Will Dead Car Battery Recharge By Itself? (Explained!)

An automotive battery is the source of life for your vehicle, and it is the one that powers everything in your vehicle, but what happens if your car battery has died? Will it recharge by itself? Let us find out.

So will a dead car battery recharge by itself? The answer is no. A car battery cannot recharge by itself.

A car battery is the one that powers your vehicle’s engine and even the headlights of your car. Therefore, the function of a car is very critical and very essential. That is why you need to check your car’s battery regularly. 

Your car battery is like the central command of your vehicle. Without a battery, a vehicle will not run and will not operate.  A vehicle’s battery is mainly produced in a condition that can last for about five years. It is based on the optimal conditions; however, it is also possible that a car battery can die even before five years. 

So if a car battery dies even before reaching its fifth year, it can be because of some error or mistake of the driver. These reasons are unavoidable and are entirely normal since a car battery is under the care of the vehicle’s owner. A car battery will not reach five years in terms of life span because of proper maintenance. 

If a battery dies, many people are asking if the car battery can recharge itself. If you are also curious, keep reading to know the answer.  

Will Dead Car Battery Recharge By Itself

Does A Dead Car Battery Recharge Itself?

A dead car battery cannot recharge by itself. Therefore, every vehicle is equipped with an electrical component. This electrical component is called the alternator. 

In a typical setup, the alternator is the one that does the work in altering the mechanical energy that is coming from the crankshaft of the car’s engine and into electrical energy. The corrosion of the posts and cables that linked the battery to the vehicle’s engine can cause a dead battery. You also have to think about extreme weather conditions. 

Extreme weather conditions can also lessen the life of a car battery. Weather conditions like freezing weather and scorching weather can damage the condition of a car battery. But the most common and the top reason a car battery can be dead is when you are leaving your lights on, even when the engine is off. 

This is a mistake every driver is familiar with, and many drivers have experienced this kind of error. But, unfortunately, this is the most common way of killing a battery. So it is essential for you to always check your lights before you leave your vehicle. 

Suppose the vehicles’ electrical features are turned on, like the headlights, interior lights, and even the air conditioner, the part that provides the power is the alternator. After the alternator supplies electrical power to these vehicle features that you are using, the alternator still has some excess power. This excess power will then be converted to dc from ac, reserved for the battery. 

If a car battery is healthy and in good condition, the automotive battery will be recharged using this power. So the bottom line is that car batteries cannot recharge themselves. Therefore, the car battery will always need an external power source so that it can be recharged. 

So if your car battery is dead, then your vehicle’s alternator will not recharge the battery completely. If this happens, you might need to jumpstart your vehicle to run your vehicle until an auto shop temporarily. There are even some professionals that use special car battery chargers. 

These unique car battery chargers will charge a dead battery temporarily. But you might need to immediately change your dead car battery and replace it with a new and reliable car battery. You can get this from any car battery service provider.

Can A Completely Dead Battery Be Recharged?

Yes, a completely dead battery can still be recharged. However, the battery cells that are inside the car battery must not be damaged. If the battery cells inside the car battery can still hold a charge, the alternator or the trickle charger can still recharge the battery into a fully recharge one in just a matter of hours. 

If your alternator is not fully discharged, the alternators cannot charge your car battery. An alternator is only designed to keep the battery of your car topped off. If your car’s battery is fully discharged, it is best to charge it using a battery maintainer. 

You can have a cheap battery maintainer. You can hook this battery maintainer to your battery and charge it so that your alternator will not be overwhelmed with additional stresses. Unfortunately, drivers often find themselves in these situations. 

A lot of drivers would always experience a dead battery. What is good is that you do not always have to replace your car battery right away. A dead battery does not mean that it will not work anymore. 

You need to check. If your car battery does not reach the five years mark, you might have to get and replace your car battery with another one. However, if it is otherwise, you can jumpstart your car battery.  

In jumpstarting your car, you can use a battery pack found in every auto parts store or an excellent juiced-up battery. If you have already jump starts your car, you have to let it run first for at least about twenty minutes. After that, let the engine recharge your car battery. 

If your car battery still holds a charge, then your battery is good to go, and you do not have to replace it with a new one. You must check, though, if your car battery is no longer holding a charge. If it’s not holding a charge anymore, replace the old one with a new one.

completely dead battery

How Long Does It Take For A Dead Car Battery To Recharge Itself?

If you charge a dead car battery, it might take about one hour or even a day to charge your dead car battery fully. The amount of time will significantly depend on the type of car battery your vehicle has and the mode of charging you will choose. If you also recharge a regular car battery, it would usually take about ten to twenty-four hours to fully charge around four to eight amperes. 

If the car battery is dead, you might have to give it a boost for about two to four hours of charging. You can maintain the life of your car battery by slowly recharging your dead car battery. You can recharge your car battery faster than usual; however, it is confirmed that it can damage your car battery.


In summary, a car battery is essential as a source of power for your vehicle. Therefore, you always have to do a regular checking of your car battery. If your car battery is dead, it cannot recharge itself. 

You will always be needing an external power source so that you can recharge your car battery. Leaving it overnight, though it can recover, but it cannot recharge the car battery.



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