Why Are Motorcycles So Loud? (All You Need To Know)

Oversized bikes are one of the most expensive things you can buy. Its cost will depend on the brand and its mechanism. 

So, why are motorcycles so loud? Motorcycles are loud because of the size of their muffler. The length of the exhaust pipes is enough to make it loud. 

The engine is placed in a big cage inside made of sheet metal that blocks the noise from its actual engine. However, in the power band of the motorcycle, it is placed at a higher RPM than a car engine so that its engine can run consistently faster and therefore is loud when the motorcycle accelerates. 

Motorcyclists like it that way because it adds to the motorcycle’s look. It is also attention-grabbing because each time you encounter a big bike on the road, they are lovely in the eyes. 

Hence, even though big bikes are awesome-looking things, sometimes it isn’t comforting. The loud noise it makes is very irritating to the ears. 

Moreover, motorcycles aren’t supposed to be loud so much. It depends on the motorcyclist how their motorcycle runs. You can learn more about why motorcycles are so loud by reading below. 

Why Are Motorcycles So Loud

Are Motorcycles Supposed To Be Loud?

Since motorcycle engines are exposed, their exhaust pipe length is why they are loud. In addition, the insulated engine compartment of a motorcycle is deadened with noise; it is why every time it accelerates, the noise comes out.

Why Are Motorcycles Loud?

Motorcycles are loud because their engines are exposed outside. Unlike in cars, it is placed inside the shell of the car.

Motorcycle noise depends on the length of their pipes; the longer and broader its pump, the more noise it creates. For example, a big motorcycle has huge pump pipes that, when they warm up its engine, the sound will irritate you. However, for the motorcyclist, the sound is typical and attractive. 

Why Do Motorcyclists Make Their Bikes So Loud?

Not all motorcyclists make their bikes so loud. However, most of them have big loud bikes.

Big bike riders want their engine to run fast. So the more they increase the acceleration capacity of their motorcycle, the louder it becomes. 

Can Motorcycles Be Made Quieter?

If your motorcycle has a dual exhaust system, it is recommended that you install a cross pipe. It is a kind of pipe that suppresses the noise from your motorcycle pump. 

You can choose different piles such as y-pipe and h-pipe designs. You can use two options on any motorcycle model. 

Is It Better To Have A Loud Motorcycle?

It depends on the owner. If you like loud Motorcycles, you can have them. If you don’t, you can install a du exhaust system pipe to make your motorcycle pump quieter when you start its engine. 

Are Loud Motorcycles Safer?

Maybe, the louder the motorcycle, the faster it runs. It is okay if you are a professional motorcyclist, but you still need to be precautionary because it is still dangerous. 

Hence, it is not safe for newbies to have a loud motorcycle because it is difficult to control the engine when it starts to warm up. 

How Is Loud Too Loud For A Motorcycle?

It can make individuals that can hear it tell you to get out of their place.  Indeed loud noise coming from the motorcycle is very irritating. 

Especially if you want to concentrate on what you are doing but you can’t because individuals are warming up their big bikes. 

What To Do About Loud Motorcycles In The Neighborhood?

If the noise is uncontrollable, you can call the police to check those individuals to stop annoying the other people around them. You may also tell them not to run their motorcycle without any reason. 

Why Are Motorcycles Allowed To Be So Loud?

Yes, motorcycles are allowed to be loud, but there are specific levels that each motorcyclist needs to attend.

It is also prohibited that motorcycles should be playing around in the neighborhood without any reason. 


Motorcycles are loud. Even the standard motorcycle model is loud but moderate. However, unlike big bikes, it will annoy you when the owner starts to warm it up.

Moreover, a motorcycle is generally because their engine is exposed, so the engine creates the sound every time you start it up.

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