+ And – On Automatic Gear Shift (All You Need To Know)

Choosing a car with an automatic transmission engine is a wise choice if you want to be convenient. It is also practical and user-friendly since you don’t need to use a clutch pedal to activate it each time you want to go. 

Also, an automatic car is easy to start the engine. You don’t need to touch many things to start it. By pressing the start button on the right side in front of your steering will, your car is good to go.

An automatic transmission knows how to shift when trying to pass another car, whether you’re going uphill or downhill. Also, if you are trying to accelerate, the system is there to support the car. 

However, even though you have an automatic transmission, you still control the car when you shift it. When you have a driving habit that likes to shift while in motion during this time, the low gear will help increase the power and efficiency of the car. 

It is not that dangerous to do it while you are in motion. However, if you’re meticulous to safety, you can do it slowly. Therefore, engineers create this automatic engine car model to upgrade their client’s life. 

Every car owner thinks ar should be convenient and versatile. It is why engineers attend to the client’s matter. So let’s look at the + and – automatic gear shift signs and how it works. 

+ And - On Automatic Gear Shift

What Do The Plus And Minus Mean On My Shifter?

Many drivers already own different technologies at home, including cars. They know how to use it, but sometimes they don’t know the difference in how transmission works from automatic to a standard drive. 

The sign plus means upshift; you can put it into mode if you’re traveling uphill, while minus sign is when you are passing downhill. 

It is straightforward to do the process when your car is automatic. You can change your car directly without touching too many parts of the car. 

How Do You Use The Plus And Minus On A Gear Shift?

There are proper times to use the plus and minus on a gear shift. First, the plus sign, plus sign means up a gear; you can use it when you uphill. Most significantly, if it’s a very steep road. 

The second is the minus gear shift sign, which means low gear. Once you are in low gear mode, you travel a downhill road. Low gear mode is needed if the road is very wet; even if it is not downhill, you should use it to support your car wheels.

Also, if you encounter a road filled with oil or any viscous liquid that will lessen the gripping capacity of the wheel, you need to use low gear mode. 



An automatic car is outstanding in providing you with a quality driving experience. Though buying an automatic car is quite expensive, it is worth your money. 

Especially if you don’t want to do things manually, an automatic car is the best technology for you. Moreover, the automatic car needs yearly maintenance to ensure that when their schedule comes, they never ignore them. 

Lastly, as owners, make sure when you plan to have a car of your do some background study to its different gear and how to use it appropriately; by doing this, you can avoid damaging its system.

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