much Platinum Can You Get Out Of A Catalytic Converter

As mentioned earlier, Platinum in a catalytic converter is 3 to 7 grams. So once you sell it on the market, you will surely gain money from 625 dollars. But, of course, you can also sell them by grams or ounces, depending on your stocks. 


To extract Platinum from a catalytic converter, you need three proces. First, you need to locate its location; next, use a flat-head screwdriver; then, after unscrewing everything, lift the catalytic converter and slowly flake the Platinum. 

Also, a reminder you cannot do it on your own, especially if you have no experience. However, you can entrust this task to a professional technician. 

Moreover, you can’t deny that Platinum is much pricier than gold because you cannot see platinum metal daily. It is rare and denser than gold, and it is a great catalyst too. Because no matter how many folds you’ll make, you cannot change its appearance.

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