Is Motor Oil The Same As Engine Oil? (All You Need To Know)

A lot of people are using engine oil and motor oil interchangeably. But does motor oil and engine oil mean the one thing? Let us discuss it further.

So is engine oil the same thing as motor oil? The answer to this is yes. Motor oil and engine oil basically mean the same thing.

Research confirmed that many people have no idea if motor oil and engine oil are the same things or different. Car drivers would think that engine oil and motor are the same. However, many people would also think that engine oil and motor are two different things.

Some car drivers do not even know which one to use, so some would use both, and there are times that they alternate using them, but they do not know the differences and similarities. This is why we’ll talk all about motor oil and engine oil right now. As a car driver, you must know the basics of the difference or the similarities of motors. oil and engine oil. 

It is not good that you keep using these two words with not enough knowledge if they are the same or not. So in this article, let us discuss these two matters. Let us start.

Is Motor Oil The Same As Engine Oil

Are Engine And Motor The Same Thing?

The answer is yes. The motor oil and engine oil are the same thing. But, a few people reported that motor oil is made for a rotary motor, and engine oil is made for a larger engine. 

There is also a discussion about engine oil’s molecular structure and chemical composition. These people would say that engine oil is more complex than motor oil. And so it can also be considered that the engine oil is for engines. 

But, on the other hand, the motor oil is for motors. It’s also proven and confirmed that motor oil and engine oil are the same things. Motor oil and engine oil have been used interchangeably by people. 

So basically saying, in a technical sense and a practical sense, motor oil, and engine oil are just the same products. So there’s just the issue of the people and even manufacturers that they use these terms interchangeably.  

What Is The Difference Between Motor Oil And Engine Oil?

So by definition, the motor is running on electricity. On the other hand, the engines will run on combustion. The engine transforms different fuels and then turns them into a mechanical force. 

The motor will also convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. To further understand this, let’s define each of them. Before defining a motor, let us first talk about how electric cars work. 

An electric car will need a battery. A battery is the energy source of a vehicle. It is moving the vehicle and the energy going through a controller. 

The controller will regulate the voltage that’s coming from the motor. The motor will then provide power to the wheels. This is the one that is making the car move forward and run. 

Can I Use Motor Oil Instead Of Engine Oil And Vice Versa?

Car drivers have trouble looking at which term to use. Some people would settle in using engine oil, and others would settle in motor oil. Some people do not take sides and would even use both. 

You already know that engine oil and motor oil mean the same thing. Therefore, you have to use and put the correct and suitable engine oil or motor oil for your vehicle, the one that is accepted and also approved by your car manufacturer. In the United Kingdom, a motor refers to an automobile. 


In summary, motor oil and engine oil are used alternately. Some people settle for engine oil, and some settle for motor oil. You can use these two terms whatever you want because they mean the same thing. 

Manufacturers use both terms, and it confuses the people. But not to worry because now, you already know that the two terms mean the same thing.

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