I Left Lights On In The Car: Will Battery Recharge? (Explained!)

Leaving the lights on in your car can happen to anyone. And it is an honest mistake, but what happens to your car battery if the lights are on in your car? Let us find out.

So will your battery recharge if you leave your car lights on? The answer is no. If you leave the lights on in your car, you will most likely have a dead battery.

This is a scenario that can happen to anyone, and it can also already happen to anyone. Leaving the lights on is a common mistake, and in most cases, this mistake has only been made once. This is an issue of forgetting. 

And people can sometimes forget to turn off the lights in their car. This is why so many people ask what happens if they have accidentally left their car lights on. Some people are also curious whether leaving your lights in the car on will recharge your car’s battery. 

So to answer your questions, keep reading and find out the answers below. This article is for those people who want to know whether leaving the lights on in your car can either recharge your battery or make it more dead. 

So today, let us start learning about the matter at hand. Let us get started.

I Left Lights On In The Car - Will Battery Recharge

Will The Battery Recharge When You Left The Lights On?

The lights of your car are critical. This is why it is always essential and safe to always check the lights in your vehicle. If you have left your car’s exterior lights turned on, there is a good chance that it will not burn out on you. 

However, even if it will not burn out, it does not mean that it is not dangerous anymore. Leaving your exterior lights on will run your car’s battery dry. So it is essential to always use your exterior light if you want your battery not to run dry. 

The interior lights will also do the same thing. If you have left the interior lights on so if your car battery has run dry and is already dried out, if you start your car, your car will most likely not start. However, there are some cases where the vehicle might start. 

However, your car might have a strong possibility of stalling out, especially when you are already in a roadway. So it is clear that your battery will not get charged if you leave the lights on. This means that keeping your car’s lights on means that your battery is not recharging. It will do quite the opposite because your battery will drain out if you leave your lights on. 

If you are driving, your car can maintain the charge of your vehicle. You will have to maintain the charge of your car battery even if you drive the vehicle. The car battery in your car is not designed to keep the systems in your car still running even without the engine taking in place or keeping the battery charged.  

So this is the reason why car batteries can die even if it has only been a short period. This will also be possible and happening if other devices are left on. So if you have other electronics that are already linked to the vehicle, this can drain and kill your car’s battery.

How Long Does It Take For The Battery To Recharge?

The charging of a battery can take about an hour a day. If you charge a flat car battery, it will depend on the type of car battery. The mode of charging your vehicle is also a factor of how much it would take to recharge a battery. 

So if you will recharge a dead battery, the length of time will significantly depend on the condition of your car’s battery. The performance of your alternator is also a contributor to the electrical instruments you are using. These will tell how much time the car battery can recharge. 

If your car battery is not faulty and is in good working condition, you will only need half an hour or maybe more than half an hour so you can give your battery enough and adequate charge. So it would help if you remembered that charging a regular car battery accompanied by a typical charge amp of about four to eight amperes can take you about ten to twenty-four hours before the battery will be fully charged. 

If your car battery is dead, you will have to boost your battery for around two to four hours so that you will be able to start and give the battery a slight jolt. If you want to maintain the good life and the long life of your car battery, you must be able to charge your battery slowly. If you also want to recharge your battery quickly, you can do it, but you must take the risk of damaging your car battery in long-term performance.

dead car battery

Can You Speed Up The Recharging?

You can try charging in a non- ambient and cold temperature. The ambient and cold temperature can make your recharging much slower. You can also try fast charging or rapid charging. 

A rapid charge can charge your vehicle much faster than your average electric vehicle charger. This can power your vehicle to eighty percent in less than an hour. This is a convenient thing, especially for people who do not want to wait for a long time to recharge their car batteries. 

Recharging your car batteries can take up so much time. So you can try these tips to help you recharge your battery in a faster way.  

Can Be The Battery So Dead After You Left Lights On So It Won’t Recharge?

Yes, of course. If your battery is too dead because you have left your lights on, it can have the tendency not to recharge. 

You have to give the battery time to have a jolt of that recharge. So charge your battery and wait for about two or three hours so that you can give time to the battery to have their life again.


In summary, leaving your car lights on can be an accident. If you leave your car lights on, it will not recharge your battery. It will do the opposite. 

It can drain your battery. Your battery can die, and you must recharge it again. The recharge might take longer, so you can use and do some tricks in charging your vehicle faster.



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