Toyota Prius Check Engine Light Reset (How-To-Guide)

Engine light is the primary indicator of whether your car is functionally working or not. It also helps the driver know if it needs to be fixed right away.

Car trouble is natural, and you can fix it by doing the proper process. Your check engine light is an essential system of your car, and it has different indicators. 

The bright light indicates that your dashboard is easy to identify, while the red light means your car has a severe problem. 

When a red light pops up in your dashboard, you should be alarmed—the best thing to pull over if you are driving because your car engine will misfire anytime soon.

If this happens and you ignore the alarm, expect that you may not arrive at your destination on time.

Don’t let others get into trouble because you are an irresponsible vehicle owner. Moreover, there are times that these warning lights can also be annoying if the problem persists after getting it fixed.

Maybe the reason why it continues to light up is that you have a broken fuse or a spark plug. Below we will tell you how to reset the process that you can take to get your engine light to stop illuminating.

Toyota Prius Check Engine Light Reset

Can I Reset The Check Engine Light Myself?

Yes, you can reset your engine light by yourself. You can use an OBD scanner to reset it without disconnecting it from the battery.

It is not new that your engine lights are still even after being repaired. You need to reset if you observe that everything is in place and still the light doesn’t go away. 

The reset process of your engine light will take about 50 to 100 miles. You need to have a 10 to 20 cycle reset while turning on and off the engine. 

During this reboot, you will force your computer system and OBD scanner to refresh until it restores its normal state. 

After that, please turn on the ignition switch, hold down the power key for 2 seconds, then turn it back on. Repeat these processes 3 to 4 times every week until your engine completely reboots.

How Do You Reset The Check Engine Light On A Toyota Prius?

Below is the technique that you can follow to rest the engine light in your Toyota Prius:

1. Turn off your car engine and put the key on the ignition switch.

2. Then, hold your car brakes and press the power button. Continue to hold the brakes down while pressing the odometer trip button. 

3. Next, turn off your car engine while holding the ODO button and the brakes. Then, turn the car back on one more time while doing the same process.

You will see that the odometer will display dashed lines, starting to countdown. When the dashes flash the 000000 numerical, the lights are already reset.

2015 Prius Check Engine Light Reset

You can check its engine light using the reboot system attached to the computer. Once you enter the key in the ignition switch, you need to turn it on and off for 2 seconds repeatedly for a 4 set process. 

2014 Prius Check Engine Light Reset

Your car will start when you hold down the brake while pressing the power button. Therefore, it would be best to continue pressing the brakes when turning on the odometer trip button.

If your vehicle turns back on and is still at the top of your odometer, turn it on and off again one last time.

2013 Prius Check Engine Light Reset

For the 2013 Prius Check engine, light reset process, you need to run on its own without consulting. The ignition will reset and start on its own by turning it on and off several times.

Also, don’t forget to disconnect and reconnect the battery as well. You can also use an OBD II scanner to do it more easily. 

2012 Prius Check Engine Light Reset

You can start it first and let it reboot to its course. After that, you need to turn the ignition switch on and off several times repeatedly. After that, you can use the OBD II to finish the job. 

2011 Prius Check Engine Light Reset

Turn on and off the engine of the 2011 Prius several times. It will automatically reboot after several repetitions of the process.

To make sure that your engine light is at a normal state, you can use an OBD II scanner to check.

2010 Prius Check Engine Light Reset

Disconnect and reconnect the battery while turning on the engine. It is how you reset the engine light for the 2010 Toyota Prius. 

2008 Prius Check Engine Light Reset

For the 2008 model of Toyota Prius reset process, you need to turn off your car first. Then, put the key fob in the ignition switch.

After that, hold the brakes and press the power button one time and turn it on again.

Continue holding the brakes down while you are preceding the ODO trip button. Repeat the process until it finishes rebooting. 

2007 Prius Check Engine Light Reset

You can also do the same reset process in the 2007 Toyota Prius model. Also, you can use an ODO to reset your engine light.

2005 Prius Check Engine Light Reset

To reset a 2005 version of the Toyota Prius engine light, you need to turn off your car engine. 

Since it’s manual, you need to press down the brakes while pressing the switch button. 

You can use an odor trip meter to measure the consistency of the reset process of your computerized car system.

 When you see a numerical of 000000, it means that your engine light is now back to normal. 


In summary, there are times that engine lights still illuminate even though you have already fixed the problem. If you can’t handle the rebooting anymore, you can call for help.

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